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<isd> I should look back at the branch I was working on to make the seccomp fitler a whitelist rather than a blacklist. If we can get that in place it will make porting it to arm less hazardous.
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<ill_logic> I won't be able to make it to the Hours today
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<isd> Reminder: office hours
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<kentonv> ugh I forgot again, sorry guys. Should get better in two weeks once this Workers launch is out the door and I can stop spending my weekends on that!
<isd> No worries. Ended up just being me and ocdtrekkie.
<isd> btw, kentonv, can I get access to alpha for testing? see:
<kentonv> you mean, you just want a user account invite?
<kentonv> invite sent
<isd> thanks.
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<dckc> I'm getting ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID from my sandcats DNS name
<dckc> well, I wanted to move it to my own domain anyway
<isd> the box doesn't respond to me at all (perhaps you've already gotten started)?