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<azonenberg> xaVNA got here, now i can characterize my probes better
<azonenberg> I have an old probe that i think was configured as 5:1 that is actually really flat
<azonenberg> funny enough the newer pcb rev is less good, but that might be because it's a 20:1
<azonenberg> i need to try 20:1 on the old pcb and compare
<azonenberg> But i'm beginning to suspect that my probe is as good as it's going to get, and that the scope's input stage filter is now limiting me
<azonenberg> some spice simulation of the system is suggesting about the same: i need a faster scope :p
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<bvernoux> hello
<azonenberg> o/ bvernoux
<azonenberg> my xavna came :D
<azonenberg> i have s-parameters off of some of my probes but need to repeat the measurements with more points and spend some time understanding whats going on
<bvernoux> ha cool
<bvernoux> on my side I have received my Erasynth micro ;)
<bvernoux> a cheap Sig Generator from 12.5MHz to 6.4GHz
<bvernoux> really not bad for the price
<bvernoux> azonenberg, I suspect you had seen some crash with xavna when you want too much point ?
<bvernoux> I have not take time to investigate on that
<bvernoux> if you try 1601pts ;)
<bvernoux> for accuracy
<bvernoux> but anyway amazing for the price and the fact sw is open source multiplatform (thanks to Qt)
<azonenberg> Yeah i just started poking at it
<azonenberg> My next focus is to try and back-annotate the probe s-parameters into my qucs sim
<azonenberg> and try to reverse engineer the frequency response of the scope front end
<azonenberg> once i have my qucs sim looking like the actual scope captures i'll try and figure out how to proceed
<bvernoux> you are tuning the probe ?
<azonenberg> i'm tuning my simulation to match reality right now
<azonenberg> then i'm going to experiment in sim
<azonenberg> and spin a new probe
<bvernoux> I'm still planning to do a comparison of my HP 6GHz VNA vs xaxavna
<bvernoux> especially with a good calibration kit to see where things can be improved on xaxavna
<bvernoux> I have a working HI-RES smith-chart now to display s1p/s2p files captures ;)
<bvernoux> I plan to use it for comparison of different s-params ...
<bvernoux> as I have not really found great things related to that and tools doing that are so old and display is ugly or cannot be configured correctly ...
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