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<kakadu> I have some troubles with compilation. https://paste.in.ua/3259/#32
<orbifx[m]> kakadu: somehow it doesn't find Re, but both jbuild and opam specify it.
<orbifx[m]> Is Re installed on your switch?
<kakadu> yes
<orbifx[m]> Could flambda or fp be affecting it?
<orbifx[m]> Ill do a clean build on mine but I don't have those.
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<orbifx1> kakadu: I'm installing everything from scratch to verify this, so it will take some time
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<orbifx> kakadu: are you building on Linux?
<kakadu> yes
<orbifx> ok a lot of packages failed to build on osx, so will try all this again on Linux
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<orbifx[m]> kakadu: I reproduced it
<orbifx[m]> thanks
<orbifx[m]> There have been changes upstream it seems, cause after a clean install my build fails too. I will fix this, probably today.
<orbifx[m]> Meanwhile, there are builds on the website if you want to get going: https://logarion.orbitalfox.eu/start-your-own-logarion-archive.html
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