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<HdkR> New GPU
<HdkR> Has a new ISA as well
<HdkR> As expected
<HdkR> 16 wide warps now
<alyssa> Oy vey
<HdkR> Apparently the compiler doesn't need to do scheduling at all
<alyssa> Sticking to scalar, that's good lol
<HdkR> I wonder if they have any way to optimize uniform data paths like AMD and Nvidia has
<HdkR> Huh
<HdkR> a dynamically detected forwarding buffer
<HdkR> Guess that drops temps entirely?
<alyssa> New AFBC version...?
<HdkR> Looks like we'll be able to reuse significant portions of the bifrost compiler code
<alyssa> This just looks like Bifrost 2.0
<alyssa> Then again, Bifrost was really just Midgard 2.0
<HdkR> Which is fine
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<tomeu> alyssa: just to be sure, we shouldn't be flipping buffers any more in Panfrost?
<alyssa> tomeu: Nope, Gallium does the flippery for us; I just ignored it since I wanted to match with the blob (but that obviously breaks Gallium's assumptions); ML patch fixes that (but diverges from the blob's behaviour, but w/e)
<HdkR> Which I've half reviewed atm
<HdkR> :P
<tomeu> alyssa: nice, only that with that, my wallpaper code hits a DATA_INVALID_FAULT :)
<alyssa> Bah
<alyssa> tomeu: PM me a pandecode before I fall asleep and I'll see :p
<tomeu> working on it, but I don't think it's worth delaying sleep
<alyssa> But Mommmm....
<HdkR> You don't want to end up like me and stop sleeping
<alyssa> Touche
<alyssa> Nini everyone :)
<tomeu> o/
<alyssa> tomeu: Things to check for would be specifically the viewport (max has to be greater than min, etc)
<tomeu> cool, will do
<alyssa> And the texture descriptor (do we still have a custom stride? what sign is it? it should be positive)
<HdkR> I'm actually planning on doing work in about 45 minutes. What are timezones, what is sleep?
<alyssa> And just generally if you get any "zero tripped" type comments, I mean, that's not good ;P
<alyssa> If all else fails... decode before the commit and decode after, and diff :P
<alyssa> (Diff manually if you have to... honestly, that's how a lot of early bringup was done .... anyway :P)
* alyssa zzz
<tomeu> thanks!
<tomeu> with a sleep between frames, everything renders fine and the GPU doesn't complain :)
<tomeu> there's always a ADDR_RANGE_FAULT before the DATA_INVALID_FAULT start coming
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<tomeu> well, if I revert this revert, things work just fine: Revert "mesa: unreference current winsys buffers when unbinding winsys buffers"
<tomeu> and that's effectively adding dereferences
<tomeu> puzzling
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<tomeu> alyssa: btw, the blitter recursion problem is due to the flush in panfrost_set_framebuffer_state
<tomeu> as I'm adding the wallpaper jobs on invalidate
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<bbrezillon> tomeu: adding the wallpaper job so early might be a problem for partial_update()
* alyssa blinks
<tomeu> bbrezillon: in what way?
<bbrezillon> we'd need to restrict the area where the reload-fb is done (there's no point reloading data that are to be discarded anyway)
<tomeu> ah, of course
<tomeu> when do we know the damage region?
<bbrezillon> much later I guess
<bbrezillon> and it might actually be updated iteratively AFAIU
<bbrezillon> (not so sure about the last statement)
<bbrezillon> ideally, we should create the wallpaper job(s) just before flushing
<alyssa> ^^ That
<bbrezillon> when we know exactly what parts of the FBs will be kept
<alyssa> tomeu: I'm wondering if it would be fruitful to refactor job creation entirely first, then the old-style "elided TILER at the end" solution would work
<bbrezillon> alyssa: +1
<bbrezillon> though I don't remember what tomeu fixed
<alyssa> I mean the old-style impl was totally broken
<tomeu> well, the code has changed quite a bit since I last tried, so I could look at generating the jobs at the end
<alyssa> Tomeu found the issues I thought but it was easier to scrap it
<bbrezillon> I know that re-ordering stuff at link time was not enough (this is what I did and it didn't work)
<tomeu> if it doesn't work, maybe I will find out what we are missing
<alyssa> Refactoring = getting rid of linked stage like Connor pointed out
<bbrezillon> yes
<tomeu> alyssa: but jobs would still be created as the draw calls are submitted, right?
<tomeu> and not on flush
<alyssa> No, created on flush
<bbrezillon> tomeu: if we can create the jobs at flush time that's better
<alyssa> But prepended to the list
<tomeu> ah, all jobs, right? not only wallpaper jobs
<bbrezillon> I only had wallpaper jobs in ming
<bbrezillon> mind
<alyssa> No, just wallpaper
<alyssa> It's a linked list
<alyssa> There's no reason we can't prepend a job
<bbrezillon> other jobs would be created at draw time
<alyssa> We need to link as we go, not the mess we have here where we have a "link stage" (that doesn't make sense)
<tomeu> yeah, but I think we are missing something, because just the linking thing wasn't enough
<tomeu> will be easy to check
<alyssa> tomeu: AFAIU, you were linking the wallpaper to be the last job but then setting deps as the first and the hw got confused
<bbrezillon> tomeu: that's what I remember from your debugging session 2 weeks ago
<bbrezillon> the link order was not enough
<tomeu> alyssa: I think the wallpaper jobs came right after the get_value job
<bbrezillon> *fixing the link order
<tomeu> so it wasn't just the dep fields, but also the next_job field
* alyssa grumbles
<alyssa> link order = next_job order
<bbrezillon> tomeu: I had the next_job order fixed IIRC
<tomeu> bbrezillon: yeah, that looked fine
<tomeu> it looks pretty good
<bbrezillon> I was putting the wallpaper tiler job before any other tiler jobs
<bbrezillon> and IIRC that was not enough to have the wallpaper stuff working
<bbrezillon> tomeu: will test it
<tomeu> the kevins are still offline, unfortunately
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<shadeslayer> I'm slightly confused here, indicates that a driver gem object should include a drm_gem_object, but panfrost_gem_object includes a drm_gem_shmem_object instead
<bbrezillon> shadeslayer: it's another level of abstraction
<shadeslayer> bbrezillon: oh ok
<bbrezillon> it's like drm_panfrost --inherits-> drm_gem_shmem_object --inherits-> drm_gem_object
<shadeslayer> bbrezillon: what's the difference between a gem_object and a shmem_gem_object though?
<shadeslayer> I mean, I understand it's backed by shmem, but what does that really mean :)
<bbrezillon> shadeslayer: that means that the memory is coming from a shmem instance attached to the DRM device
<bbrezillon> we usually use that when the GPU has an iommu and/or support SG transfers as we don't need to have physically contiguous memory regions in that case
<bbrezillon> but I'm no expert, robher might have a more detailed explanation
<shadeslayer> hm, docs also say "GEM uses shmem to allocate anonymous pageable memory." later on
<bbrezillon> shadeslayer: that's not always true
<bbrezillon> see the CMA backed gem_object
<shadeslayer> I see
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