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<travis-ci> jruby/jruby (jit_irscope_removal:ef95fdb by Thomas E. Enebo): The build was fixed. [163 min 26 sec]
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<headius[m]> woot
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<headius[m]> enebo: ok I got blocks working after your changes
<headius[m]> bit of epic indy-wrangling but it works
<headius[m]> sweet, bench_mandelbrot works without modification now
<headius[m]> perhaps we can just demo bench_mandelbrot at fosdem
<headius[m]> 👍
<headius[m]> ok 0bce8626ba237d994d2a9ff568e00013e4516c91 has the tweaks to make block bootstrapping work
<headius[m]> I made a pretty descriptive comment
<headius[m]> there's a new patch to test this at runtime:
<headius[m]> Once the top-level sets up its own static scope this can just be deleted
<headius[m]> but yay, we can compile almost everything except metaclass bodies to fully offline bytecode now
<headius[m]> exciting stuff... ttfn folks
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<travis-ci> jruby/jruby (jit_irscope_removal:0bce862 by Charles Oliver Nutter): The build was broken. [162 min 5 sec]
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<headius[m]> NO
<headius[m]> will fix tomorrow
<headius[m]> END blocks are the suck