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<wens> apritzel1: DCDC1 is set to 3.0V on tablets, apparently to save battery power
<wens> apritzel1: regulators are the same, afaik you still describe them in the DT
<wens> with constraints and all that
<wens> i'm not sure there's a notification system though, i.e. ATF tells the kernel it changed some regulator for whatever reason
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<Amit_T> https://gist.github.com/DieterReuter/93a5d10dae6a62911b71, BOOT0 logs confirm that RSB has been initialized by boot0
<Amit_T> rsb_send_initseq: rsb clk 400Khz -> 3Mhz PMU: AXP81X
<Amit_T> AXP version is AXP81X but as per PIne64 wiki it uses AXP806 ?
<Amit_T> from u-boot also, able to intialize AXP as I can see "rsb_send_initseq: rsb clk 400Khz -> 3Mhz" in u-boot logs
<Amit_T> but not able to configure AXP as ,don't know where to get slave id and hardware address for AXP806 as it is not mentioned in AXP803(sorry it was AXP803 not 806) data sheet
<montjoie> apritzel could you share the stack trace ?
<MoeIcenowy> wens: your thought of enabling all the USBCs and SDCs on all Q8 models seems to be not useful
<MoeIcenowy> as WiFi modules usually needs more pins, for example, power supply and(or) reset pin
<wens> MoeIcenowy: those would also be included somehow
<wens> i've not actually thought this through
<wens> but it was slightly discussed awhile ago
<wens> Amit_T: the ids in the code don't really match reality :)
<MoeIcenowy> wens: Hmm... how to constantly set a PLxx pin on A23/33 in dt?
<MoeIcenowy> (the chip_enable and reset pins of wifi on my tablet
<Amit_T> wens: ok but pine64 has AXP803 or AXP81X ?
<wens> Amit_T: 803
<wens> MoeIcenowy: i think the bindings and associated bus driver changes are being discussed
<Amit_T> wens: but this logs suggets 81x, https://gist.github.com/DieterReuter/93a5d10dae6a62911b71
<Amit_T> sorry *suggest
<wens> did i not just say that the strings in the code doesn't always match reality?
<wens> for the pmics, allwinner typically repurposes similar code for newer chips
<Amit_T> oh I see now
<wens> (and not change the names)
<Amit_T> what you said earlier
<wens> since they give you an sdk for the chip you have, it really doesn't matter for the vendor
<wens> they just don't care
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<Amit_T> ok
<wens> we're the ones ending up looking at the logs and code and scratching our heads :(
<Amit_T> Yes :)
<wens> Amit_T: so the best way is to have the matching code when you go through the logs
<Amit_T> ok
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<wens> falling behind on patch reviews :(
<Amit_T> wens: can you guess what address apritzel have had used for its mw.l-ing command :P
<wens> yeah, the various RSB controller registers
<wens> under 0x01f03400
<wens> checkout the a83 user manual for the definitions and programming guide
<Amit_T> ok , Thanks.
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<libv> MY123: yes?
<MY123> libv: a free software firmware for the RPi which inits the ARM has been released
<MY123> This is a small firmware for RPi VPU (VideoCore4) versions 1/2/3 that is capable of initializing VPU PLL (PLLC), UART, SDRAM and ARM itself.
<MY123> :p
<MY123> libv: is there progress in Lima?
<MY123> I use my Surface RT with a Secure Boot exploit for now
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<ssvb> MY123: that's a very good news about the RPi firmware
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<jelle> oh nice
<libv> heh, so not-much-thanks to the rpi foundation, there is now the beginnings of a bootloader
<libv> well done by the vc4 guys, but still pretty shameful for the rpi foundation
<jelle> did broadcom provide any documentation?
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<MY123> libv: there is at least the ARM block fully started, at 19.2MHz
<jelle> ah nevermind they did
<MY123> jelle: only register headers
<MY123> no real docs
<jelle> aha
<MY123> libv: there is still the PLLs to get right before going to higher clocks :)
<libv> jelle: and the whole vc4 instruction set work was done by the vc4 guys as well
<jelle> right
<libv> no support by the rpi foundation either
<MY123> libv: a GCC 5.1 port was done :)
<libv> so much for an open platform and for educational purposes.
<libv> "getting kids to play with assembler again"
<libv> lying assholes :)
<jelle> then again, how would stuff legally work if RPI foundation reverse engineerded the bootloader
<MY123> jelle: RPF is blocked with NDAs
<MY123> they have full source of the FW, and they wrote big parts of it themselves
<libv> jelle: they did not help much either
<libv> quite the opposite
<libv> hey, remember that big press release about their open source graphics driver?
<MY123> as BCM's mobile division got shut down completely
<libv> where someone, once again, stuck his head out and got his teeth kicked out, again?
<jelle> libv: well that's only kernel right, not userland?
<MY123> the original 2012 driver was just RPC
<MY123> to the blob
<jelle> yeah
<libv> and then there was the quake port...
<libv> 10k usd bounty
<libv> was just a brash marketing statement
<MY123> libv: which was done by a big nasty hack
<libv> they did not go to the vc4 guys and offer them a set of goals with individual bounties
<MY123> without even deallocation of unused execute buffers
<MY123> :p
<MY123> and a kernel driver without shader checking, when the VC4 QPUs don't have an IOMMU
<MY123> :p
<libv> anyway, well done vc4 guys
<libv> but you've done it for a platform/company that doesn't deserve it
<libv> actually deserves it less than ARM deserves a working lima driver
<MY123> it wasn't me who did it anyway, but I'm glad that someone took the hassle of doing it
<libv> i know
<libv> but it's still a bit annoying
<MY123> libv: and that Odroid BCM2835 project which was killed in the last minute by Broadcom
<MY123> :p
<libv> these guys will have about 5 minutes of fame, and then they will be either forgotten or trashed for not having done more. and there is little that they could gain from it, it's not as if broadcom or any other board/chip maker in that space will hire them if they have something like that in their resume, quite the opposite
<libv> was this on phoronix already, btw?
<libv> so we can at least make those 5 minutes of fame count?
<libv> nope
<libv> mailing michael.
<MY123> libv: maybe waiting a bit more until the SDHC+FAT support is merged
<MY123> :)
<libv> nono
<libv> make noise at each stage
<libv> MY123: do you have an email address for the author, please privmsg me that
<libv> not even in the copyrights
<MY123> libv: mailtotinab@hush.ai
<MY123> mailto:tinab@hush.ai
<libv> thanks
<MY123> :p
<MY123> libv: the problem that I worry about is some headers as the parts of the source drop have "Confidential" marks
<MY123> like israel_bg_instr.h
<MY123> :p
<libv> ok, bringing that up to michael as well, so he can shape the story accordingly.
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<MoeIcenowy> to be honest
<MoeIcenowy> rpi is more evil than sunxi
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<libv> why should i not nuke that page?
<NiteHawk> libv: we need a "junkyard" category with auto-deletion after a period of inactivity :D
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<MY123> libv: there is a ton of different sunxi devices
<MY123> compared to Mediatek for example
<libv> NiteHawk: this is exactly the sort of page for which the new device howto was written
<libv> so that we do not get shit like that anymore
<libv> and this person went and actively made it like that.
<libv> why?
<NiteHawk> because thick? :D
<libv> how can one actively and consciously make that happen?
<libv> no, i don't think general stupidity has anything to do with this
<libv> this smells like a rather fundamental psychologic or neurologic issue
<MY123> or laziness
<libv> no, this is not about being lazi
<libv> lazy even
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<libv> properly lazy people either do absolutely nothing, or make sure that they just do the minimum amount of work
<libv> this is neither of the above
* NiteHawk giggles at "properly lazy"
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<libv> i am sure that the person who wrote this page has had to battle with definitions like "thick" and "lazy" all his life
<MY123> libv: or just didn't want to read the howto
<MY123> thinking that he knows already how to write the page
<MY123> :
<MY123> :p
<libv> people who do not read the howto at least do not write whole blobs of hotzo themselves
<libv> we have enough people who do not read the howto
<libv> the resulting page is usually easy to clean up
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<luoyi> I've update my dtb file and put the sun4i-dai.ko in the modules directory. depmod works fine. but after reboot, system still doesn't recognize i2s audio driver
<luoyi> even if I modprobe sun4i-dai , lsmod still doesn't show it. anyone can give some hint to this ?
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<apritzel1> yeah, a good start into the week: git send-email ... 00??-*.patch ... 00??-*.patch
<apritzel1> sending every email twice - of a 56 patch series!
<NiteHawk> apritzel1: murphy's law - the probability of this happening with a 56 patch series is significantly higher than with <= 5 patches ;)
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<NiteHawk> btw: gz on your RSB detective work
<apritzel1> NiteHawk: cheers, in the end it was quite straight forward: https://gist.github.com/apritzel/dd882e8e03ca2a49ad8f24d030d4b368
<NiteHawk> nice!
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<apritzel1> montjoie: re: EMAC driver crash on Pine64> I think I have an older version of your driver, also not sure I got the DT bits correct
<apritzel1> montjoie: I will update and re-check tonight
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<apritzel1> montjoie: out of interest: has this driver been run on a board with an external (Gigabit) PHY before?
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<wens> apritzel1: i've run earlier revisions on my cubietruck plus, which is a83t + rtl8211E
<wens> haven't rebased the latest stuff yet
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<wens> apritzel1: need any help on RSB?
<wens> about the slave addresses, allwinner/x-powers has a system setup for it
<wens> primary pmics use the same address across chips, secondary pmics (if any) use another
<wens> then the codec chips use a third
<wens> and the list of possible "runtime" addresses can be found in one of the allwinner user manuals
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<apritzel1> wens: yeah, I found this
<wens> alternatively, i've listed them in the kernel driver, with a comment section describing it
<apritzel1> the runtime addresses look like the high nibble being a number and the low nibble making sure that there are four '1's in the byte
<apritzel1> wens: for the time being I just go with what Allwinner code put already in RSB_SADDR
<apritzel1> wens: btw: this RSB_DLEN register is bogus, isn't it?
<apritzel1> it seems redundant to the RSB_CMD register
<apritzel1> and I didn't see any bits sticking when writing to it
<wens> apritzel1: likely bogus
<wens> it came up in some SoC's manual
<wens> but wasn't there in others
<apritzel1> I guess I will do some experiments to prove this
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<apritzel1> btw: I have added a "rsb" command to U-Boot, is that useful for upstream or too dangerous?
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<codekipper> luoyi: post your logs and changes somewhere
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<NiteHawk> libv: https://github.com/linux-sunxi/sunxi-boards/issues/50 - since you committed that file, would you know anything about it?
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<luoyi> codekipper: the sun4i_dai_probe get called, and return 0 . but sun4i_dai_dai_probe doesn't get called. and aplay -l can't get the i2s card
<luoyi> for simplicity, I just add &i2s0 { status: "okay" ; } in the dts file.
<luoyi> codekipper: http://pastebin.com/pwb4vtF7
<codekipper> luoyi: post all your changes!....have you added simple-audio-card to your dts?
<luoyi> codekipper: no. does it must be added ?
<Amit_T> After running ping command from linux shell prompt in orangepi pc , I am able to stop it using ctrl-c ,is it file system issue ?
<luoyi> codekipper: http://pastebin.com/LnzUTCQY
<codekipper> what codec are you using?...here's an example using the pcm5102 https://github.com/codekipper/linux-sunxi/commit/e45d5e40347a1642f1066902d7e31bac293700b4
<luoyi> codekipper: I just want to see the boards sends out the i2s singal
<codekipper> yeah but what's to tell the driver how to format the signals
<luoyi> OK . so I must add simple-audio-card
<luoyi> I'll give it a try right now
<MoeIcenowy> wens: does "gpio = <&r_pio 0 6 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;" means PL6 on A23/33?
<Amit_T> oh sorry, I am *NOT* able to stop it using ctrl-c.
<apritzel1> Amit_T: sounds like a terminal problem
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<Amit_T> but I can stop other process using ctrl-c
<luoyi> codekipper: I've changed the dts as: http://pastebin.com/s21QY6wx. and wait for a reboot now
<apritzel1> Amit_T: btw: https://gist.github.com/apritzel/dd882e8e03ca2a49ad8f24d030d4b368 has some code to program the PMIC, which seems to enable the PHY for me
<Amit_T> wow, you did it , cool !!!
<Amit_T> Shall I port it to u-boot and try ?
<apritzel1> Amit_T: no, no need
<apritzel1> the code above is for ATF
<luoyi> codekipper: still no i2s card get shown
<apritzel1> just _one_ place where this is done
<Amit_T> Yes, I saw
<apritzel1> nobody else needs to care about this
<luoyi> codekipper: http://pastebin.com/NxJnbXKj
<Amit_T> I understand just for my learning :)
<luoyi> codekipper: ok maybe I need pcm510x driver code get loaed
<codekipper> doesn't look like you've got it set in your config
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<luoyi> codekipper: you mean the pcm510x driver code ? right ?
<codekipper> yep
<wens> MoeIcenowy: yup
<Amit_T> apritzel1: You initialized RSB first but you said we can skip it as its been initialized in boot0 code(or when we run ATF ,we don't talk about boot0) ?
<apritzel1> I skip the initialization of the RSB for now (see the early return; in the code)
<apritzel1> And I need still to work out if this is boot0 or even the BROM that initializes the RSB
<montjoie> apritzel1: yes for external gigabit PHY
<apritzel1> montjoie: OK, thanks, one thing less to worry about
<Amit_T> apritzel1: what is the harm if initialized it again, this is how things go , I mean one software layer doesn't trust other software layer(like we initialized so many things in linux again which is already been setup by u-boot) ?
<apritzel1> sure, but I've seen things messed up with re-initializing it wrongly
<apritzel1> Amit_T: this is just preliminary code that works for me, hence the slightly hackish early return;s
<apritzel1> and also if we find out that the BROM does the actual initialisation, we _can_ rely on this, since this is ROM
<wens> apritzel1: most likely boot0
<wens> apritzel1: RSB init fails if you do it again
<wens> the slaves will just ignore it
<Amit_T> ok but BROM code we don't have :(, right ?
<apritzel1> Amit_T: everyone has it ;-)
<luoyi> codekipper: I've compiled the pcm5102 kernel module and put it in the /lib/modules, , but still no i2s card
<apritzel1> it's burned into the SoC
<wens> you can dump it from brom with u-boot :)
<Amit_T> ok
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<apritzel1> wens: fails when initialised again> yes, that is what I was suspecting
<luoyi> codekipper: I need add pinctrl-names such settings in the dts file ?
<apritzel1> Amit_T: and also: this is a dodgy, barely documented interface: why not leave the initialisation to the people that know how to do it?
<Amit_T> Sure, I just wanted it to try for some learning , that's all.
<apritzel1> I might make initialisation conditional: if I see it already been up, skip that part, if not, try to initialise it
<Amit_T> Yes, good idea!
<luoyi> codekipper: http://pastebin.com/Dna5N9qS this is my current dts file
<montjoie> apritzel1: I will publish tomorow the latest version of emac with latest PHY patch from wens
<apritzel1> montjoie: great! Do you have some preview for me to test it tonight?
<luoyi> codekipper: OK. find some error. http://pastebin.com/LXY2V49z this is the correct one. and aplay -l can list the i2s card now
<luoyi> codekipper: http://pastebin.com/ZhLLbLXc and this is the dmesg log. I'll try to add the codec to it.
<Amit_T> apritzel1: small doubt when we boot over usb, we just make use of BROM code not the boot0 ?
<apritzel1> we can never avoid BROM, but we load ssvb's SPL implementation with the linked-in libdram for now, so no boot0 here
<apritzel1> boot0 wouldn't care about FEL boot anyway
<Amit_T> ok , actually I think, I am able to initialized RSB in u-boot (u-boot booted from FEL) , so would it atleast confirm that BROM is not initializing rsb (other u-boot rsb initialization would have failed)?
<apritzel1> Amit_T: wens thinks so. Can you do a: "md.l 0x1f03400 20" at the U-Boot prompt just after it's booted? So before you initialise it yourself?
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<Amit_T> ok , I will do it once have access to machine ,by doing so you'r writing to 5th bit of RSB control register, right ?
<NiteHawk> Amit_T: no, you're dumping the RSB configuration - to check what specific values are present within the registers
<Amit_T> oh sorry its md.l not mw.l
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<apritzel1> Amit_T: yeah, be careful with those mw.l's ;-)
<apritzel1> I guess I can dump you a sequence which would fry your board ;-)
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<Amit_T> I just have one board(for that too I borrowed 31 $ from my friend) , so it won't be great idea :)
<apritzel1> it's unlikely to happen by accident (since you would need the correct sequence), but better safe than sorry
<apritzel1> especially if you play around with the PMIC
<MoeIcenowy> I'm trying to get espressif esp8089 driver work on mainline kernel...
<Amit_T> ok
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<apritzel1> note to self: don't bother Amit_T with testing PMIC patches ;-)
<Amit_T> :)
<MoeIcenowy> oh the driver of esp8089 is sh*tty...
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<wens> MoeIcenowy: yup
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<apritzel1> mmh, interesting: Jide announced an All-in-One RemixOS based machine, using the AmLogic S905 (instead of the H64 in the MiniPC)
<apritzel1> ssvb: did you receive your SPI flash chips?
<apritzel1> I got the one from the Netherlands on Saturday, but didn't have a chance to play with it a lot
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<apritzel1> ssvb: I tried to enable it in Linux, but got lost in that MTD / spidev maze in Linux
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<ssvb> apritzel1: I haven't received the SPI flash chip yet, but I guess it should arrive very soon
<apritzel1> ssvb: I see you are busy with updating the Wiki meanwhile ;-)
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<ssvb> regarding AmLogic S905, it seems to be a very reasonable choice right now and the mainlining work is being done by ccaione
<ccaione> ssvb: well, now baylibre is on board with that also
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<apritzel1> ssvb: I know ;-)
<apritzel1> does anybody know the price tag on the S905? Compared to the purported "5$" for the A64?
<Amit_t_> apritzel: This is dump from u-boot with and without rsb enabled http://paste.ubuntu.com/16462355/
<Amit_t_> *apritzel1
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<luoyi_> codekipper: aplay -l can show the i2s card. and I connected a PCM5102 DAC to the boards. but can't hear anything. the connect fig is as: http://www.hongkonginsafe.com/codec.jpg and http://www.hongkonginsafe.com/boards.jpg
<wens> ccaione: iirc s905 is $work for you?
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<ccaione> wens: yes, but not upstream work. That is done still on my spare time.
<ccaione> :(
<ccaione> at $work I use the Amlogic SDK
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<wens> and baylibre?
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<ccaione> yes, for them is $work
<wens> upstream?
<ccaione> yeah
<luoyi_> ccaione: you mean we can get S905 get supported by mainline kernel someday ? with full video accelarator ?
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<ccaione> luoyi_: that's the idea
<luoyi_> ccaione: how about S805? I'm using a S805 TV BOX with OpenELEC. using this: http://freaktab.com/forum/tv-player-support/amlogic-based-tv-players/23766-rom-unofficial-openelec-for-mk808b-and-mxq
<luoyi_> looks like there are some trouble with the wifi driver.
<luoyi_> does amlogic also have a open-source community like sunxi ?
<ccaione> luoyi_: let's say the focus now is on the S905 .... join #linux-amlogic
<luoyi_> S905, you mean odroid C2
<ccaione> S905 is the SoC, C2 is the hardkernel board with a S905 on board
<luoyi_> I know. but maybe odroid c2 is the best supported dev board we can get. right ?
<ccaione> luoyi_: probably we are OT here, let's switch to #linux-amlogic to not bother people here
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<apritzel1> Amit_T: thanks for that, so indeed the RSB is not initialized, the registers are all in reset state
<apritzel1> which is proof that this is done by boot0, not BROM
<apritzel1> so we need code to do it in ATF
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<juri_> so, i smell something funny in the sunxi 4.5.2. I've got the console redirected to serial, and when i turn on iprintk() for every semaphore up operation in my protocol driver (iscsi-target), i get random deadlocks and occasionally, a page fault.
<juri_> at first, i suspected my code (no locking when manipulating lists, in many cases).
<KotCzarny> recompile with 'optimize for size' ?
<KotCzarny> (shot in the dark)
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<apritzel> juri_: if you have issues with debug and the console, try trace_printk() instead of printk and get the output from /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace
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<KotCzarny> hmm, all-in h3 tree ?
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<montjoie> apritzel, my github have the latest version
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<apritzel> montjoie: thanks, will pick it from there!
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