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<ec> lesseee
<alexgordon> omg I don't think I've ever used the paws room for pawsing before
<ec> really?
<ec> okie dokie.
<alexgordon> so last time we covered advancing
<ec> how long're you here for? I need to run an errand and shower and shit. If you're going to be around computers all evening, I'd like to do that first, and *then* dive into a several-hour spec'ing session.
<ec> -spec
<ec> oh shi
<alexgordon> lol
<alexgordon> it's 11:15
<alexgordon> so I'm around for a bit
<ec> oh, I forget how late it is there
<alexgordon> where are you ATM?
<ec> Minneapolis
<ec> CONUSparents' basement
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<ec> -spec
<purr> ec: Paws' half-arsed Version 10 specification <http://ell.io/ihQzs>
<alexgordon> basement? living the dream, man
<ec> right!?
<ec> visiting their place for the weekend
<ec> hangin' out with the dogs-in-exile, and their younger son
<ec> watching him play a PS3 game right now while hanging out on my laptop on the coffee-table with three dogs piled around me on the couch
<ec> their huge golden retriever, and my two tiny shetlands
<alexgordon> hmm so lemme see
<alexgordon> after advancing we have queueing and calling
<ec> yepyep
<ec> hold on
<ec> still haven't properly *spec'd* what we went over
<ec> ughghgugh
<ec> not really.
<ec> not a fan of blowjobs.
<alexgordon> who mentioned blowjobs?
<alexgordon> also, poor you
<ec> lowlat
<alexgordon> either possibility seems impossible: A) you've never had a good blowjob, B) you honestly do not like them
<ec> the former was true up until fairly recently, but the latter is still true, now.
<alexgordon> lol
<alexgordon> ec: so where were we?
<alexgordon> ec: okay, what is queuing and how does it work?
<alexgordon> (I'm british so I should have a head start on this)
<ec> sorry
<ec> girlfriend called. unexpectedly.
<ec> kkkkk.
<ec> so.
<ec> I've finally broken that spaghetti mess up, I think.
<ec> alexgordon: take a look.
<ec> wrapping it up, now.
<alexgordon> ec: seems quite straightforward
<ec> yepyep
<ec> :D
<ec> So much cleaner!
<ec> took a lot of effort to me to clean it up in my head, though. |=
<alexgordon> " and sort-circuit this algorithm with no result."
<alexgordon> oh wait I see, advance returns things
<ec> yeah, sorry
<ec> mixed “algorithm” up with “method” in there
<ec> will wrap that up later.
<ec> cleaning that up will be a job for the next spec, when I'm intentionally barricading “opsec” from “P-O-M.”
<ec> paws-object-model, which is basically what I've got in the current spec: a DOM for Paws objects.
<ec> anyway.
<ec> okay
<ec> aweeeeesome.
<ec> so.
<ec> alexgordon: VVV
<ec> wherever we use them, the pattern will basically be this.
<ec> advance() an execution, so it's pointing at a new node.
<ec> oh crap.
<ec> bugged out.
<alexgordon> lol
<ec> bugged it up*. whatevs.
<ec> okay.
<ec> should handle, now? yes? maybe? perhaps? I don't fucking know, tits-faces-people
<ec> grumpy distracted elliott is grumpy and distracted.
<alexgordon> have you tried blowjobs?
<ec> hi.
<ec> okay.
<ec> next step.
<ec> reactors.
<ec> (used to be called stages.)
<ec> A Paws system can contain either one, or two-or-more, reactors. The former is single-threaded; the latter is concurrent.
<alexgordon> ec: completely shallow note: someone should write this up in LaTeX
<ec> lol
<ec> already thought about that
<ec> was doing some LaTeX research the other day
<alexgordon> maybe once it's done
<alexgordon> stratum 50
<ec> it's a fucking terribly, ugly, horrible, worst-thing-ever system.
<alexgordon> yeah
<ec> Miiiiiiiiiiiight do something with LuaTeX, *maybe*
<ec> or might just say fuck it all and be the first person with an HTML-only spec, and PDF specs generated with “Print -> Save as PDF”
<ec> ddis
<ec> anyway.
<alexgordon> paws is simple, as latex goes
<alexgordon> try doing any kind of mathematics in it clusterfuck
<alexgordon> ec: I should say, thank you for giving me the mental break I've been needing
<alexgordon> paws has really unfucked my head, if you can believe that
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<ec> -listening She Was, Seven Lions
<ec> success? failure.
<ec> -song She Was
<ec> oh.
<ec> -start
<ec> -song She Was
<ec> ugh whatevs
<alexgordon> purr: hi
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<ec> mkay
<ec> -listening She Was, Seven Lions
<purr> ec is listening to “She Was (feat. Birds of Paradise)”, by Seven Lions
* ec grins
<ec> alexgordon: watching me edit?
<alexgordon> am now
* alexgordon is thinking about jitting paws
<ec> Okay. So. IRC time.
<ec> as it says there, Reactors are multiple.
<alexgordon> yeah, can't wait to GCD that
<ec> they use advance(), and store/retrieve/pop, to reduce Executions to “next combinations”
<alexgordon> just had a vision of paws as a compiled, self modifying, kernel
<alexgordon> it was horrifying
<ec> wat
<alexgordon> "DONE!"
<alexgordon> "why did I bother writing the rest up when I could just put '#incomplete'???"
<ec> wat
<ec> LOL
<ec> anyway
<ec> I've been using ellipses, but they were getting hard to grep for, with all the *valid* ellipsis in the prose above