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<galiven> Worth figuring out how to get from San Francisco to San Jose and give some randow person I've never met $100 for a "Unlocked n900 Excellent condition"? (
<galiven> Though right now I'm going to bed, so I won't see any answer til tomorrow.
<xmn> no pic, is not encouraging. But depends how bad you want one.
<xmn> I still use mine everyday.
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<slobber> damn, too bad xmn left
<slobber> does anyone else here use n900 daily?
<slobber> if so, what's the preferred configuration? stock maemo or anything else?
<sicelo> CSSU Stable is most preferred.
<sicelo> I use it with CSSU Thumb. Haven't had any issues, but ymmv
<slobber> interesting
<slobber> wow, the process for getting to cssu and cssu thumb is really as easy as changing repos and installing the packages, huh
<slobber> i feel like a few years ago when i still had my n810 things were not as streamlined
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<sicelo> you've just got one? start with CSSU Stable for at least a week. You can play wth Testing and/or Thumb after that, and see which works best for your use case
<slobber> sicelo: no, thinking of getting one
<slobber> just siphoning the docs at this point
<sicelo> two main problems to be aware of when getting one: (1) USB ports have a nasty habit of coming off, (2) modem stops working, and practically unrepairable.
<slobber> both of those sound horrible
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<sicelo> not all devices get afflicted, but it'd be unfortunate to buy one with (2).
<slobber> i can't find any in properly decent condition on ebay anyway
<sicelo> the USB problem is not too bad, imo, if the port came off cleanly - i fixed mine myself, even though that was my first SMD job.
<slobber> they're either beat up or refabbed in china or 300$
<slobber> i did a usb port on a phone recently, messed up the data pins though
<slobber> so probably not going to attempt another for a _while_
<sicelo> look and ask on tmo as well ... i guess that's where you'll get some of the best condition N900
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<sicelo> (you can alwasy take the N900 to a proper electronics repair shop) ;)
<slobber> tmo? literally tmobile stores?
<slobber> here are a few, but not sure whether i should trust china's refurbishing
<slobber> ohhh, right
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<DocScrutinizer05> ~tmo
<infobot> hmm... tmo is, or, or It's *not* T-MO (see ~T-MO) or trolls, morons, oxen.
<DocScrutinizer05> ~usbfix
<infobot> usbfix is probably - and **NEVER** use epoxy (unless you want to seal your device for underwater), or, you will basically need two irons: a small good one (or better hot-air reflow) and a 60+ Watt, or to avoid breakage, see ~usb-unplug
<DocScrutinizer05> 100 bucks is steep for a used device
<DocScrutinizer05> anything you need (to know about) "best config":
<DocScrutinizer05> ~lf
* DocScrutinizer05 knows a source of at least 200 devices in pretty much mint condition ;-D
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<slobber> DocScrutinizer51: can you share that source?
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<galiven> Haha, that makes sense that your stockpile is no longer called for since the project is done :'(
<galiven> I've been managing with a GTA04 for a few years hoping the Nikolaus would overcome the hurdles on the GTA05 or my deposit on Neo900 would pay off. But the GTA04 is not in very good shape.
<galiven> I confess that I put money down on the Purism phone too. It's far from perfect but all the free-er options have stalled.
<sicelo> any updates on the pyraphone or some such?
<galiven> Nikolaus has been working on iio-bridge in the kernel to handle multiple accelerometers as input devices, but the maintainer of that subsystem doesn't seem to like the approach.
<galiven> Thats all I know from lurking on the list.
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<sicelo> thanks for the info
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<DocScrutinizer05> have ab eye on cosmo communicator, not exactly "free" but... genuine support for multiboot, which means a bit at least
<DocScrutinizer05> an*
<DocScrutinizer05> a complete opposite the the purism approach as I understand it, which seems to be "our hardware our OS and we base our OS on something that once been debian" or somesuch
<xmn> I can't wait for some of these device come out then tested and have the 2nd iteration put out. Which is kinda of the case for cosmo, but for them maybe the 3 or 4th vers.
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<slobber> DocScrutinizer05: sooo can i hit up your "...source of at least 200 devices in pretty much mint condition"?
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<Oksana> sicelo: Great to hear that USB problem is fix-able by somebody without soldering experience?
<Oksana> DocScrutinizer05 : Small soldering iron, or better hot-air reflow... Will see what is available at makerspace. Watched the video a little, now I know that solder is not to be put at the tip of the iron - no idea how to clean tip of the iron though. I am guessing that soldering micro-USB port is quite different from soldering a through-hole chip? Reading up...
<Joerg-Neo900> yes, soldering the USB pins is quite difficult particularly to simply get by. For the reinforcement (soldering down the sheath to PCB) you need a rather large (80W+) soldering iron since the PCB has large copper planes that dissipate all heat
<Joerg-Neo900> for the pins hot air reflow with pre-wttwed/plated pads and pins and a lot of excellent flux, or even better using solder paste, is the better option for sure