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<tomeu> alyssa: sounds good! will try now
<tomeu> alyssa: if Google was able to get Chromium working well on Chromebooks with the mali blob, I'm confident we'll be as well :)
<tomeu> /* TODO: Check viewport or something */
<tomeu> bool flip_y = panfrost_is_scanout(ctx);
<tomeu> wonder what we should do with that TODO
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<tomeu> alyssa: I think that won't work, because client buffers (SHARED) need to be either rendered to flipped and sampled from unflipped, or the other way around
<tomeu> but they will look upside down if are either flipped or unflipped
<tomeu> so I think that SCANOUT needs to be flipped both when rendering and when sampling from it, and client buffers need to be rendered to flipped and sampled from unflipped
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<tomeu> alyssa: looks like we have regressed lately, these tests started to reliably fail on at least rk3288: dEQP-GLES2.functional.shaders.functions.qualifiers.inout_lowp_int_vertex and dEQP-GLES2.functional.shaders.operator.binary_operator.mul.lowp_ivec4_fragment
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<shadeslayer> tomeu: alyssa so I looked a bit more at how v3d handles deleting a context and one of the first things it does is flush all the jobs
<shadeslayer> panfrost_destroy doesn't seem to be doing anything similar
<shadeslayer> I'm also not sure why the flush doesn't iterate over all the jobs
<tomeu> shadeslayer: I think not everything that should be in panfrost_job is there yet
<shadeslayer> right
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<shadeslayer> tomeu: I think I need to implement panfrost_job_submit first
<shadeslayer> then implement flushing and then call panfrost_flush on context deletion
<shadeslayer> then we can probably get rid of that todo along with my patch from earlier
<shadeslayer> and panfrost_job_submit looks complicated to implement xD
<shadeslayer> Is there a document that describes how jobs are supposed to be submitted ?
<shadeslayer> alyssa: ^^
<Lyude> HdkR: btw
<Lyude> did you hear what karol managed to fix? :)
<shadeslayer> oh cool
<shadeslayer> 'trivial'
<alyssa> shadeslayer: Documentation? What's that :(
<shadeslayer> :(
<alyssa> shadeslayer: Documentation seems to consist of comments and IRC logs, alas
<alyssa> The weirder parts of the hw are pretty well-commented, I hope
<alyssa> E.g. pan_blending.c
<shadeslayer> This is about the CL
<shadeslayer> I was just reading what v3d and vc4 do
<alyssa> First of all, we don't have a real CL, though we pretend we do to make our code look like other drivers
<alyssa> Midgard is based on descriptors, rather than a command stream,
<alyssa> Lots of pointers all the way down. C structs, basically.
<alyssa> Reminds me of a functional programming language. Rather than imperatively setting the hardware state (command lists), we just give it the descriptor of how it should be configured.
<alyssa> include/panfrost-job.h is all such known descriptors
<shadeslayer> oh wow
<shadeslayer> alyssa: any pointers on what panfrost_job_submit would entail?
<shadeslayer> I think I need this so that we can flush all jobs during context deletion
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<alyssa> shadeslayer: Sure, take a peak at the function panfrost_submit_frame in pan_context.c
<alyssa> Ideally, that would be abstracted to work on jobs rather than pan_context directly, and then everything should fall into place naturally (just rename the function, heh)
<shadeslayer> ack :)
<shadeslayer> I'll spend some time on it tomorrow I suppose
<alyssa> shadeslayer: It's been on my own todo list for a while. If there's a particular part you do/don't want to work on, tell me :)
<shadeslayer> alyssa: It's more like, I'm not entirely sure how all of this works and I'm kinda working with incomplete knowledge
<shadeslayer> and that's what frustrating
<alyssa> shadeslayer: Honestly? Same here, also frustrated. I wrote the code but that doesn't mean I get it either :(
<shadeslayer> alyssa: well, I'm also getting familar with how gallium works, so it's a pretty steep learning curve :)
<shadeslayer> I learn by doing, which is why I was thinking of picking this up
<alyssa> shadeslayer: I remember the days, yeah..
<shadeslayer> :D
<alyssa> shadeslayer: You'll get your wings, I promise :)
<shadeslayer> hope so :)
<alyssa> Took me a few months of working with Gallium for it to 'click'
<shadeslayer> aha :)
<alyssa> Doesn't help that Gallium is about as documented as Panfrost ...
<alyssa> OA
<alyssa> tomeu: Hm. Those are both working reliably here on RK3399
<shadeslayer> alyssa: I mean, I can navigate the code, but then I get stuck on reading things like what a job is in the context of a framebuffer
<alyssa> shadeslayer: That's my fault for being lazy with language, sorry :(
<shadeslayer> alyssa: nah, I'm just new to this ;)
<alyssa> 'Job' in the context of the hardware is basically "a bunch of descriptors that do something"
<alyssa> 'Job' in the context of panfrost_job follows v3d usage, basically 'all the state corresponding to a frame of a single framebuffer'
<shadeslayer> I see, would be useful to make a dictionary :D
<alyssa> Tell me about it >_<
<shadeslayer> haha
<alyssa> tomeu: Obviously it's the int series that would have regressed them, but... huh. Does this mean we're hitting architectural differences across Midgard gens?
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<tomeu> alyssa: could be, our kevins aren't feeling well today
<tomeu> alyssa: tomorrow I will check on my nanopc
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<alyssa> tomeu: Hope Kevin gets better soon :-(
<alyssa> Common cold, or..?
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<HdkR> Lyude: I did not hear what Karol managed to fix
<Lyude> HdkR: i'll give you a hint
<Lyude> it starts with an r, and ends with an m
<HdkR> ah, rocm
<Lyude> no lol
<Lyude> runpm
<HdkR> :P
<Lyude> for pascal
<HdkR> ooo, fancy
<Lyude> yep! laptops aren't broken af now, or will be unbroken very soon
<Lyude> still some secboot issues to figure out, but they seem to be fully unrelated to the runtime PM issues (and I'm pretty sure we should be able to fix them)
<HdkR> Does it fix the MX150 as well then?
<HdkR> So many devices shipping with that low end thing
<Lyude> HdkR: if it's not pascal probably not
<HdkR> It is
<Lyude> ah
<Lyude> then it should, if not let me know
<HdkR> I really don't even want to try installing the driver for it. Would just burn my battery :P
<HdkR> Dumb thing has no video decoders so you run in to the issue that the expectation is apps would use the Intel video decoder
<Lyude> really? yikes
<Lyude> it's been a while since i've heard of a GPU with no video decoders, but maybe I just don't look closely enough
<HdkR> Works fine under Windows obviously. Linux there issues attempting to do that :D
<HdkR> Yea, low end stuff from Nvidia doesn't have them, so this latest generation there is MX110, MX130, MX150 all without
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* alyssa looks at wallpaper code
<alyssa> This is... huh.