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* joyce72 rears their head on IRC in quite a while
<joyce72> azonenberg: I am going to get back to working on the preferences related stuff sometime this week, I hope
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<d1b2> <esden> @azonenberg is there a list of which Oscilloscopes are currently supported by scopehal? Maybe even with some parameters describing how well they are supported?
<d1b2> <zyp> I think there's a list in the manual
<d1b2> <esden> uhh... where is the manual available? I only found the source repository for it.
<d1b2> <esden> <- has only tex file...
<d1b2> <esden> (I guess a link to the compiled web/pdf version is missing?)
<d1b2> <SleepyOwl Joyce> It seems like the manual is at is the user manual
<d1b2> <esden> @SleepyOwl Joyce awesome! Thank you very much! 🙂
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<azonenberg> Yes, that's an unofficial mirror of the PDF manual
<azonenberg> It's not automatically updated, just when i push updates from my local build
<azonenberg> so it's sometimes a little behind the latest tex
<azonenberg> when we do an official release i'll upload the v0.1 manual to the github as a release artifact
<Kliment> are we moving to liberachat?
<azonenberg> Kliment: never heard of it, so assuming no?
<GyrosGeier> there is drama in freenode land
<Kliment> freenode had a hostile takeover, most channels on freenode are moving over to liberachat (new network, with the old freenode staff)
<azonenberg> Interesting
<azonenberg> Will look into it
<Kliment> I reserved the channel just in case
<azonenberg> Ok
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<azonenberg> Kliment: are they having network problems? i can't hit on either v4 or v6
<Kliment> azonenberg: use -tls and port 6697
<azonenberg> I was using TLS. seems like a few hosts in the round robin arent responding
<azonenberg> i got to one that did
<Kliment> oh yeah one host was just being reset
<azonenberg> anyway i'll think about moving once i get set up on there and see
<monochroma> is it bad that i remember the last mass exodus from freenode?
<azonenberg> lol
<azonenberg> Hey at least we're not leaving for efnet
<monochroma> last time was for oftc
<monochroma> lol
<GenTooMan> azonenberg, I'm sure you have this but
<sorear> maybe wait a few hours, they're having stability issues atm
<azonenberg> Yeah
<azonenberg> It's on my radar but i'll wait a bit for sure
<azonenberg> (I also didn't ever get the nickserv registration email there)
<sorear> I got a bunch of errors but got the email within seconds after the first success
<sorear> but also the emails are rate limited
<azonenberg> Yeah probably a zillion people trying to register
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<azonenberg> So I'm attempting to get PicoScope 6000E series MSO triggering to work and not having any joy
<azonenberg> even in the picoscope gui it's not working
<azonenberg> which makes me think it's probably something in the driver
<azonenberg> MSO channels work fine when i trigger from analog channels
<azonenberg> i just havent been able to use the digital channels as a trigger *source*
<bvernoux> hmm
<bvernoux> on my side I'm waiting you stabilize the Pico6000 ;)
<bvernoux> so far it clearly miss minimal details on the bridge command
<bvernoux> as it shall be done in reverse engineering to deduce what is input/output ...
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<azonenberg> Found another 6000 series bug
<azonenberg> Have to think carefully about how to fix this
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<_whitenotifier-1> [scopehal-pico-bridge] azonenberg pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±2]
<_whitenotifier-1> [scopehal-pico-bridge] azonenberg 0e25068 - Preparation for triggering on MSO channels
<_whitenotifier-1> [scopehal] azonenberg pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<_whitenotifier-1> [scopehal] azonenberg 4a7333c - Fixed bug causing reference to the current trigger channel to be released before the new trigger was configured
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