ChanServ changed the topic of #lima to: Development channel for open source lima driver for ARM Mali4** GPUs - Kernel has landed in mainline, userspace driver is part of mesa - Logs at and - Contact ARM for binary driver support!
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<Ntemis> hi
<Ntemis> since i didnt see any changes in lima driver is correct to assume the just release mesa version has the same lima driver as the previous one?
<enunes> Ntemis: what do you mean no changes, yes there were changes from 20.0 to 20.1 and there are already changes that are going to be on the next release too
<Ntemis> @enunes you are absolutely right. Just read the changelog from mesa directly. phoronix didnt post any lima fixes. :)
<enunes> probably better to check in git
<enunes> or even apparently contains them
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<Ntemis> yeap sorry for the noise
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