ChanServ changed the topic of #lima to: Development channel for open source lima driver for ARM Mali4** GPUs - Kernel has landed in mainline, userspace driver is part of mesa - Logs at and - Contact ARM for binary driver support!
<anarsoul> heh
<anarsoul> so looks like precision bits for varyings were already REd by someone
<anarsoul> (probably by Luc)
<anarsoul> and it's already implemented in lima, but since we're not exposing SHADER_CAP_FP16 we're not actually getting varying precision
<anarsoul> and it's always float32
<anarsoul> varyings allocation is still broken for fp16 though
<anarsoul> it always over-allocates it for GP and PP won't be able it read it since there's no individual pointers for each output unlike GP
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