<jgmdev> plub: the openscenegraph already available on archlinux repo which is 3.6.5 and openmw 0.46.0
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<plub> jgmdev openmw maintains their openscenegraph versions with patches they claim give better performance for openmw
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<m][sko> so ich channel admin can add it to the title
<plub> germany to ban 'non essential travel' in 'selected areas'
<m][sko> plub that is really off topic to panfrost :)
<plub> so it's ontopic here
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<plub> fort pelegiad giving 20fps with 100k triangles
<plub> openMW is really quite nice as long as your scene doesn't exceed 100k tris
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<plub> 1300x960, 112 fps http://0x0.st/-iWB.png
<plub> glmark -bdesktop currently 183 fps
<plub> glmark2-est-wayland -bdesktop 161
<plub> *es2
<plub> glmark2-es2 -bdesktop 168
<kinkinkijkin> don't tell my mother, i figured out that the power supply for one of her art machines works on the laptop she gave me so i can actually use it until i get its own charger
<plub> are you using a panfrost device kinkinkijkin ?
<kinkinkijkin> yeah, i am currently maining a lenovo duet
<plub> well openmw motion is jerky under wayland and smooth under xorg, even around 20-22 fps
<plub> it's as if SDL for wayland has a certain timeframe to update the window, and if it doesn't complete in that timeframe, the window isn't updated
<plub> leading to missed updates
<kinkinkijkin> yeah
<kinkinkijkin> that's a common thing with a lot of display apis
<macc24> plub: try on sway
<kinkinkijkin> macc24 news on my x86 situation
<kinkinkijkin> not going to use that laptop, gonna instead use this desktop and upgrade it
<macc24> kinkinkijkin: that laptop has faster cpu but ok
<kinkinkijkin> it's got a pentium e5200 so im thinking a c2q q9500 should work
<macc24> oh
<macc24> get a lga771 xeon
<kinkinkijkin> googling finds it should
<macc24> and lga775 adapter
<macc24> it should work like that
<macc24> and it is cheaper than c2q
<kinkinkijkin> oh ive already placed an order for the c2q
<kinkinkijkin> was like $30 after shipping so enh
<kinkinkijkin> next ill have to upgrade the dedicated yams
<kinkinkijkin> want to go 2 4gb dimms
<kinkinkijkin> but idk if that'd even work without a xeon actually...
<macc24> cpu doesn't matter on lga775
<macc24> the northbridge is on motherboard
<kinkinkijkin> oh goody
<kinkinkijkin> then the question is if 2x4 will even work without a mobo upgrade at all
<macc24> what northbridge do you have in that board?
<kinkinkijkin> not sure, ill grab cpu-z quick before putting linux on this
<macc24> if it's nvidia nforce i will throw up
<macc24> nvidia chipsets are cursed
<kinkinkijkin> chipset
<kinkinkijkin> GeForce 7050
<kinkinkijkin> Southbridge
<macc24> oh god
<kinkinkijkin> nForce 620i
<macc24> prepare to have issues running linux
<kinkinkijkin> GOODY
<kinkinkijkin> GOLLY GEE GOSH
<kinkinkijkin> DUMP
<macc24> why is _whitelogger here
<kinkinkijkin> if you look above, looks like m][sko has something to do with that
<macc24> ,_,
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<macc24> wait
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<macc24> kinkinkijkin: on my nvidia board i had issues with usb input on linux
<kinkinkijkin> golly gee
<macc24> it was amdfam10h northbridge + mcp78 southbridge
<macc24> i almost got coreboot to run on it haha
<kinkinkijkin> let's hope being intel makes it different
<macc24> nah it won't
<macc24> nvidia southbridges are the same on intel and amd
<kinkinkijkin> shush im being optimistic
<macc24> fun fact: freebsd on it ran better than linux
<macc24> wine situation in freebsd is bad
<kinkinkijkin> macc24 im not having usb issues so far
<macc24> kinkinkijkin: :D
<macc24> icecream95: how big of performance difference cci reclocking made?
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<plub> beef and bean chili tastes better if you let the bottom sort of half-burn then scrape and stir that up into the chili
* macc24 noted
<macc24> HA
<macc24> got cpufreq to work on 5.11 on mt8183
<icecream95> macc24: Linking Mesa was 25% faster with the CCI frequency at maximum
<macc24> icecream95: ok... tomorrow i will have 5.11 ready to ship in cadmium
<macc24> this is my 4th attempt :D
<macc24> git merge really is easier to use than just patch
<plub> might be able to bump the g52 to 850mhz
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<plub> one bummer with openMW is it draws all geometry. there's no advanced occlusion
<plub> you can stand in front of a wall and it draws the whole city behind it
<plub> which just *bugs* me
<plub> i thought the whole point of a graphics engine was to not do that
<kinkinkijkin> that's occlusion culling
<kinkinkijkin> which is programmatically difficult and requires occlusion testing supported on the gpu
<kinkinkijkin> unless you want to use cameraposition-based cpu-side occlusion culling
<kinkinkijkin> then you have to write a crapload of unique data for the entire gameworld, and also be really good at programming cpu culling
<kinkinkijkin> considering that openmw is just an engine and not a remake of the game, the former would have to be done and let's get to the fun bit
<kinkinkijkin> you can't cull individual triangles of a single model and the entire mw gameworld is one model
<kinkinkijkin> meaning there would have to be modifications made to the game data, or realtime destitching programmed
<kinkinkijkin> both of which are significantly less desirable than just having a little bit of lag now and then
<plub> with 140k triangles in the scene openmw gets 1/2 the fps of supertuxkart
<plub> around 15
<plub> so it's an interesting problem
<plub> to get it up to 24 reliably
<icecream95> There was a bug in OpenMW causing it to do shadow comparisons even when shadows are off, I don't think the fix is in any release yet
<plub> well pulled the git master a couple days ago so i'm not using a release
<plub> enabling shadows in this scene takes me from 35 to 10 fps
<plub> if you're curious, they suggest using their branch of openscenegraph 3.6.x
<plub> i think it's up to 3.6.5
<plub> today's mesa master working nicely btw
<plub> and run under xorg even 22fps feels pretty fluid. under wayfire it's effectively ~12fps when reporting 22
<plub> so using Xorg is a huge feature, in this instance :)