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<ankh_hikes> macc24, just looking at the cadmium commits. :)
<macc24> oh hi ankh_hikes
<ankh_hikes> macc24, almost tempted to give it another go on my duet...
<macc24> i'll take a shot at fixing resume on duet after i'm done with my polish exams
<macc24> what the fuck
<ankh_hikes> hmmm, the keyboard looks a lot better then the cramped duet
<macc24> ankh_hikes: it won't fit into duet
<macc24> it's a shame that lenovo folks didn't just use thinkpad keyboard in duet lol
<ankh_hikes> yea, I'm tempted to order the us duet keyboard, I have the canadian version and it has a bilingual keyboard and the it's so cramped on the right side.
<macc24> i got used to it
<ankh_hikes> yea I guess I should just suck it up and deal with it :P
<macc24> and as soon as i can make a pcb i'm making a mechanical keyboard for duet anyway
<ankh_hikes> ooh
<ankh_hikes> I also ended up ordering the lenovo usi pen. still almost a month away
<macc24> oh the asus box has a headphone jack, nice
<macc24> and a beefier charger
<ankh_hikes> yea, but I wonder if it will be like gru-bob and the headphone jack doesn't work under arch
<macc24> bob's headphone jack doesn't work? lol
<ankh_hikes> seems you can only get sound out of the speakers on bob using arch. haven't found any newer info about it
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<macc24> urjaman: do you know how to dualboot chromeos and linux with depthcharge?
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