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<ec> alexgordon: with me so far on what I'm writing? give me feedback as I type, so I know I'm not making glaringly-confusing Elliott assumptions.
<alexgordon> reading
<alexgordon> so the reaction algorithm takes an execution
<alexgordon> from where?
<ec> getting there
<ec> it's invoked with one. So, wherever we invoke this algo, we'll give it one.
<ec> (specifically, there's one more Big Paws Algorithm that handles *that*, that's currently called next().)
<ec> (basically, the scheduling/order-of-operations system.)
<ec> oh
<ec> I titled it below as “The reactor predicate.”
<ec> so, that.
<alexgordon> okay so it gets passed one
<alexgordon> well it seems intelligable so far
<ec> -++ Paws
<ec> alexgordon: hi.
<alexgordon> hi
<ec> hi
<ec> idk
<ec> I'm bogged down and sleepy
<ec> idfkkkkkkkkk
<ec> blughghgaw.r
<alexgordon> lol
<ec> god, this formatting is a clusterfuck
<ec> but too busy spec'ing to make it less fugly
<ec> might take some time later tonight to try and make it more intuitive and readable.
<ec> alexgordon: hi.
<ec> alexgordon: sorry, got drawn away by CONUS mother.
<alexgordon> lol
<ec> am here.
<ec> I never ran my errand. or showered. ddis
<ec> oh well.
<alexgordon> 3am
<ec> oh. crap.
<ec> >:
<alexgordon> haha
<ec> but was sooooo clooooose
<ec> alexgordon: reactor semantics? yes? yes? yesss?
<alexgordon> ec: you have 0.2 sol
<alexgordon> sorry
<alexgordon> 0.02
<ec> LOL
<ec> coo'.
<ec> that's, what, half an hour?
<alexgordon> yeah
* ec grins
<ec> I like it when you use sol. It makes me a little hard.
<alexgordon> uh oh
<alexgordon> -spec
<purr> alexgordon: Paws' half-arsed Version 10 specification <http://ell.io/ihQzs>
<ec> I'm working down at the bottom. Page 11.
<ec> ick
<ec> missed handling of `foo () bar`
<ec> uckuckuck
<ec> alexgordon: see 3.b. under advance()
<alexgordon> ok
<alexgordon> encosing?
<alexgordon> :P
<ec> my ekbyarod's fucking up. fix it.
<alexgordon> ekbyarod
<alexgordon> xDDDD
<alexgordon> I think I will have to implement this
<alexgordon> I'll try tomorrow
<alexgordon> ec: how about
<alexgordon> ec: you keep writing, I go to bed, I get up, I try and implement the stuff you've written
<ec> eh, I'd rather just be there
<ec> is there something you're having trouble understanding?
<ec> I'm nearly done here, don't crash yetttttt D:
<alexgordon> it's difficult to say without being in the code myself
<alexgordon> also with it being 3am
<ec> oh.
<ec> awwww.
<ec> 'k. (=
<ec> just wake me up if you start implementing and get confused.
<alexgordon> I feel like I understand at least 90% of that document though, so if you fill in a bit more I'll still be in the black :P
<ec> 919-636-4204, and hang up when/if I answer.
<alexgordon> lolwat
<ec> I'll be all “who the fuck was that it's goddamned like nine AM˘[ and then I'll remember and be like “oh it's time to get to work okay man I'm hungry” then I'll probably fap then I'll get on IRC
<alexgordon> lolol
<alexgordon> eh, mark the new stuff in a different color if you want :P
<alexgordon> lol we need colorcoding
<alexgordon> "alexgordon approved"
<ec> LOL
<ec> Nah, there's document history features.
<ec> just make a change of your own right before you go to bed, something inconsequential, to mark your place in the history-log
<ec> then scroll back down to the last change by yourself in the morning, and read upwards.
<ec> eventually … git. ugh. soon. I hope. hate this messy shit.
<ec> This spec is becoming atrocious. It's too elliott-y, sometimes.
<ec> Just, fuck me. Okay. Going to need to re-do a lot of this, and that makes me sick.
<ec> At least it *exists* now.
<ec> alexgordon: okay. I'm off, then. Sleep well. (=
<alexgordon> k
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