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<purr\Paws> [Issues] ELLIOTTCABLE opened issue #6: Ancient “immediate-first-stage” problem https://github.com/Paws/Issues/issues/6
<purr\Paws> [Issues] ELLIOTTCABLE comment on issue #6: (This is blocking work on `examples/**-coproduction.paws` and `examples/**-implement.assignment.paws`. Also, the direct consequence of those, which is beginning work on a cPaws “tutorial” / walkthrough.) https://github.com/Paws/Issues/issues/6#issuecomment-19070724
<purr\Paws> Paws.github.io/Master 619c441 elliottcable: (new meta gh) Enabling GitHub Pages' custom domains
<purr\Paws> [Paws.github.io] ELLIOTTCABLE pushed 1 new commit to Master: https://github.com/Paws/Paws.github.io/commit/619c441d6ae899b3849978278970721b27f7c52b
<purr\Paws> [Paws.github.io] ELLIOTTCABLE opened issue #1: Support situations where Typekit won't load. https://github.com/Paws/Paws.github.io/issues/1
<purr\Paws> [Paws.github.io] ELLIOTTCABLE created master from Master (+0 new commits): https://github.com/Paws/Paws.github.io/commits/master
<purr\Paws> [Paws.github.io] ELLIOTTCABLE deleted Master at 619c441: https://github.com/Paws/Paws.github.io/commit/619c441
<purr\Paws> [paws.github.io] ELLIOTTCABLE pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/Paws/paws.github.io/commit/7b504d85c3ebd79a569adff9753119cc4d04dc2e
<purr\Paws> paws.github.io/master 7b504d8 elliottcable: (- fix meta gh) GitHub Pages ain't working. Maybe case-sensitivity?
<purr\Paws> [paws.github.io] ELLIOTTCABLE pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/Paws/paws.github.io/compare/7b504d85c3eb...29d2f1498bce
<purr\Paws> paws.github.io/master 4a15a73 elliottcable: (new type) Using Typekit's “advanced snippet” for asynchronous loading (see: #1)
<purr\Paws> paws.github.io/master 29d2f14 elliottcable: (fix type service) Created a new Typekit ‘kit’ specifically for this
<purr\Paws> [paws.github.io] ELLIOTTCABLE pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/Paws/paws.github.io/compare/29d2f1498bce...fa23cb85aee6
<purr\Paws> paws.github.io/master f6d5605 elliottcable: (fix rendering) Fixing FOUC with webfont-loading
<purr\Paws> paws.github.io/master fa23cb8 elliottcable: (fix copy temp) Removing all the content from the published site.
<purr\Paws> [paws.github.io] ELLIOTTCABLE created header-refactor+ (+8 new commits): https://github.com/Paws/paws.github.io/compare/618cf522bf99^...c6cd755f4655
<purr\Paws> paws.github.io/header-refactor+ 618cf52 elliottcable: + blue logo
<purr\Paws> paws.github.io/header-refactor+ 668e114 elliottcable: + blue background
<purr\Paws> paws.github.io/header-refactor+ fc9f310 elliottcable: + OMG WHITE-ON-BLACK
elliottcable changed the topic of #Paws.Nucleus to: http://Paws.mu — coming soon™ ... or not.
elliottcable changed the topic of #Paws.Nucleus to: http://Paws.mu — coming soon™ ... or not.