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<MoeIcenowy> KotCzarny: I think deasserting AR100 reset is not allowed in Non-Secure
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<smaeul> jernej: it won't be mandatory. my changes to ATF automatically use the firmware if it is present, and fall back to the "native" code if not
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<smaeul> jernej: note that even the "native" ATF code uses the AR100 for some powerdown tasks, so you can't use CPU hotplug if you want to run your own firmware
<smaeul> KotCzarny: for loading firmware from Linux, I use
<smaeul> it has to do some additional work like programming the exception vectors, since crust lives at the end of SRAM A2, not the beginning
<smaeul> MoeIcenowy is correct that on H3 you can't deassert reset from non-secure world
<smaeul> it's convenient that all security is disabled for sun50i without the secure fuse burned
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<smaeul> megi: I think providing the SRAM as an MTD device would work even without writing a driver
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<KotCzarny> MoeIcenowy: smaeul: any workaround for (de)asserting the reset on h3 without recompiling? uboot scripting or mainline reg?
<MoeIcenowy> uboot scripting is recommended
<MoeIcenowy> u-boot running in sec
<KotCzarny> hmm
<KotCzarny> maybe i should rewrite the code to enable arisc in uboot, then it will wait for some message from userspace later
<KotCzarny> interesting board features wise.
<KotCzarny> i wonder what is software state
<KotCzarny> 4.4bsp. hell.
<KotCzarny> but it seems 4.14/19 is also available
<KotCzarny> shipping 30usd. what-the-fuck.
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<lvrp16> KotCzarny: what do you expect? lol
<lvrp16> throw shit over a wall without a care
<KotCzarny> :)
<KotCzarny> ya, last time they tried to ship me evaluation boards, they did it via fedex too, but in a way fedex wanted to scam me for a hundred of bucks for a boards valued ~20usd
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<wens> at least mediatek does upstream their own stuff
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<plaes> is there a way to "fake" the IRQ pin with general GPIO?
<wens> fake?
<wens> you mean trigger it via software?
<plaes> nah.. use gpio as irq pin
<plaes> because on A20, irq pins are these: PC19..PC22, PH0..PH21, PI10..PI19
<wens> maybe it doesn't? :p
<plaes> maybe :D
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<karlp> are there any sunxi chips that don't have 100M ethernet anyway?
<karlp> what's the attraction of adding an enc28j60?
<veremitz> another ethernet!?
<karlp> usb is faster, easier, and would work otu of the box....
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<plaes> yeah.. I'm out of USB ports :D
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<dgp> plaes: you would have to poll the gpio and then trigger an irq. You'd probably end up with an interface that drops most of the frames coming in
<dgp> plaes: use a switch
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<plaes> no room for switch
<dgp> are you using an enc28j60 module? microchip have small ethernet switches (I think they have 2 port..). But probably not something you can get in module form
<dgp> s/2 port/1 + 2 port/
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<plaes> yeah, they have, but all that have more than one ports also require MII
<dgp> KSZ8863RLL: Two 10/100BASE-T/TX transceivers and one RMII interface.
<plaes> well, my platform is Olinuxino Lime2
<dgp> there might be something else on the board you aren't using that has an interrupt line you can steal
<libv> plaes: on an unrelated note, there's captured 24bit 720p being shown on hdmi-out and the status lcd (which includes two sprites for text and logo overlays) for the fosdem project
<dgp> IIRC linux does have some support for polling ethernet devices so netconsole (I think) works while interrupts are enabled but it would be horrible
<dgp> s/are enabled/are disabled/
<plaes> libv: yup, I've been following your progress
<libv> we now are actually taking buffers from csi1, and displaying it on overlays (full frontend), and they are stable
<libv> i just need to get the hdmi out mode of the bpi set just right so the picky tfp401 does the right thing
<libv> full hd is too much for the frontend though, but i have not tried boosting its clock yet
<libv> i think 256MHz should be plenty though, as i locked all defe/debe engines to that
<wens> libv: maybe try boosting the mbus clock as well?
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<libv> i tried playing with priorities, but nothing good that did not kill csi1 absolute priority
<libv> thanks for the tip though
<libv> we are stable at 720p which is our target resolution
<libv> capturing 3bytes at 148.5MHz, and then displaying them, scaled, twice, just in time, might just be pushing it for the relatively low memory clock of the lime2
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<MoeIcenowy_PB11> interesting... a wild board vendor appeared
<fALSO> =)
<MoeIcenowy_PB11> and it seems to prove the legend that sun8iw11p1 die has an extra USB host
<libv> MoeIcenowy_PB11: please use the new device page example as a starting point
<libv> MoeIcenowy_PB11: is this a vendor photo?
<libv> yes it is, please do not put pictures that are not creative commons compatible on the wiki
<libv> yes, we are not as picky about datasheets, i know
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<diego71> the page is created by the vendor, so I suppose is posted with the proper authorization :)
<libv> oh
<libv> i had not looked that far
<libv> stupid me
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<plaes> so.. I got it actually working :)
<plaes> needed to find a proper pin with IRQ support
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<libv> plaes: :)
<dgp> plaes: does work any faster than SLIP at 115200 baud?
<plaes> Fetched 488 kB in 0s (501 kB/s)
<plaes> 704 KB/s when downloading 11MB file
<diego71> like 5Mbit/s... not bad
<diego71> faster than a serial :)
<plaes> and it's using dodgy wiring:
<dgp> plaes: SPI is ~10MHz>
<dgp> ?
<plaes> + spi-max-frequency = <12000000>;
<plaes> probably yes
<dgp> maybe if you wrap that all in tin foil it'll run at 25MHz ;)
<plaes> nah.. I'm not after high speeds
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* dgp notices there doesn't seem to be dma in the sunxi spi drivers
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<plaes> devicetree has dma attributes
<plaes> dgp: you're correct
<karlp> plaes: usb hubs are a thing :)
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<plaes> I know :)
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<MoeIcenowy> libv: it's not related to me.
<libv> MoeIcenowy: yeah, sorry
<libv> going to be taking an axe to that page soon
<MoeIcenowy> I only spotted it when checking `Recent Changes`
<libv> yeah, i hadn't done that in the last 24h or so
<MoeIcenowy> BTW I think it's now the time to make a `Pine64 PineTab` page
<KotCzarny> not enough pine in the pine
<MoeIcenowy> the current Pinebook page is called "Pine Pinebook"
<Alexis3D> > not enough pine in the pine
<Alexis3D> lol
<KotCzarny> they should start selling uart dongles and name them 'woodpeckers'
<MoeIcenowy> But yes, two Pines are redundant
<libv> iirc, there's enough people involved with pine64 here to make that happen
<MoeIcenowy> I think tllim reads the log here
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<MoeIcenowy> now I think myself too lazy to take photos to fill it
<KotCzarny> "pine pinebook" isnt named right?
<KotCzarny> it should either be pine64 pinebook or pinebook ?
<MoeIcenowy> I think Pine is not a brand name
<MoeIcenowy> Pine64 is
<MoeIcenowy> so you're right, either Pine64 Pinebook or just Pinebook
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<MoeIcenowy> as Pine series is famous at community, Pinebook should be enough
<libv> we prefix olimex devices with olimex
<fALSO> tllim is an awesome person =)
<KotCzarny> it's painfully stuttering naming in case of pine64 devices
<libv> fALSO: heh, olimex has been throwing people hardware since... 2013?
<libv> and tsvetan is a big backer of both fosdem and openfest and things, in many guises
<fALSO> well... it never happned to me
<fALSO> a friend of mine bought an OLINUXINO from olimex a few years ago
<fALSO> and the support of it was : very very very bad
<libv> so whereas tom cubie was one of the forces that helped create this community, and also the maker of the first cheap allwinner sbc
<libv> olimex was the first to do OSHW
<fALSO> do you guys/girls go to fosdem ?
<fALSO> im gonna try to go the next year
<libv> only since 2004
<fALSO> maybe i can meet any of you =)
<libv> but that's unfair, i was living just 50 odd kms away then
<libv> but yes, quite a few people of linux-sunxi are at fosdem
<libv> there's even an organized dinner that i never get to attend
<ElBarto> even freebsd-sunxi people show up :P
<fALSO> nice!
<fALSO> Hope i can go this year, im in Portugal
<fALSO> is somewhat "near"
<fALSO> =)
<libv> (as i am dragging the graphics devroom people and others around, or trailing behind them, usually)
<libv> ElBarto: stop your playfull trolling ;p and start filling out
<fALSO> lol
<fALSO> OpenBSD also boots on some orange pis
<KotCzarny> hmm, h3 on freebsd doesnt support smp? o.O
<fALSO> HAvent tested it yet... because
<ElBarto> libv: I see that you don't know me well as well as my legendary slacking skill :)
<fALSO> you must install the OS to an HDD
<ElBarto> KotCzarny: of course it does
<fALSO> openbsd isnt very keen on supporting 32bit arm
<KotCzarny> update it then
<KotCzarny> :)
<ElBarto> KotCzarny: the only sunxi-related smp that we don't support is multi-cluster on A83T
<fALSO> they are more into 64bits
<libv> public service announcement: every time ElBarto trolls with freebsd, slap him with
<KotCzarny> libv, tbh they have own allwinner page
<ElBarto> KotCzarny: you are refering to cores: 1 ?
<KotCzarny> and a link on linux-sunxi wiki
<KotCzarny> elbarto: yeah
<ElBarto> libv: lol :)
<ElBarto> KotCzarny: looks like a typo I guess, we always supported smp
<ElBarto> let me fix that
<libv> ElBarto: nagging seems a way against slacking, or so i am being told... all the time
<KotCzarny> ya, nagging works well. it creates sense of need
<KotCzarny> or kind of human brain polling 'is your cpu free now? no? what about now?'
<libv> one of my favourite statements there is... "when men say that they will do something, they will do something. We do not have to be reminded _every_ _six_ _months_"
<hellsenberg> ^
<hellsenberg> I just happen to do some things after several years of saying I'd do them
<ElBarto> mhm, I was pretty sure that I had an account on the wiki, maybe it was deleted because I wasn't active ?
<KotCzarny> nope
<KotCzarny> maybe you've registerd while drunk?
<ElBarto> well of course I was drunk, I'm drunk all the time that doesn't count
<ElBarto> but I can't find any mail so I guess I never registered :)
<hellsenberg> it happens
<libv> ElBarto: try to find yourself on
<ElBarto> libv: yeah that's what I did and couldn't :)
<ElBarto> libv: there, the page is a little bit more accurate, I'll go back to my slacking now :)
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<libv> pfff
<hellsenberg> hold on, that semicolon is bugging me
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<hellsenberg> and with that excuse, I finally created a wiki account :D
<libv> :)
<KotCzarny> wasnt that a 'colon' not a 'semicolon' ?
* hellsenberg facepalms
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<MoeIcenowy> I think even the freebsd wiki allwinner page is severely out-of-date
<libv> ElBarto: ^^^^
<libv> :))))
<ElBarto> it's totally out of date yes :)
<libv> should we remind you in 6 months time?
<ElBarto> nah FreeBSD users and dev remind me every month don't worry
<libv> :)
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<libv> ElBarto: now it is getting close to just mobbing you, and i will stop now:
<libv> in general, it is pretty cool to edit your own user page and list hw you own
<libv> this way you can use our wiki to figure out who to poke
<ElBarto> yeah I will fill in a few stuff later there
<ElBarto> not sure about listing all the hw I have as I have no idea of what I really have :P
<hellsenberg> ElBarto: mind if I copy your userpage as a template for mine?
<KotCzarny> good time to do the inventory
<ElBarto> hellsenberg: might be quicker to copy someelse
<libv> ElBarto: tbh, for me it is easier to look at the wiki than to try to dig through the shelves here
<ElBarto> KotCzarny: probably, or I'll just list the hw that I use often
<hellsenberg> welp, I can't create a userpage
<libv> ah
<ElBarto> you might need to confirm the email address no ?
<libv> right, that game again
<libv> spam control
<KotCzarny> yesterday i started to inventarize all my sdcards
<hellsenberg> I confirmed the email, hmmm
<KotCzarny> complete with the permanent markering
<libv> our wiki is run by some sort of nazi
<hellsenberg> O_O
<libv> and per default it marks users as unmenschen
<ElBarto> KotCzarny: that I will never do, I just grab one from the desk or from an unpluggued board when I need one
<libv> admins need to flag users as "people" first
<hellsenberg> O_o
<KotCzarny> ElBarto: for me it's faster to know which one to grab than to reinstall things
<libv> has absolutely nothing to do with me living in nuernberg or having very short hair
<libv> i promise.
<ElBarto> libv: :)
<KotCzarny> are all admins nordic types with blue eyes?
<libv> err, sure ;p
<libv> tbh, i am not sure who are all admins atm
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<hellsenberg> :D
<libv> i think plaes and rellla are (of the active ones)
<KotCzarny> otherwise, you know, you should really report them to the right authorities
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<hellsenberg> there, made a thing:
<libv> :)
<hellsenberg> the single improvement over ElBarto's page is the links to the SoCs
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<KotCzarny> tad offtopic, but funny as it is, librepi is the only vendor that provided h3-android7 bsp for download
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<plaes> libv: btw, see this, in case you use recent debian/ubuntu:
<swiftgeek> Do I understand correctly that H3 is using MUSB for USB OTG?
<dgp> swiftgeek: It's MUSB with all the registers mashed up
<swiftgeek> so i have fun issue with g_dbgp failing hard, despite working fine on BBB
<swiftgeek> and i think it uses MUSB as well
<dgp> the musb driver came from TI and was developed on their parts so it makes sense their version of it works
<swiftgeek> From this I guess it completely fails :D
<swiftgeek> (from device connected on the other side of usb)
<dgp> If you have an old full-speed hub available try plugging it into that.
<swiftgeek> i don't think so + this is ehci only device
<dgp> I'm working on an mixed ehci/musb thing at the moment and it went from not working at all to working with some things by forcing to full speed only in the phy registers
<swiftgeek> or more like only meant to work with ehci
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<dgp> enumeration at least is meant to work with full speed hosts
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<swiftgeek> dgp: so i dug out ThinkPad T23 and you are right ;D
<swiftgeek> not all is great but it does enumerate
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* dgp wishes usb bus analyzers weren't $1000 second hand
<KotCzarny> create your own?
<swiftgeek> usb2.0
<dgp> KotCzarny: sampling the bus with an FPGA is easy enough but writing protocol decoders and stuff..
<swiftgeek> dgp: i don't think that would happen unless some fun serdes
<dgp> sigrok/pulseview has some USB decoders but they don't really work
<swiftgeek> but you could connect usb phy and then fpga
<fALSO> i have one of those chinese SALAE logic analisers
<fALSO> even works with the original software :-P
<swiftgeek> i use generic fx2lp boards ;D
<fALSO> i think it was less than 10€
<dgp> fALSO: I don't think that'll have the sample rate needed to capture usb high speed mode
<fALSO> ahhh, probably
<fALSO> i just used it for lame arduino thingys =)
<dgp> second hand logic analyzer with the sample rate to capture it is going to be a few thousand dollars too
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<hellsenberg> at that point you'd need to have a serdes somewhere to capture something meaningful
<swiftgeek> hellsenberg: well as far as that part goes, this is what usb phy is for
<swiftgeek> ULPI/UTMI stuff
<dgp> hellsenberg: this chip (not allwinnner) has pin mux options for exporting the utmi signals outside of the chip from what I can tell
<hellsenberg> interesting
<karlp> dgp: have you found bugs in the decoders? or just not had hardware that can do HS?
<karlp> swiftgeek: the fx2 style LAs can sort of mostly just about manage usb-FS, certainly not usb-hs.
<swiftgeek> hellsenberg: so in theory i think fx3lp could pull off usb2.0 decoding job :D
<swiftgeek> as long as phy itself doesn't crap out
<dgp> karlp: The fs enumeration I captured didn't decode at all. But the capture was good enough to see that the d+/d- pins were swapped in the datasheet :)
<hellsenberg> :D
<dgp> There was an 0.9v LDO output and a 3.3v input swapped too.. that was fun
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<hellsenberg> what kind of cursed chip would that be?
<karlp> dgp: hwo long ago wer eyou doing this? I need to retest and make sure it's not busted :)
<karlp> d+/d- swapped can jsut be config via i2c too, microchip hubs can all do that.
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<dgp> hellsenberg: mstar msc313e. It's like the Allwinner v3s just in a QFN with some small advantages like memory mapped nor
<dgp> karlp: that's possible but the code in the vendor driver for this thing has some code for swapping the data lines commented out
<dgp> karlp: so either the datasheet is wrong or the code is wrong or both
* karlp shrugs
<dgp> I might tree building sigrok from source. Debian's version is probably a few years old
<dgp> s/tree/try/
<hellsenberg> mstar O_o
<dgp> only cortex a7 I've found in a QFN ;)
<mru> a7 in qfn, wtf?
<dgp> mru: yes. They even have a dual a7 in a QFN
<mru> dual core doesn't affect the external pin count
<dgp> true but I imagine it gets pretty hot
<mru> must have an exposed pad underneath
<dgp> yeah. I haven't managed to get one of those but because of number of pins they put all the gnds on the exposed pad
<mru> how many pins?
<dgp> single core comes in 80 and 88 pin QFN. The dual one is probably the same
<hellsenberg> O_o
* dgp is trying to put one on a 6 layer board on the back of an ampak wifi module
<swiftgeek> dgp: why qfn and not tqfp ?
<swiftgeek> there is even a quad core tqfp :D
<dgp> swiftgeek: QFP is massive, they usually come with all of the pins bent and so on
<dgp> swiftgeek: and this chip is $2.5 on taobao at the moment
<swiftgeek> oh that's amazing then
<swiftgeek> and yeah that's the reason why i use QFN whenever possible
<swiftgeek> i don't need to trust anyone for storing it right / shipping it right
<dgp> I built some v3s boards but they ended up a bit too big. I managed to source some S3s (BGA) but getting a layout that would work for JLCPCB was beyond my kicad fu
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<karlp> dgp: is it in package ram (how much?) and then spi nor for rootfs or what?
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<dgp> karlp: 64MB of DDR2 in package. SPI NOR for root etc. NOR is memory mapped and has DMA so reading it takes almost no processor cycles
<karlp> hrm, a bit tight for my ideas unfortunately. that's same sort of size as the sama5a parts, just probably cheaper.
<dgp> They have a version with 128MB of DDR3 too they are like unicorns
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<dgp> karlp: -- 256MB of ram, in a QFN88 I think
<dgp> plaes: Doesn't look like it can sample usb2.0 yet
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<swiftgeek> dgp: so this is the result on usb1.1
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<dgp> the descriptor says it has no configurations
<swiftgeek> not sure what that means, but it shouldn't be anything on that end besides working as ehci debug / USB_DEVICE_DEBUG_MODE
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<dgp> swiftgeek: you should have at least one configuration for a device that the host can select
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<swiftgeek> dgp: it sounds valid to me unless there is some standard way to create dummy device?
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<swiftgeek> i'm probably reading the spec wrong
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<libv> plaes: thanks
<libv> plaes: but it does not take 7 minutes to start :)
<libv> not sure what times you are getting
<libv> but cool, it's on the debootstrap page so people can find it
<hellsenberg> I remember that my (x86_64) debian install used to stop loading things for some reason, and that smashing the keyboard fixed it.
<hellsenberg> turns out I was lacking entropy
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<MoeIcenowy> dgp: do you mean S3L ?
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