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<ryanstout> is it possible/easy to get a source map out of opal without using sprockets?
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<dragonkh> evening
<ryanstout> evening
<dragonkh> I made a pretty cool datatable lib with opal !!
<dragonkh> evening ryanstout
<ryanstout> dragonkh: yea?
<dragonkh> the only thing that is a slight problem is the size of the minified js - it's about 200k
<dragonkh> if I re-wrote in pure js - it would be about 5k probably
<ryanstout> that seems large for opal
<ryanstout> any ideas why its so big?
<dragonkh> I'd have to grab underscore js too
<dragonkh> it's all the ruby runtime
<ryanstout> right
<ryanstout> I think someone was working on being able to only include parts of the runtime
<ryanstout> or parts of the standard lib I guess
<meh`> dragonkh, is it ONLY the library?
<meh`> or the whole thing?
<meh`> because you shouldn't take opal and dependencies into the picture
<dragonkh> my table has some cool drill down functionality and different data sections inside it - it works from data supplied in a json
<dragonkh> meh`: hi - I don't follow
<meh`> when measuring the size
<meh`> dragonkh, 200K for the whole thing is normal
<meh`> if it has opal, opal-browser and other things
<dragonkh> the whole thing yeah
<meh`> it's perfectly normal
<meh`> it goes down considerably gzipped
<dragonkh> im using opal and opal jquery
<dragonkh> I havent worked with gzipped js before - how does it work exactly?
<dragonkh> do I use something like Packer?
<meh`> dragonkh, no
<meh`> gzip is something the web server does
<meh`> it sends the file compressed
<ryanstout> dragonkh: packer's pretty old at this point, there are a lot better minifiers out there.
<dragonkh> this blog says Packer does gzipping?
<dragonkh> meh`: well it's not up to me to do the gzip then - my users will have to do that - I will just supply the js library
<dragonkh> this site is pretty cool - it shows you what you could save by using gzipped
<dragonkh> and then lets you download them
<adambeynon> ryanstout: regarding the source maps, the compiler class has a #source_map method
<ryanstout> adambeynon: thanks, I figured it out
<ryanstout> is it crazy to try and build a simpler sprockets replacement?
<ryanstout> I don't need a lot of it for volt, and it seems like sprockets isn't being maintained and is really bloated
<adambeynon> ryanstout: I had a simple Builder class before I moved to using sprockets by default
<adambeynon> was like, 200 loc maybe
<adambeynon> and could handle requiring ruby and js assets
<dragonkh> evneing adambeynon
<ryanstout> yea, I just need to be able to do a few pipelines, scss, css compress, opal compile, js compress, concat, and handle source maps all of the way though
<dragonkh> adambeynon: 4 people have signed up to the london opal users meetup:
<dragonkh> adambeynon: I might just hold it in starbucks in London for a while unless more people look like they might sign up or come along
<adambeynon> ryanstout: <- that is the git tree of a very baisc building system from a couple of years ago. specifically builder.rb and build_methods.rb. might be useful
<adambeynon> hi dragonkh
<ryanstout> adambeynon: thanks
<adambeynon> good to hear!
<dragonkh> adambeynon: I've written the whole user interface for one of our projects at work in opal
<adambeynon> nice. using opal-jquery directly?
<dragonkh> yeah
<dragonkh> the back end is scala json feeds and the front end is opal jquery
<dragonkh> it blew the minds of the rest of my team !
<dragonkh> I'm working on some D3 visualisations that will plug into it
<dragonkh> I'm going to release one part of the project - it's a datatable library - which has drill down functionality, sorting, searching etc a bit like datatables.js
<adambeynon> :D sounds good. its funny, I always thought that opal would be the ideal thing for people using ruby on the backend, but Im finding more people are using alternatives, like scala, but still like opal frontend stuff
<adambeynon> dragonkh: nice. let me know if/when you do. I have a couple of data intensive apps that need some better data methods on them
<dragonkh> my personal project I'd use ruby on the backend for sure - but it's extremely hard to get that kind of thing going when the rest of the team is java and scala
<dragonkh> java and scala devs firmly object saying that ruby runs like a dog
<dragonkh> and leaks memory
<dragonkh> and rather than jruby they want to use scala
<dragonkh> but hey - java and scala for the bills and ruby for the soul
<dragonkh> right better go - things to do - if you know anyone interested in the opal meetup - please feel free to invite them
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