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<narmstrong> steev: interesting ! I’ll have a look why this appears
<steev> <3 - and if I haven’t mentioned it, thank you for all your work. I really appreciate it
<narmstrong> Happy it’s used !!!
<narmstrong> steev: btw can you do a PR with the changes you picked to my armsoc x driver rep ?
<steev> Oh si, I can but I haven’t gotten back to that again - there are two that are required for even compiling it against newer xorg, so I’ll do that tomorrow (it’s almost 3am here)
<steev> Also fwiw, the script I'm using to build my images is at - ignore my snippy comment about not likely to be fixed upstrem ;)
<steev> Hm I'm terrible at typing GitHub urls from my phone I guess
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<steev> narmstrong: pull request sent, they're from upstream and just enable/use the newer api stuff
<narmstrong> @steev: thanks ! Merged !
<steev> I haven't had a chance to revisit the Mali stuff just yet, I just know those two are required to even compile :)
<narmstrong> The 1366x768 may be a hw limitation, can you list the modes supported by your monitor ?
<narmstrong> Does the 1368x768 resolution works ?
<narmstrong> Which pixel clk is used for the 1366x768 ? 72mhz or 85.5 ?
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<steev> narmstrong: one sec - the monitor itself is *just* a 1366x768 (it's an original pitop lcd)
<steev> but i grabbed the edid from it, just need to ssh into the odroid
<steev> you'll have to give me a bit to test 1368x768, i've never heard of that one
<steev> but i'm compiling a couple things on the odroid at the moment
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<narmstrong> No problem, indeed it the native resolution
<steev> Si, the original pitop was 1366x768, I have a friend who has a couple of monitors that also support 1366x768 but he’s out of town currently. I haven’t tried setting it on my main monitor yet (the prior mentioned compiled running)
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