orbifx changed the topic of #logarion to: "Logarion texts archive https://logarion.orbitalfox.eu | Mailing list: https://lists.orbitalfox.eu/listinfo/logarion | Public logs: https://irclog.whitequark.org/logarion
<orbifx> fede[m]: by breaking it, I mean changing what the code expects, so existing headers wont work and will need changing
<orbifx> I will draft an email tonight with the proposals and ideas
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<kakadu> orbifx[m]: Does logarion/yamado has a link to specification of used markdown engine?
<orbifx[m]> Logarion is quite different from yamado. I don't develop yamado any more
<orbifx[m]> Logarion's Markdown converter is mentioned in opam. Trying to remember the name kakadu
<orbifx[m]> `omd`
<kakadu> orbifx[m]: Maybe we shouldn't mention yamado in project's description then. https://github.com/orbifx/logarion
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<orbifx[m]> Ow.. will fix that. Thanks!
<orbifx[m]> Not paying much attention to Github these days
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<orbifx> kakadu: message updated, thanks :D
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<orbifx> kakadu: do you do mailing lists?
<kakadu> a few
<kakadu> if do means subscribed
<orbifx> wanna joint the Logarion one?
<kakadu> nope :)
<orbifx> do means something between like, use and know how
<kakadu> if it doesn't mean `admin` it's fine
<orbifx> admin?
<kakadu> create
<orbifx> Ow you mean setting up one, I see yea, but choice of words
<orbifx> Bad*, brain is fried
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