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<phh> ayaka: fwiw, my issue is roughly the same when using, let's say cacasink (though it makes it easier to debug). h265 works fine, but h264 gives green frames and ends up crashing the kernel. also is it normal that with h265 vpu is reset-ed like 100 times during 30 minutes?
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<stdint> phh, I am here
<stdint> phh, so you make your hevc work now?
<phh> Kind of. I have kernel panic at the start of decoding sometimes, and I think vpu_reset might be a real problem
<phh> Also I once got a freeze of the decoder
<phh> (that was when running using fakesink and no video sync)
<stdint> phh, so you don't get any deocded picture yet?
<stdint> the reset of vpu would happened when the vpu get an error flag in the interrupt
<phh> Yup, it resets after iommu errors
<phh> I do get h265 pictures. Almost all, if not all
<phh> For h264 I get sometimes pictures, sometimes green frame
<stdint> phh, I wonder whether your video source is strict following the standard
<stdint> phh, would you mind using some video source from me
<phh> I tested different video sources... But yes sure
<stdint> there is a QCIF resolution video, it is the little one I think
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<phh> right, I have the same behaviour on great president qcif (sometimes the frames, sometimes green, a lot of iommu error, and at the end a kernel panic when it tries to reset vpu)
<stdint> phh, then I think the drm still use the soft allocator right?
<phh> it seems so yes
<phh> erm actually I don't know, I'm totally lost about allocators :s
<stdint> phh, as I said if you don't apply the drm patch to rockchip vop driver
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<phh> which patch? it really looks like drn driver has iommu allocation
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<narmstrong> Hi All, I have a Rk3288 EVB board with ACT8846 PMIC
<narmstrong> I want ot use to test HDMI mainline changes
<narmstrong> But the board only boots on CoreHub
<narmstrong> It was shipped with Android and I erased the eMMC
<phh> corehub?
<narmstrong> Now I fail to access the ROM to update the fw and it ignores my SDCard
<narmstrong> CoreBoot
<phh> ok, you have to shortcut the emmc pin to boot to rom mask mode
<narmstrong> here is the coreboot log
<narmstrong> phh: ok, which pin ?
<phh> on my board there are two test points called emmc, that's them
<narmstrong> phh: can't find then, are they close to the eMMC modules ?
<phh> yup
<phh> well then you can try to shortcut pins from emmc that look like data pins
<stdint> narmstrong, wait you have a evb board
<stdint> then there is a button there
<narmstrong> stdint: yes
<stdint> in the front of ethernet port
<stdint> in the top of ethernet port
<narmstrong> stdint: there is button SW4, it did force coreboot when android was installed, but now the eMMC is erased, it boot on coreboot whatever the button is pressed
<stdint> narmstrong, yes, press it and power on then release after a few seconds
<stdint> it would enter into maskrom
<stdint> if you have erased the mmc and no sd is inserted
<stdint> there is no bootable storage at all, how could it boot into coreboot
<narmstrong> good question
<narmstrong> Oops, a SPI flash was soldered on the GPS header....
<narmstrong> Thanks fot the hint, It works now !
<stdint> phh, I forget
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<narmstrong> can I erase the eMMC from the mask rom rkflashtool ?
<narmstrong> for an unknown reason, u-boot is still booting from the eMMC
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<phh> narmstrong: yes LF command
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<narmstrong> phh: thanks, is it necessary to send a bootloader like RK3288UbootLoader_V2.30.06.bin in the IDB flash memory to boot from SDCard ?
<phh> IDB only exists in raw NAND, not on an mmc like sdcard
<phh> though you do need a bootloader on the sdcard
<narmstrong> phh: do I need to flash something with "./upgrade_tool uf" to boot mainline u-boot ?
<phh> i don't know
<phh> I think that you don't need to flash anything, but you have to flash something in the header of the sdcard before u-boot
<phh> or a special u-boot target
<narmstrong> ok, I copy the SPL and U-boot to the SD, but nothing happens
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<mmind00> narmstrong: I don't think the rk3288 supports native sd card boots
<mmind00> hmm, looking at the TRM it does mention the sdmmc
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<wzyy2> rk3288 supports native sd card boots in upstream u-boot
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<alex_> Hi all, hi phh I gather (from previous posts) you use an Asus C201 chromebook? I'm trying to get rockchip-kernel/linux running on the box
<alex_> when I boot the compiled kernel I get a white screen and nothing happens, I only had some luck booting 4.10 from arch linux, but not even sound works
<phh> For white screen, this is mostly a matter of defconfig
<alex_> do you perhaps have a wiki page how to run it, do you use a special dtb file, what are your boot args?
<alex_> oh, thanks, do you have a working .config file?
<phh> I have a special dtb, but only for vpu/gpu, so you don't care for bootup
<alex_> i currently run arch linux with a kernel from devuan (the only way I get any 2d accel) but would like to run something that I can compile and perhaps switch to debian
<phh> As for sound, i haven't ever tried. Check logs on this chan, i think mmind0 explained
<phh> (it needs some userspace alsa setting)
<alex_> i get no alsa soundcards detected, i have sound working on 3.14
<alex_> if you were thinking of unmuting the correct channnel
<phh> Ah true the soundcard isn't in dts
<phh> I think it has been submitted to lkml, but it has never been merged
<alex_> Would you say running is my safest bet?
<phh> Oh... I was thinking of mainline kernel
<phh> I haven't heard of anyone using that kernel on c201, though dts is indeed there
<alex_> do you perhaps have a .config that you can share?
<phh> Yup, 5minutes
<alex_> no problem, thanks
<phh> ok thanks
<mmind00> and the ucm profile was also in some alsa release around june 2016
<mmind00> not sure about the defconfigs though ... aka if everything needed gets actually build
<phh> I remember many things that could be useful are in modules
<phh> and AFAIK chromeos' coreboot doesn't handle initramfs, so it is quite problematic
<alex_> thanks phh
<phh> alex_: you mentioned 2d accel, know that rockchip stopped supporting it, and now does accelerated Xorg using mali (though this would be closed-source compared to open-source rga)
<alex_> i flashed libreboot, what is your cmdline? Do you use the debian one or the archlinux one (
<phh> root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootwait rw
<phh> (I boot on sdcard)
<alex_> i want something that doesn't make moving windows very laggy, I got that only with devuan kernel as armsoc works properly with it
<phh> well on c201's 720p screen it's ok
<phh> (oh and you can try wayland if you want)
<phh> (though Xwayland won't be accelerated, unless you build Xwayland with rockchip's glamor changes)
<alex_> that was one of the ides, get 4.4 or newer running and then use mali
<phh> yup
<phh> I was going to point it to you ;)
<alex_> cool, I'll follow closeley
<alex_> phh thanks again for the config file, I just tested it out and c201 now boots properly
<fischerm> alex_: does alsa not work, or pulseaudio