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<azonenberg> Soo i tried using the can decoder in the repo and it was pretty unusable :p
<azonenberg> I'm going to probably end up rewriting most of it
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<azonenberg> And i'm halfway through rewriting the CAN decode
<azonenberg> Off to bed but hopefully can finish before work tomorrow morning
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* azonenberg stabs PicoVNA with a titanium spork
<azonenberg> So the latest of their infuriating quirks of the stupid vb6 software
<azonenberg> It is very picky with s-parameter files for de-embedding
<azonenberg> specifically they have to use windows cr/lf line endings
<azonenberg> Also it looks like my probe impedance is much higher than i thought it was
<azonenberg> because i wasn't doing reference plane extension correctly in my VNA measurements
<azonenberg> so now i have to re-measure lots of other stuff. yay :p
<azonenberg> Apparently i hadn't quite grokked that port impedance depends very much on the *phase*, not just the *magnitude*, of the reflection
<bvernoux> hello
<bvernoux> I have finished my custom LA POD for the Rigol MSO5000 ;)
<bvernoux> it works like a charm
<bvernoux> Just tested all chans 1 by one so far will test in // later
<bvernoux> anyway it works up to 250MHz signal as input
<bvernoux> and it was a sin signal as I do not have good AWG only RF Gen ;)
<bvernoux> I checked the level also it works down to about 1.2V
<bvernoux> very nice video TSP #178 - Keysight MXR 8-Channel Real-Time Oscilloscope Review, Teardown & Experiments
<bvernoux> This scope is amazing but I imagine the price ;)
<miek> i'm very jealous of that fancy sampling scope/module in the previous video
<azonenberg> miek: yeah i want that lol
<azonenberg> i'm half an hour into #178 and had to go to work so couldnt finish
<bvernoux> and it have a 10bits ADC with up to 9bits ENOB
<azonenberg> 16 Gsps is a little light for 6 GHz though
<azonenberg> it's only a little bit past Nyquist
<bvernoux> yes I was thinking the same 6GHz with only 16GSPS ...
<bvernoux> Tek is more serious about that as their Tek 6 Series have 50GSPS ;)
<bvernoux> but they have a very bad ENOB in fact ;)
<bvernoux> less than 6 bits ENOB IIRC in their spec
<azonenberg> Although the LeCroy 12 bit scopes are also relatively low sample rate. The WavePro HD series, for example, are 10 Gsps 4ch / 20 Gsps 2ch
<azonenberg> in fact, the 6 and 8 GHz models cannot hit full bandwidth on all four cahnnels at once
<miek> also quite impressed with the features on that newer sampling mainframe, like pattern lock and all the automatic jitter stuff - i thought they had been more neglected than that
<azonenberg> you need to be in 2ch 20 Gsps mode to even get full bandwidth
<bvernoux> the question is who needs 8 channels ;)
<azonenberg> Which i'm not thrilled about
<azonenberg> But for example my 8 bit WaveRunner 8404M-MS is 4 GHz bandwidth and does 20 Gsps on all channels and 40 Gsps on 2ch
<bvernoux> I have tested the Bandwidth of my MSO5074 ;)
<miek> bvernoux: gotta have more BNCs or it looks silly as the screens get larger!
<bvernoux> with my RF SigGen ;)
<bvernoux> each channels are not on par ;)
<azonenberg> Which is what i would consider a more reasonable sample rate to bandwidth ratio
<azonenberg> i.e. 10:1
<bvernoux> Chan1 568MHz ;)
<azonenberg> miek: also interesting that keysight is pushing to higher bandwidth on BNC
<bvernoux> Chan2 547Mhz
<bvernoux> Chan3 558MHz
<azonenberg> Everyone these days seems to be starting to push BNC a lot further than it was originally designed
<bvernoux> Chan4 580Mhz
<bvernoux> it is in 1MOhms mode as there is no native 50Ohms :(
<bvernoux> I'm pretty sure it will reacheasily 2GHz BW with 8GSPS
<bvernoux> like the MSO8000 ;)
<bvernoux> anyway for the price 1KUSD MOS5074 is just totally amazing
<azonenberg> yeah, if we can just make glscopeclient stop crashing it :p
<bvernoux> it does not crash with latest firmware
<bvernoux> it is just not very usable too slow
<bvernoux> it is fixed in latest FW
<azonenberg> Oh
<bvernoux> confirmed also by Degi
<bvernoux> yes I have helped her to update it
<bvernoux> she confirmed that like me there is no any crash
<bvernoux> it is rock stable
<bvernoux> I have just a strange things with an offset on channels depending on scale ...
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<bvernoux> anyway Rigol crash is fixed
<bvernoux> but glscopeclient freeze often on Windows
<azonenberg> Great. Let's wait till Kenley and pepijndevos_ confirm then i'll close that ticket
<azonenberg> If you have an unrelated reproducible crash, file a separate bug for it
<bvernoux> the issue is everything is frozen it is not a crash
<azonenberg> Well, still a bug
<bvernoux> I will do more test later
<azonenberg> Ok
<bvernoux> also the driver really need to be rewritten
<bvernoux> it is full of trap
<bvernoux> it does not support trigger
<bvernoux> all shall be ready in fact ;)
<azonenberg> That's not a rewrite, that's just extending the trigger code
<azonenberg> edge is the default trigger that's done first in a new driver
<bvernoux> ha ok
<azonenberg> there's dynamic enumeration code for a driver to advertise what kinds of triggers it supports
<azonenberg> which may even depend on software options on the scope, etc
<bvernoux> ha great
<azonenberg> So right now the rigol driver only advertises edge trigger
<bvernoux> I suspect the Rigol MSO5000 driver is very basic about that
<azonenberg> This is the big todo for the tek mso5/6 driver too
<azonenberg> i have a lot of trigger types i havent added
<azonenberg> even lecroy has a few i haven't done yet like i2c and spi
<miek> it's a good point though, i'm not sure that even the basic stuff on the mso5k driver was ever really verified/finished?
<miek> someone with the scope really needs to take on development of it
<azonenberg> miek: well now that we have several active users in the channel, we have people who can do that :p
<azonenberg> degi, bvernoux, kenley, and pepijndevos_ all have mso5000s afaik
<bvernoux> yes
<azonenberg> between the four of them we should be able to make it a "tier 1" supported platform like tek mso6 and lecroy
<azonenberg> i.e. almost everything works, it's stable, well tested, etc
<azonenberg> It's definitely not there yet
<azonenberg> My TODO for the next couple of days is to implement slew-rate triggering on tek mso5/6, fix the can bus protocol decoder, possibly write a sae j1939 protocol decode, and then a few random UI fix tickets that have been pending
<azonenberg> also probably lecroy i2c/spi trigger as i've been putting those off for a while
<bvernoux> for the Rigol MSO5000 the most mandatory is to find a way to be usable remotely
<bvernoux> as it is like <1 frame per second
<azonenberg> That may just be cpu performance limitations
<azonenberg> we can do some optimizations to minimize unnecessary queries
<bvernoux> clearly I prefer to use it natively than waiting 1s for a screen refresh
<azonenberg> but we cant fix slow firmware
<bvernoux> yes I know
<bvernoux> To be checked with Rigol if they can update that for remote mode without screen update locally to improve speed to send the data ...
<miek> some of that may also be hard limits on ethernet/usb bandwidth. i think that scope has quite a lot of memory?
<bvernoux> I'm pretty sure it could push at least 10 frames/s
<bvernoux> to be much more usable
<miek> my agilent stuff certainly gets sluggish with full memory & all channels on
<bvernoux> it has Gigabit Ethernet I doubt the limit is here
<miek> doesn't mean it can utilise that :p
<bvernoux> it have also memory especially if they cut the display to a special remote mode ...
<Degi> I mean 10 FPS with like 10 kPoints should be doable
<Degi> Ofc with 200 Mpoints its hard
<bvernoux> yes not with 200 Mpoints of course ;)
<miek> i would be extremely surprised if you can get them to develop a special remote feature for you
<bvernoux> not for me ;)
<bvernoux> to be checked
<bvernoux> maybe it is not a so huge work
<bvernoux> for them ;)
<bvernoux> As I do not plan to do such development I have tons of things to do on my side
<bvernoux> so far I'm on Ledger Donjon CTF 2020 ;)
<bvernoux> the hsm to destroy I'm on last level ;)
<bvernoux> remote glitching the secure_mcu(Atmega) from main MCU (Cortex-M3 STM32F2) using a remote exploit in main MCU ;)
<bvernoux> It is first time I'm doing remote exploit on bare-metal MCU it is very fun
<bvernoux> with less than 1Kbytes ram for the exploit ;)
<bvernoux> for those interested
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