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<xdarklight> hexdump0815: narmstrong: how did you lift the pad of the AT24 EEPROM up on that HDMI thingy? I just discovered that it doesn't work with force (so that means one out of two I have just died physically ;)), so I'm curious to hear the about the successful way of doing it :)
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<hexdump0815> xdarklight: what i did was to use a small needle as a lever while unsoldering that pin - worked well in my case, but one has to be careful i guess
<hexdump0815> narmstrong: CONFIG_EEPROM_AT24 fixed it - after rebuilding the kernel with that option i was able to programm the eeprom and it looks like the dongle works
<hexdump0815> narmstrong: with the dongle in place it tries to boot from usb first - GXL:BL1:9ac50e:bb16dc;FEAT:ADFC318C:0;POC:3;RCY:1;USB:3;EMMC:0;READ:0;0.0;CHK:0;
<xdarklight> hexdump0815: umm, that's embarrassing. I thought you would tell me something like "use flux type XYZ and then some desoldering tool". a needle... thank you, will try that later :D
<hexdump0815> narmstrong: for comparision this is without the dongle: GXL:BL1:9ac50e:bb16dc;FEAT:ADFC318C:0;POC:3;RCY:0;EMMC:0;READ:0;0.0;CHK:0;
<hexdump0815> xdarklight: good luck - i hope you ordered a bunch of those adapters to play around with :)
<xdarklight> hexdump0815: if two are a bunch then yes. I already broke one so I have one more to toy around with before having to wait a couple of weeks again ;)
<hexdump0815> xdarklight: it should work - there was very little force required to lift it, it just needed a few tries until i got it lifted without any residual connection to the ground but after a few minutes of trying it was good
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<hexdump0815> xdarklight: btw. nice to see you still working on the hdmi support for the 32bit meson socs ...
<xdarklight> hexdump0815: :) it will still be a LOT of work, so don't expect anything soon
<xdarklight> hexdump0815: soldering worked, many thanks for the hint. narmstrong maybe you can add that trick to your wiki page :)
<hexdump0815> narmstrong: regarding the wiki page mentioning CONFIG_EEPROM_AT24 would be good too i think
<hexdump0815> xdarklight: there is no hurry regarding hdmi, its just nice to see that it might work with mainline too one day ...
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