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<linkmauve> Hi, I fired up a lima stack for the very first time on one of my Olimex boards (Lime-A10), and I got some artifact in Weston when I run it with its GLES backend, while Pixman is fine.
<linkmauve> Whenever a new frame is displayed, there can be some unwanted vertical scaling of some of the surfaces, not at each frame, not always, but with a certain rhythm to it.
<anarsoul> linkmauve: what mesa version are you running?
<linkmauve> 20.2.0 from ArchLinuxARM.
<anarsoul> there were some recent fixes in git master
<linkmauve> kmscube has the same artifacts btw.
<linkmauve> Ok, I’ll build a newer Mesa!
<linkmauve> It might be long, since this is a super old single-core Cortex-A8.
<linkmauve> Oh, I could build in an AArch32 chroot on my Switch instead.
<anarsoul> 512mb can be a bit short for modern gui stack though :)
<anarsoul> check dmesg if you see any oom messages there
<linkmauve> I’m only investigating how limited I’d be running the same GPU in a PinePhone, not really planning on using the Olimex for more than testing.
<linkmauve> I’ve been using these as servers for six years and they’re great at that!
<anarsoul> linkmauve: it'd be a lot faster on pinephone than on A10
<linkmauve> Led me to do a lot of optimisations I otherwise wouldn’t have felt needed. :-°