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<azonenberg> ok
<azonenberg> There is not currently, no. It'd be trivial to call the API with 0 as the argument. there's just not a gui function for that
<azonenberg> lots of little gui tweaks would be nice but i'm one person :p
<azonenberg> And so far other than katharina's preference stuff, the UI is basically all me
<azonenberg> i've got contributions from lots of people to libscopehal
<azonenberg> but very little on glscopeclient
<d1b2> <mubes> Yeah, there are a few things that would be cool to have in the GUI....a collect from scope button to grab whatever is already in the scopes sample buffers (rather than a fresh grab) would be cool too. Trouble is the folks who use this stuff aren't generally the folks who can hack on it.
<azonenberg> Yeah
<azonenberg> meanwhile i eat my own dog food, i use glscopeclient at $dayjob on a routine basis
<azonenberg> but the features i implement are those that i use at work or on my high-end FPGA projects
<azonenberg> since i have limited time and focus on what i need personally
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<d1b2> <mubes> Well, I'll do what I can, but unfortunately I'm in the same situation...once it does enough to solve $problem (in this case long SWD captures for orbuculum) then I'm afraid the scheduling priority decreases. I see you folded those changes into master...what was the problem, for future reference?
<azonenberg> what was which problem?
<d1b2> <mubes> The tabs Vs spaces thing
<azonenberg> oh
<azonenberg> let me look at the diff
<azonenberg> SCPISocketTransport.*, SCPITransport.*
<azonenberg> at least
<azonenberg> look to have spaces in all of the edited indentation
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<azonenberg> same with UartTrigger.*
<d1b2> <mubes> It's odd, they don't have on my side. I'll look into it today. I need to remove those statically allocated blobs at least, they're embarrassing.
<azonenberg> yeah i havent actually pulled your fork and looked at the files clientside
<azonenberg> possible github's render is doing something funky
<azonenberg> i havent checked
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<bvernoux> I have just built latest glscopeclient
<bvernoux> and it work fine on Windows7
<bvernoux> just a remark there is tons of warnings with Mingw64
<bvernoux> also the demo in release is quite fast on my old CoreI7+GeForce GT 650M ;)
<bvernoux> anout 18 to 20WFM/s
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<d1b2> <mubes> @azonenburg Just pulled my version of the xptools repository and it's got tabs in Socket.cpp correctly....could it be something in the way you're pulling the patch in?
<azonenberg> mubes: xptools was fine
<azonenberg> i merged that to mainline already
<azonenberg> it was only some of the files in scopehal you changed that had issues
<d1b2> <mubes> OK. Found a couple of hiccups in the scopehal anyway, so don't do anything with that in any case! For some reason my timebase is a factor of 10 out. I find it incredible that on a 1K scope I can do a 100Mpoint 4 channel sample! Well, I would be able to if I didn't have this bug...
<azonenberg> factor of 10 is interesting, 1000 would make sense if it was older code that wasnt correctly updated from ps to fs time units
<d1b2> <mubes> Found it. There's a maximum transfer limit of 10Mpoints (presumably down to buffers), so you have to do 10x10Mpoint transfers to get the lot...or 20x10Mpoint if you've got two channels enabled. For this initial version I'll just set an upper sample limit of's painful enough to transfer that amount of data as it is!
<azonenberg> Yeah. File a ticket for >10M point capture support and we'll add it later? I do want it on record as a known missing feature
<_whitenotifier-5> [scopehal] mubes synchronize pull request #402: Changes to support SDS2000+ scope -
<d1b2> <mubes> There's a shed load of work I still need to do on this...I'll make an inventory of outstanding stuff before I drop it
<azonenberg> Ok. Ping me when it's ready to review
<d1b2> <mubes> Well, it's very really depends on what state of cooked you want before stuff goes into the primary repository. Have a look at the PR when you're ready and pass comment on the more egregious failings and I'll fix those up so it can come in...or we can at least note them. Hopefully there are no tab/space issues now...