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<mac-l1> LongChair: yup i've built mpp before..
<LongChair> @mac-l1 : i have some build issues with mpp, but that was because of missing cmake defines .. i finally figured it out :) thanks !
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<LongChair> @phh : looks like you were right :)
<LongChair> vpu: VPUClientInit failed to open /dev/vpu-service No such file or directory
<LongChair> hal_h264d_api: p_hal->vpu_socket <= 0
<LongChair> does this mean bad kernel ?
<LongChair> i suppose kernel was not configure properly .. but just not sure
<phh> Which kernel version do you have?
<LongChair> linaro@linaro-alip:~/mpv$ uname -r
<LongChair> 4.4.16-00075-g5b6c288-dirty
<LongChair> that's the one that comes with TinkerOS at asus
<LongChair> goot love the "dirty"
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<LongChair> @phh : any clue on what could cause this ?
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<phh> LongChair: and do you have /dev/video0?
<LongChair> yes
<phh> yup, so it's the kernel for kodi
<LongChair> I am not sure how this kernel was built as it's the one coming from ASUS
<phh> build rockchip's rk-rootfs
<LongChair> both the debian image & the kodi one have the same issue
<LongChair> i have already the rk-rootfs
<LongChair> what's next ? :)
<phh> it will build an sdcard image, with latest kernel and rootfs
<LongChair> a debian one ?
<phh> yes
<phh> well first step is to retrieve the whole repo
<phh> it will download both /build/ /rk-rootfs/, /kernel/....
<LongChair> hmmm
<LongChair> is there any way to rebuild the kernel maybe on the board without reflashing it
<LongChair> because i had setup all the devenv before i found that issue and would be cool if i could avoid loosing that
<LongChair> i'm not sure there ia a package for mpp
<LongChair> but now i know how to build it it's ok
<LongChair> hmmm
<phh> it will be automatically installed by the rk-rootfs-build script
<LongChair> ok so lemme try to put things in the right order
<LongChair> i need to clone ?
<phh> no, use repo init, as the README says
<phh> (btw take care, you must do that in an empty folder)
<LongChair> ok once i have done the repo init and repo sync ? what's next ?
<phh> (your target is miniarm)
<LongChair> repo is the google tool ?
<LongChair> (cuz it's not part of the debian i have yet)
<phh> yes
<phh> though it is packaged in debian as "repo"
<LongChair> ok it's syncing
<LongChair> so i need to do the 3 steps ? kernel / uboot / image ?
<phh> that's what the readme says
<LongChair> rouhgly how long does building the whole stuff takes ?
<phh> shouldn't be too long, the only actual builids are for kernel and u-boot, I'd say something like 20 minutes
<LongChair> ok
<LongChair> syncing takes while already :)
<LongChair> i hope i'll get a usable image there .. then i can move on :)
<LongChair> i'll need to find a way to update kernel without reflashing whole image at some point
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<wzyy2> LongChair, you can try docker to cross build mpp packages.
<LongChair> thanks
<LongChair> i was trying to build that on the board itself :)
<wzyy2> Since i'm boring during vacation, I just study to use docker to make a cross-compiling environment...It's really fun...
<LongChair> but i figured out how :)
<LongChair> yeah docker can be cool :)
<wzyy2> build on the board is too slow
<LongChair> well i did on several things and that is totally ecceptable at least on tinker
<LongChair> i suppose it depends on what you build
<wzyy2> Of course it's just for fun. Debian multiarch mechanism is a buggy toy and only be suitable for simple develop..
<wzyy2> It's best to use yocto or buildroot.
<LongChair> i'm setting up the whole rootfs currently
<LongChair> because the asus dudes deliver a tinker Os image that is rather outdated
<LongChair> it doesn't have /dev/vpu-service
<wzyy2> It seems they give a old image which use v4l2 vpu driver.
<LongChair> yeah possible
<LongChair> so i am trying to make my way to build a more recent debian image with miniarm
<LongChair> hopefully that will bring the vpu-service back :p
<LongChair> other than that tinker has been working like a charm for me ... it's stable and rather snappy on debian compared to other boards like did i used in the past
<LongChair> pretty good impression on RK3288 so far ... i hope i can do the stuff i plan to :)
<wzyy2> You'd better use release-4.4 kernel directly.
<wzyy2> It's no easy to get vpu-service work in asus kernel.
<wzyy2> not
<LongChair> yeah that's why i'm building the rootf image
<LongChair> rootfs*
<LongChair> with the miniarm conf
<LongChair> i wish there was a way to get an updated kernel directly on the board
<LongChair> because i have setup all my dev stuff there brefore i realize i was missing vpu-service
<LongChair> so flashign a new image will just earse all that config
<LongChair> erase*
<wzyy2> You don't have to flash a new rootfs image.
<wzyy2> just update a release-4.4 kernel and install necessary packages
<LongChair> how do you do that ?
<wzyy2> dpkg -i <mpp/gstreamer/qt packages>
<LongChair> yeah for the packages
<LongChair> but how to i update asus kernel with a 4.4 kernel ?
<LongChair> i mean a release one
<LongChair> hmm
<LongChair> so that would be with that method :
<LongChair> build/ firefly
<LongChair> build/ -p boot -i out/boot.img
<LongChair> build/ -c rk3288 -t boot
<LongChair> replacing firefly with miniarm
<LongChair> ?
<wzyy2> Yep, just tinker board use sd-card, so the last command is "build/ -p boot -d <sdcard> -i out/boot.img"
<wzyy2> and don't forget to replace extlinux.conf
<LongChair> if that works that would save me a lot of time :)
<wzyy2> Oh.. I think is not ok..
<wzyy2> Tinker board don't use our gpt partitions.
<wzyy2> You should update kernel like this:
<wzyy2> build/ miniarm
<wzyy2> cp out/kernel/* <sdcard fat partiton>
<LongChair> yeah looks correct , that is the content of the fat partition :
<LongChair> drwxr-x---+ 4 root root 4096 janv. 28 19:59 ..
<LongChair> drwx------ 2 longchair longchair 512 nov. 18 11:52 System Volume Information
<LongChair> -rw-r--r-- 1 longchair longchair 40790 déc. 30 12:33 rk3288-miniarm.dtb
<LongChair> drwx------ 2 longchair longchair 512 nov. 16 12:56 extlinux
<LongChair> -rw-r--r-- 1 longchair longchair 6991280 déc. 30 12:33 zImage
<wzyy2> Kernel image built form rk-repo source don't support wifi and mipi, you should notice.
<LongChair> i don't need wifi now
<LongChair> not sure what mipi is
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<mrjay> LongChair: where did you get your tinker board ... i'm looking store with shipment to europe/poland?
<LongChair> cpc farnell
<LongChair> you can't get it from teh wbesite, but there is an email for internaltion sales
<phh> LongChair: mipi is an embedded-systems protocol, either to connect screens or cameras. you most probably don't care at all
<phh> (hdmi output doesn't use mipi)
<phh> I think wzyy2 was refering to camera since mipi has been mainlined
<mrjay> LongChair: thanks
<LongChair> yeah i don't care about camera
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<LongChair> @phh ; i did copy the out/kernel files to the fat partition of my existing card
<LongChair> it seems not to boot anymore .. :/
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<LongChair> @phh : i almost came to the end of the process
<LongChair> but the build/mk-image script fails
<LongChair> ir says it can't find boot image
<LongChair> and i have indeed no boot.img even if i have followed all the readme
<LongChair> what is suppose to generate it ?
<phh> uh? it is looking for a boot.img?
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<LongChair> yeah when trying to run the "build one system image" here
<LongChair> i already have a ./rootfs/linaro-rootfs.img
<LongChair> but not sure if i should flash that one
<LongChair> it's been created by the rootfs mk-image script
<LongChair> the error i'm getting is this one :
<LongChair> root@debian:~/rockchip# build/ -c rk3288 -t system -s 4000 -r ./rootfs/linaro-rootfs.img
<LongChair> 0+0 enregistrements écrits
<LongChair> 0+0 enregistrements lus
<LongChair> 0 octet (0 B) copié, 0,000156315 s, 0,0 kB/s
<LongChair> Generate System image : /root/rockchip/out/system.img !
<LongChair> Warning: The resulting partition is not properly aligned for best performance.
<LongChair> Warning: The resulting partition is not properly aligned for best performance.
<LongChair> 737+1 enregistrements lus
<LongChair> 737+1 enregistrements écrits
<LongChair> 377806 octets (378 kB) copiés, 0,00220986 s, 171 MB/s