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<_whitenotifier-3> [scopehal-pico-bridge] azonenberg opened issue #8: FlexRes support for 6000E series -
<_whitenotifier-3> [scopehal-pico-bridge] azonenberg opened issue #9: Support for external trigger -
<GenTooMan> good and boring news, app now starts and doesn't hang, boring news still lots of "adjust" as mubes noted the two scopes are insanely different. Its either a different developer or they used a different template to copy from.
<azonenberg> Yeah totally different codebase i suspect
<azonenberg> Well i got distracted with a bunch of other stuff
<azonenberg> but i got almost all of the variable ADC resolution code for the picoscope 6000 driver done
<azonenberg> should be able to finish tomorrow
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<xzcvczx> azonenberg: could you please teach gimp how to make nice self-describing filter names?
<GenTooMan> xzcvczx, have you ever heard the term "herding cats"?
<GenTooMan> xzcvczx, in any case I think your request for gimp is similar to want to herd cats.
<xzcvczx> >_< but its so easy to find threshold in glscopeclient
<GenTooMan> xzcvczx, that's because glscopeclient does it for you
<xzcvczx> by calling it threshold?
* GenTooMan quietly screams about eclipse taking 3G of memory.
<GenTooMan> I swear the people who developed Eclipse assume Eclipse is the only thing you are running. As if program development is done in a tiny box and no other information is needed to write code. They must live in their own "puniverse" <tm>.
<xzcvczx> i would like to mock GenTooMan right now for actually running eclipse
<xzcvczx> maybe you should get 192GB of ram i hear thats cool these days :)
* xzcvczx tosses up whether to pay to get 300 pages of dead trees or to buy a printer and do it myself
<GenTooMan> xzcvczx, just have it printed at the local copy / print / office place? That's what I do, as it's cheaper than using your own machine.
<GenTooMan> what that be 300pg double or single sided? As it would be better space wise to print it double sided.
<xzcvczx> it would be $35ish to get it printed and bound at local copy shop
<GenTooMan> s/what/would/
<xzcvczx> with like $30 of that being printing price
<GenTooMan> really? they charge that much? here they give a discount based on volume so > 50 pages is 80% 150 70% etc.
<xzcvczx> yeah and its still stupidly expensive here
<xzcvczx> and doesnt get cheaper til like 500
<xzcvczx> >_< i think the price has gone up since i last looked a couple of days ago
<xzcvczx> dammit
<GenTooMan> it costs them almost nothing to print. It's about 0.004 US $ per page. Add in the vending cost (charge for the idiot starting the job basically) it goes to 0.024 so they get a lot money.
<xzcvczx> ah no misread
<xzcvczx> its $0.22 for each double sided b&w here
<xzcvczx> thats 100-500 0-100 is $0.32
<GenTooMan> wow.. but that's in NZ $ so it is still a bit pricey but not insane
<xzcvczx> well its about 15-16c usd
<GenTooMan> here they classify printing a PDF as the same as making a copy so it starts at 0.10 each drops to 0.09 250-750 apparently.
<GenTooMan> a printed manual (bound and all) has a base price of 4.44 why 4.44 I don't know.
<GenTooMan> for some reason they have pricing from 10k to 1M-1 ... I guess anything over 999999 they "can't handle" :D
<GenTooMan> xzcvczx, in any case I see your point about costs. So your 150pg ends up 33.00NZD then they bind it for 2. eh .. the real cost is the time to pick it up.
<GenTooMan> finally I have it sort of working.
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<xzcvczx> GenTooMan: yeah but when you have a 700pg toner the numbers become a bit more questionable
<xzcvczx> actually 3000 pg
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<GenTooMan> xzcvczx, uh one thing about the toner numbers they give is that they go by 5% fill that means 5% of the page is covered images in the document can move it to 1000 pages fast.
<GenTooMan> xzcvczx, for example the cheapest printer you may wish to use in terms of a lot of printer is not a brand most would recognize. Kyocera makes a printer you can print 300k pages per toner cartridge. Their toner is cheaper because they don't replace the image drum. That happens to be about 80% of the cost of a toner cartridge (FYI).
<GenTooMan> 300k pages per image drum 10k per toner cartridge (I sit corrected)
<xzcvczx> well what i want to print is all just text anyway
<xzcvczx> images are for shrubs