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<orbifx> hey amiloradovsky[m]
<orbifx> Welcome to Logarion and Matrix
<orbifx[m]> how goes it Fede , Refpga ?
<orbifx> I like org-mode too and support shall come :)
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<amiloradovsky[m]> orbifx: Hi
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<amiloradovsky[m]> Yes, interoperation with org-mode would be nice to have.
<amiloradovsky[m]> Org-mode, BTW, doesn't have a MathML export, AFAIK.
<amiloradovsky[m]> That's where it may be beaten, theoretically :)
<amiloradovsky[m]> I know that few people care about MML these days. But at least those from n-Lab and n-Cafe do.
<orbifx[m]> n-Lad and n-Cafe?
<amiloradovsky[m]> Ah, sorry:
<orbifx[m]> I may have actually seen this before. I dislike XML.
<orbifx[m]> And derivatives.
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<amiloradovsky[m]> OK. That was just an idea.
<amiloradovsky[m]> I don't really know Logarion's capabilities yet, but, if it may be compared with org-mode, these are the flaws of org-mode I noticed, just in case.
<orbifx[m]> Cool. Logarion isn't dealing so much with parsing, although it "understands" markdown. It's primary task is archival and distribution (coming soon ™)
<amiloradovsky[m]> OK. Got it. Publishing math on the Web is not it's primary purpose.
<orbifx[m]> Kind of. It is about encoding. But I find LateX syntax nicer to read than MathML. More efficient too
<orbifx[m]> So encoding it and presenting in text form it is.
<amiloradovsky[m]> Of course! MathML isn't supposed to be read or written by humans.
<amiloradovsky[m]> It's just an intermediate format to be compiled into, from say TeX, and then rendered in a browser.
<amiloradovsky[m]> The idea is that one may write a LaTeX or org-mode document with formulas, then export it into (X)HTML and get some nice looking math expressions right in the browser.
<amiloradovsky[m]> Currently Mathjax is employed for this, but Mathjax required JavaScript and a CDN. Unlike MathML, which is static and self-contained.
<amiloradovsky[m]> Org-mode, for example, does have an (X)HTML export, with formulas rendered statically using the standard constructions (sub/sup etc) and Unicode. — Not that bad, but not ideal.
<amiloradovsky[m]> MathML is supported by Firefox and WebKit-based browsers (for GNOME); with Chromium it's complicated.
<orbifx[m]> Targeting of XHTML-JS browsers is an interim goal, because everyone has that already and 99% of the people won't even consider installing anything else.
<orbifx[m]> But my intent is to make Logarion both a server and a browser in the next version. It creates and archive but also clone or copies from other archives too, for consumption and ... archival :P
<orbifx[m]> E.g. you can write a nice text on how to embed LatX in org-mode. I can promote it by making a copy of it in my archive for safe-keeping and dissemination. If your archive goes dark one day, people can still find it from my archive.
<orbifx[m]> This bypasses conventional browsers, and I've been thinking about a frontend.
<orbifx[m]> One that doesn't need more than 100 MiB to render a page. Something closer to a PDF viewer rather than a webpage rendering engine.
<amiloradovsky[m]> Sounds cool.
<amiloradovsky[m]> Like Fediverse or Matrix, but for a more substantial articles. A fusion of blogging with mailing lists.
<amiloradovsky[m]> I'd expect GNU Net folks looking into these things too.
<orbifx[m]> Yes, that's it. And that is why the convergence with the email protocol headers, if you show the link in the archive