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<d1b2> <j4cbo> hey @azonenberg , (not scopehal-related but) how usable/maintained is gp4par these days? I’ve got a project that is well in to “gosh I’d rather do this as RTL than a schematic” territory, and I was originally thinking ice40lp384 but the larger greenpaks should suffice
<azonenberg> j4cbo: It supports the 46620, 46621, and 46140 only. I haven't touched the code in probably three years
<azonenberg> It probably still works
<azonenberg> I was working on it right as the ice40 etc stuff started to become mainstream
<azonenberg> and everyone jumped ship for icestorm/trellis
<azonenberg> so there was no community to maintain it
<azonenberg> i also had to leave the project myself because of working on my house
<azonenberg> so the combination of the two resulted in it pretty much becoming abandonware
<azonenberg> i could get back to it if i had a good reason but it didn't seem worth it because glscopeclient is much more of a generally useful project
<azonenberg> so that's where i've been putting my time
<d1b2> <j4cbo> nod
<d1b2> <j4cbo> alright, I’ll keep plugging away at this schematic and see where I get
<d1b2> <j4cbo> makes sense, ice40 is a lot less niche
<azonenberg> hmmm, seems 6000 series offsets are derpy if you are using an attenuating probe
<azonenberg> So i'm not fully debugged there
<azonenberg> also seems like i have some waveforms building up in the queue somewhere if you do single trigger
<azonenberg> gotta figure out whats going on there
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<bvernoux> some news for Rigol MSO5k Firmware upgrade
<bvernoux> R&D requested to extend the due day of the new firmware from Mid-May to the end of July to ensure a robust delivery.
<bvernoux> so we shall wait until end of July
<bvernoux> I hope that will be a good things with significant performance improvements for SCPI command/data exchanged with GbE ...
* noopwafel giggles
<noopwafel> this is a very Rigol Firmware story
<azonenberg> lol
<azonenberg> Meanwhile, I'm still trying to get MSO triggering on pico 6000 series to work
<azonenberg> i'm talking to Martyn from their tech support team
<azonenberg> it's not working in the picoscope 6 software either
<azonenberg> so i think it might be a driver bug or something
<azonenberg> mso channels display waveforms just fine
<azonenberg> As long as i trigger on an analog channel
<bvernoux> azonenberg, ha interesting even with Pico 6 GUI it does not work ?
<bvernoux> I do not remember if I have tested that on my Pico3000 ...
<bvernoux> IIRC yes but long time ago with a basic trigger
<azonenberg> Correct, it doesnt work on the gui either
<bvernoux> it is crazy to find that only now
<bvernoux> as the Pico6000 are available since lot of time
<bvernoux> and such feature seems to have never worked or maybe it is a regression ?
<azonenberg> Don't know yet. They're looking into it
<bvernoux> yes interesting
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<azonenberg> If anybody's interested in one of my old scopes,
<azonenberg> I traded this in to lecroy a while ago and it looks like they just listed it for sale
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<xzcvczx> #define a while ago?
<azonenberg> xzcvczx: around when i got the SDA
<azonenberg> february or so
<azonenberg> guess it took them a little while to get around to listing it
<xzcvczx> oh wow that was a fair bit of time
<xzcvczx> wonder if they just have a number being traded recently or maybe just reduced staff
<azonenberg> reduced staff for sure
<azonenberg> They laid off several folks early on during covid
<azonenberg> i knew one of them
<azonenberg> the folks who are left in service are focusing on meeting needs of customer repairs etc
<azonenberg> refurbs take second priority and are squeezed in as time permits
<azonenberg> Also a lot of people are working remote
<xzcvczx> yeah i was also meaning that in reduced staff
<xzcvczx> as rather annoying to ship 20k scopes all around the city i imagine
<xzcvczx> $20k
<azonenberg> yeah all of their repair work is done out of their one facility in chestnut ridge
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<azonenberg> o_O the AD9166 looks like a really fun chip to build some instrumentation around
<azonenberg> JESD204B -> single ended 50 ohm RF output, fully integrated vector signal generator
<azonenberg> up to 9 GHz bandwidth
<azonenberg> with around 2 GHz of instantaneous complex bandwidth
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<azonenberg> Just ordered a prototype of a 3D printed hinge/variable spacing assembly that I'm interested in using for the AKL-AD3 active differential probe
<azonenberg> No components, just an experimental mechanical device
<azonenberg> should have it some time next week
<azonenberg> I'll probably make some adjustments and do a few iterations before i try printing something that can actually take a PCB
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