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<mmind00> naobsd: I got a bit of help with that :-) ... essentially the bootrom reads 1kb, decodes it (rc4 is required), runs it, jumps back to bootrom and reads the rest
<mmind00> naobsd: so it is bootrom -> spl -> bootrom -> spl -> tpl (-> bootrom -> uboot)
<naobsd> 1K spl is "surprise!"
<mmind00> yeah the binary does some primitive integrity check there
<naobsd> spl read twice?
<mmind00> yep ... bootrom jumps to 0x10080804 when entering the sram part
<mmind00> the split into spl+tpl is my take to make it readable ... you could also just put some dumb assembler code in front
<mmind00> but that would make it harder to maintain
<naobsd> I misunderstood that bootrom jumps to tpl at 2nd. then, I guess we can send concatnated single spl/tpl image to sram via otg
<mmind00> yep
<naobsd> btw it might be better to prepare standalone command which only does rkflashtool l/L (e.g. rkusbboot)
<naobsd> + rc4 internally
<naobsd> recent mainline u-boot based SoC should not support commands for flash
<naobsd> fastboot and/or standard u-boot commands should work
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<wens> phh: stack trace i see show some threads waiting on disk (mmc) ops
<wens> not enough scrollback for all threads though
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<sukooor> Hello, is there anybody familiar with rk 3066 miracast drivers ?
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<Ancient> phh, So close, I'm getting a version mismatch. file /dev/mali0 is not of a compatible version (user 10.4, kernel 10.2)
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<Ancient> My first guess would be (based on the commit history) that the rockchip folks updated the blobs they're shipping.
<Ancient> Either that or I'm wrong, everything else just dies failing to initialize.
<Myy> Init EGL problems on X11 ?
<Ancient> I'm running eglinfo / eglgears from a terminal on X11.
<Myy> Be sure to use X11 specific drivers. Wayland/DRM ones might fail for various reasons.
<Ancient> If I'm not mistaken, they're all X11 drivers with the exception of the one labeled wayland here:
<Myy> I currently a (half) patched version of glmark2 that you can use to test various GL versions and see what works for you (DRM, Wayland, X11)
<Myy> *I currently have
<Ancient> I'll see if I can work it out, but darn blobs. :P
<Myy> Yeah... The fact that it tends to work with one part, and fails with others is insane
<Myy> I also learned that the Firefly's Mali Wayland/DRM drivers consider XRGB8888 to be a window configuration without alpha channel, generating bad matches when trying to create an OpenGL context with Alpha on such surface. Need to use ARGB8888 as the window configuration instead.
<Myy> Also, note that if you're using a kernel driver version inferior to the user-space binary, EGL/OpenGL calls will fail automatically, claiming that you're not using the right driver version
<Myy> During their last updates, I think they've updated to r13pX, so you'll need at least the r13 version of the kernel driver
<Myy> You can query the version of the kernel driver via /sys/devices/platform/*mali/driver/module/version
<Myy> Querying the user-space binary driver module is slightly more complicated
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<Ancient|2> Yeah, wayland is failing too.
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<Ancient|2> Well, that exhausts this idea for the night.
<Myy> Oh, did it crash...
<Myy> Did you try the pure DRM one ? (Directly from the console)
<Ancient|2> How would I use DRM directly?
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<Myy> For example, glmark2 can be compiled with the "drm" renderer
<Myy> Then, you can just execute it directly from the main linux console
<Myy> (The one on Ctrl+ALT+F1)
<Ancient> Hmm, okay.
<Myy> Note that you can also try a patched version of "kmscube" if you want :
<Myy> Which displays a rotating cube using DRM OpenGL drivers
<Ancient> That glmark2 program actually has great errors
<Ancient> Looks like I'm still SoL though.
<Myy> Ow...
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<Myy> Meanwhile, you can always try Firefly's Mali drivers. The wayland ones, at least, work fine with weston. You'll have to launch weston like this though : LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/firefly/drivers/wayland weston
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<phh> Ancient right i'll update kernel driver
<phh> Ancient so current kernel driver should work with latest driver released by arm
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<wens> phh: is there a fix for the mmc timeout issue?
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<Myy> You can try the MMC patches here, see if they work for you. It only seem to work for a limited set of RK3288 chips though, it seems :
<sukooor> anyone familie with miracast linux drivers ?
<sukooor> familier*
<sukooor> I'm new to this group , guys please help me to find the drivers for RK 3066
<phh> sukooor: miracast is just h264 encoding + mdns + wifi p2p, there is no driver for it, just implementation
<sukooor> what about the dlna ?
<Myy> There seems to be a project named MiracleCast that might do the trick. Never tried it though.
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<sukooor> what about the dlna ? i tried rygel it works fine in ubuntu ,is it work with rk 3066 ?
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<Myy> There does not seem to be DLNA support integrated into MiracleCast.
<Myy> However, there's a server named minidlna
<sukooor> Yes.
<sukooor> rygel too
<sukooor> i tried rygel and it works in ubuntu
<Myy> But not on Debian ?
<sukooor> i think it for ubuntu
<sukooor> I've a small school project to make a miracast device
<Myy> Well, if it works on Ubuntu, and you install an Ubuntu on your rk 3066, you might be able to have DLNA on such devices
<wens> i just put my device away, will try it later
<sukooor> i just want to clarify the miracast
<Myy> It's either find a way to combine a DLNA server (Rygel, MiniDLNA, ...) and Miraclecast, or go searching for "Miracast" inside Github and hoping you might find a project that implements that protocol, with DLNA support, on Linux devices.
<sukooor> phh told "miracast is just h264 encoding + mdns + wifi p2p, there is no driver for it, just implementation" this will work ?
<sukooor> i found this on github
<Myy> If the program works fine, yes. However, you might have more accurate answers on Raspberry Pi chatrooms. If it works on an unmodified Raspberry Pi system, it should work on a RK3066 system. They're both ARMv7 systems.
<sukooor> okay Thank You !
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<LongChair> is the 4k part (at the end) what you should expect or is there an implementation issue there : ?
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<LongChair> anyone here that knows if it's possible to do dmabuf with mpp/mpi interface ?
<phh> LongChair: gstreamer-rockchip which uses drm does it
<phh> so it's fairly safe
<LongChair> well i haven't seen it using the mpi stuff
<LongChair> it seems to use mostly low level mpp & vpu api
<LongChair> i was looking for something rather simple in the first place like this sample :
<LongChair> but i don't see any configuration there for wether you ask decoder to use dmabuf or not
<LongChair> unless it uses dmabuf as default
<LongChair> but nor sure
<phh> well there is gstvpualloc in the gstreamer-rockchip so I'm afraid it won't work as is
<LongChair> unless you can use mpp_buffer_get_fd on the frame->buffer that is returned by the mpi->decode_get_frame function
<LongChair> @phh : yeah just not sure if this is done within the mpi interface at init time
<LongChair> or if mpp/mpi is meant to be used just for returning buffer and not dmabuf
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<jacob_> Omegamoon, What we are doing is linux support, not community support....
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<Guest1662> it will take a lot of time to support old things and it's not allowed by a company.
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<Omegamoon> @jacob_: linux support... I would say LibreELEC is a Linux distribution
<Omegamoon> @jacob, @Guest1662, @wxyy2... wow, you use a lot of aliases :P
<wzyy2> I'm not very familiar with irc
<wzyy2> Accurately, we support the linux product, rather than community user.
<Omegamoon> @wzyy2: so if you say "old things"... the rk3128 is from Q4 2014
<wzyy2> A company don't have extra resources to waste.
<Omegamoon> I am just thinking out loud here... but I just get the impression that only the latest and greatest is supported
<phh> Omegamoon: rk3288 is two years old and still gets supported...
<wzyy2> : ) because the 3288 still can sell a lot of money
<Omegamoon> yeah... I am rethinking my strategies here... what are my chances on success
<Omegamoon> the rk3288, okay
<Omegamoon> what about the rk3368? is that one supported on linux?
<phh> wzyy2: we can hope for android 7 with 4.4 on rk3288? :D
<wzyy2> phh, impossible :D
<phh> wzyy2: nothing is impossible :P
<wzyy2> In Linux, only 4.4 kernel will be used (mainline driver)
<wzyy2> But in android only 64 bit chip will use 4.4 kernel.
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<naobsd> all I can say for Rockchip is thank you! :)
<wzyy2> Omegamoon, now we are supporting rk3328 and rk3399. I don't know what will be supported next, it may depends on whether a big customer is interested in.
<naobsd> RK3328 is interesting, will it be released soon?
<wzyy2> a few months
<naobsd> :)
<naobsd> I ordered Chromebit today. it was expensive in JP, but I found special sale :)
<naobsd> 1st ChromeOS device for me
<wzyy2> Alas, we can't use ChromeOS in China.
<wzyy2> I bought a chromebook and it can only "eat dust".....
<phh> wzyy2 well you can flash your rootfs.
<phh> ?
<phh> Veyron support in rockchip-linux/build would be nice :)
<wzyy2> Hum, I will give it a try.
<naobsd> ah gfw...
<naobsd> RK3399 Chromebook looks very nice
<naobsd> I want to try VR product too
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<topi`> Omegamoon: are you the same guy who created some kernels for the Tronsmart MK808 stick long, long time ago?
<topi`> that was RK3188-based
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<Omegamoon> topi`: that was years ago, but indeed, that was me :)
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<ayaka> LongChair: the encoder would use the news MPi API
<ayaka> I tend to use MPI version of decoder, the VPU API is a old one
<ayaka> but at that time, Intel want, there is no such thing
<ayaka> and the asus urge me in a short time
<ayaka> and I have not time to update them
<ayaka> a new buffer mechanism kills me
<ayaka> then it would stock there, no official plan to update the decoder
<ayaka> as the supervisor is pleased with that status
<phh> ayaka: :/ thanks anyway, your work is still much really appreciated.
<ayaka> anyway what I want is a v4l2 driver and user space for that
<ayaka> so basically I may not update it anyway
<ayaka> as I am in vacation, so if you have problems with video system in this time
<ayaka> send me a email
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