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<chewitt> the regression is that USB devices don't show-up unless connected before boot, i.e. hotplugging doesn't work
<chewitt> ^ fixed with that
<chewitt> which has been submitted to linux-usb and acked so will be resolved at some point
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<brads> narmstrong: Do you see it as possible in the future to split the HDMI audio from the I2S pins on the S905/odroid c2? Maybe they are limited by the SOC hardware? How many accurate clocks can be made from the MPLL's? sorry for all the questions!
<narmstrong> brads: jbrunet will write a proper sound card to manage HDMI & the I2S pins
<narmstrong> simple card is capable to handling multiple codecs
<narmstrong> *not
<narmstrong> you will have the HDMI codec, and the external I2S codec, and a custom ASoC is needed to be written for that
<narmstrong> for the clocks, jerome managed to generate accurately all the the standard required frequencies, no problem on this side
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<brads> narmstrong: im very impressed by Jerome's work and I guess im looking forward I2S input and maybe pcm / mic input
<narmstrong> brads: every effort is welcome !
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<gdeverlant_> hi all
<gdeverlant_> I was wondering if someone was able to run Alpine linux with odroid-c1/c2 ?
<gdeverlant_> and the latest mainline kernel
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<gdeverlant_> I have a question
<gdeverlant_> Is there a web site where we can choose
<gdeverlant_> the board we have
<gdeverlant_> the linux distro we want to flash
<gdeverlant_> and also the linux kernel version we want to for the board to load
<gdeverlant_> that generates an IMG file or some sort of flashable file ?
<gdeverlant_> it would democratize the whole thing
<gdeverlant_> because it is not really simple that kernel thing
<Darkmatter66> mjourdan: did you use a custom recipe for ffmpeg 4 ? or added a specific layer ? the ffmpeg in the sumo branch is still on 3.4.2
<narmstrong> gdeverlant_: no, it doesn't exist, yet
<gdeverlant_> well I've been in the scene for more than 3 years
<gdeverlant_> and it is too elitist the knowledge
<gdeverlant_> and you need to know so many things to get your board running
<gdeverlant_> instead of just downloading the image and flash it
<narmstrong> I've been working on arm enbedded for 10y, and the last 3y has been the simplest 3y of my life !
<narmstrong> and it's getting simpler and simpler every day
<gdeverlant_> yeah but you have to look not from your perspective
<gdeverlant_> look on the perspective from someone who doesn't know anything
<narmstrong> Embedded systems is an highly technical schene
<gdeverlant_> and just want to flash and run his board
<narmstrong> well, buy a Intel based system and you won't have all these issues
<gdeverlant_> narmstromg; I know I had painnn learning the whole thing
<gdeverlant_> but I'm just trying to run odroid c1 and mainline kernel for headless usage
<gdeverlant_> and it is not easy to find the right thing
<mjourdan> Darkmatter66: I use poky master which has 4.0.2. In any case I think the problem is with the driver, your ffmpeg version should be fine.
<narmstrong> if hardkernel helped a little, it would be simple
<gdeverlant_> I need ethernet+externalHD+docker
<gdeverlant_> what do you mean if HK helped ?
<gdeverlant_> they are not ?
<narmstrong> they """"""maintain"""""" the 3.10 kernel and images for the C1, but nothing more
<gdeverlant_> yeah they suck hard
<gdeverlant_> hard on their money
<narmstrong> they don't participate on mainline linux support for C1 or C2
<gdeverlant_> who is then ?
<narmstrong> they don't want to provide mainline images for the C2 because "it does not meet their standard yet"
<gdeverlant_> wooohhh that's pure BS
<gdeverlant_> they should make at their standards
<narmstrong> you have C2 image from Armbian because we provide solid support for all S905, S905X and S912 devices, and C2 is in the list
<narmstrong> but only xdarklight is working on the S805
<narmstrong> and there is no graphics support yet
<gdeverlant_> I don'T need graphic support
<gdeverlant_> I disable all graphics
<gdeverlant_> all the time
<gdeverlant_> I use SSH+docker
<gdeverlant_> and docker needs mainline kernel compilation options
<narmstrong> but maybe you can contact Armbian to ask them to create an headless image for the C1 since almost everything is ready now upstream
<gdeverlant_> to work perfectly
<gdeverlant_> what's their channel ?
<narmstrong> they aren't on irc, only on their forum
<narmstrong> you can try !
<narmstrong> it would be your best option
<narmstrong> armbian is a solid distribution
<gdeverlant_> ok
<gdeverlant_> Ithought Alpine would be better
<gdeverlant_> since it runs only in memory
<gdeverlant_> and take 5 mb of ram
<gdeverlant_> but hey if you say so
<gdeverlant_> I trust you
<gdeverlant_> but they are talking about details
<gdeverlant_> I just need an IMG file lol
<khilman> gdeverlant_: Re: docker, is there a definitive list of kernel config options needed to use docker w/mainline?
<gdeverlant_> yes
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<gdeverlant_> there is a script you can run that checks all the required options
<gdeverlant_> and the optional things
<gdeverlant_> when you run this on your linux
<gdeverlant_> if all is green you are lucky
<gdeverlant_> if not then some features from docker might not work
<gdeverlant_> I could not use any of the swarm features because odroid c1 with kernel 3.14 sucked
<gdeverlant_> I could not use any of the overlay networks in swarm mode
<gdeverlant_> I found this from armbian like narmstrong: said
<gdeverlant_> at the bottom there is kernel 4.18
<gdeverlant_> I installed it
<gdeverlant_> but there know issues
<gdeverlant_> I did an apt-update / upgrade
<narmstrong> gdeverlant_: yep, it should work for you
<gdeverlant_> the board stopped working
<gdeverlant_> I installed docker also
<gdeverlant_> narmstrong: can you validate that the kernel issues are resolved with the latest release ?
<gdeverlant_> I'm retrying again with the armbian images
<narmstrong> gdeverlant_: no ideas ! you must ask xdarklight
<narmstrong> I don't have a C1
<gdeverlant_> xdarklight: then we ask you
<gdeverlant_> hehe i understand make sense !
<gdeverlant_> :D
<xdarklight> gdeverlant_: which "kernel issues" do you mean exactly?
<gdeverlant_> Kernel Issues buttton on the website
<gdeverlant_> where there is a distro
<gdeverlant_> for 4.18y
<xdarklight> as chewitt said: a fix for USB hotplug is already floating around on the mailing lists but not applied yet -> still an issue
<xdarklight> and I am working on CPU frequency scaling but this will take at least until 4.21 / 4.22 (or whatever the version numbering will be)
<narmstrong> the patches armbian use are pretty a weak
<xdarklight> I'm currently not working on eMMC support - so that's also still an issue
<xdarklight> reboot didn't work for me a while ago but it does now (on 4.19-rc5 + many patches that are not mainline yet). I'm not sure if this is fixed by some of my patches "by accident" or if some generic ARM changes fixed it
<Darkmatter66> mjourdan: I feel pretty stupid, it turns out the problem was with the meson/gxbb/vh264_mc firmware file, I deleted the file and copied a new one(from LibreELEC repo) and now I can dump the frames
<Darkmatter66> maybe the firmware file was corrupted when I moved it to the board !
<mjourdan> Darkmatter66: What a relief! Thanks for the followup
<gdeverlant_> xdarklight can you tell me how can I get the armbian release with the current version of mainline ?
<mjourdan> Darkmatter66: I've added "ask about firmwares md5sum" in the questions I ask on bug reports :P
<xdarklight> gdeverlant_: I don't get the question: 4.18.y is the latest mainline version
<Darkmatter66> mjourdan: good point, sorry for bugging you with a stupid human bug :)
<gdeverlant_> xdarklight: Ohh i meant the 4.19
<gdeverlant_> because it seems that their version was good enough for me
<gdeverlant_> but lacking some basic kernel issues
<gdeverlant_> I'm running on microSD card
<gdeverlant_> so the emmc doesn'T bother me
<xdarklight> gdeverlant_: 4.19 doesn't have anything new for the 32-bit Meson SoCs as I was busy with adding S905W SoC support (which is a 64-bit SoC). I'm not sure if they main a Linux -rc (release candidate) kernel branch
<mjourdan> Darkmatter66: No problem, don't hesitate
<gdeverlant_> ok
<Darkmatter66> mjourdan: just curious, is it possible to test wether the firmware files are correct or not from the driver? I don't mean check checksums but something similar e.g a specific byte sequence that the all firmware files should have
<gdeverlant_> you said xdarklight: that your board now reboot well
<gdeverlant_> that's a huge improvement
<narmstrong> chewitt should add the files hashs in
<mjourdan> Darkmatter66: The firmware format is opaque (I don't even know what arch they're compiled into), and even if there's a pattern in all firmwares I prefer not to test for it. In case there's a firmware upgrade in the future that breaks the pattern or something..
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<Darkmatter66> mjourdan: gotcha
<Darkmatter66> mjourdan: If I stop ffmpeg before it finishes decoding I get this error
<Darkmatter66> [h264_v4l2m2m @ 0xaaab08b611c0] ff_v4l2m2m_codec_end leaving pending buffers
<Darkmatter66> and ffmpeg hangs for about 20 seconds
<Darkmatter66> is this to be expected ? is it related to the fact that seeking doesn't work correctly on this driver yet ?
<Darkmatter66> sometimes it exits but if i run ffmpeg again i have to wait a few seconds until it frees the buffers and starts decoding
<mjourdan> Darkmatter66: Are you on the newer branch ? (4.18/v4l2-m2m-pr)
<Darkmatter66> no still on the old, was this fixed in the newer one ?
<Darkmatter66> I started testing in yocto and forgot to build with the newer branch
<mjourdan> I don't remember having this error so I'm not sure
<mjourdan> Are you still using your updated ffmpeg from git ?
<Darkmatter66> mjourdan: ok I will build the other branch and test again
<Darkmatter66> is there a difference between 4.18/v4l2-m2m-pr and 4.19/v4l2-m2m-pr ?
<Darkmatter66> no I used the ffmpeg 3 from ubuntu, I will test with the git ffmpeg
<mjourdan> I try to keep 4.18/v4l2-m2m-pr and 4.19/v4l2-m2m-pr the same (except one is on 4.18, the other one is on 4.19-rc4), although I just rebased the 4.19 one for my next send on the mailing lists.
<Darkmatter66> mjourdan: same problem with ffmpeg from git except that the error doesn't get printed
<mjourdan> that dmesg log seems completely normal
<mjourdan> Is the problem that ffmpeg still hangs ?
<mjourdan> If you're writing raw frames to a file then likely your sdcard/emmc is throttling because it's a lot of data
<mjourdan> so ffmpeg hangs until it has written everything
<Darkmatter66> mjourdan: yes it doesn't hang for long(10-20 seconds) but I thought I'd report it in case it can be improved
<Darkmatter66> mjourdan: you make a good point in the sdcard throttling
<Darkmatter66> How can I use the hw decoder in something like ffplay ?
<Darkmatter66> mjourdan: I'm guessing mpv and vlc don't work so well with the driver ?
<mjourdan> We have kodi and mpv working with it but.. Lots of out-of-tree patches (mainly for ffmpeg) are required and there are specific conditions to get it running
<mjourdan> Here's what is patched by LibreElec to get Kodi working on mainline linux:
<mjourdan> A lot of these patches are on mailing lists but upstreaming them takes time
<mjourdan> Overall the whole v4l2 decode -> display thing is not ready for end users are there are way too many moving pieces everywhere, but it's getting there
<mjourdan> although you can always fare with mpv, hwdec=v4l2m2m-copy, that should (maybe) work
<Darkmatter66> I'm guessing the "hwdec=v4l2m2m-copy" was added recently to mpv because I don't have it on mpv 0.27.2
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