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<LongChair> @phh @ayaka : looks like i got ffmpeg implementation complete for mpp / drm / dmabuf
<LongChair> i also got it to work in mpv with vo_drm .. but that part requires more love, especially since i dunno much shit about drm :)
<LongChair> but now i can get 4K displayed properly ,even 10 bits
<LongChair> although i wonder what the spec is for vpu ... i can't seem to get proper decoding above 14fps
<LongChair> 24fps*
<LongChair> gets stutterring ... so i was wondering if gst was able to do 4K@50 / 4k@60
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<mrjay> anyone know if is it possible to boot raw vmlinuz-* ubuntu kernel image by uboot?
<mrjay> i was able to boot self compiled kernel but i can't do it with vmlinuz-*
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<jarekin> hey guys, got an rockchip device here with android installed, it has an ethernet port, unfortunately it keeps reconnecting on and on and on:
<jarekin> so my idea was to replace the kernels init=/init with init=/system/bin/sh and try to get the ethernet up from there without the android system interfering
<phh> jarekin: the thing is, it is really saying link up down
<phh> it doesn't look like android's problem
<jarekin> can anybody point me to a description about the image file format that is used by the rkbatchtool
<jarekin> phh: so you think its a hardware proble,?
<jarekin> *problem
<phh> could be many things, I'd say more software issue
<phh> but not android
<phh> jarekin: anyway to kill android, in adb shell do stop
<phh> it will kill everything from android
<jarekin> hm
<jarekin> i don't have an adb-connection running, but i have an root shell
<jarekin> thanks alot for your help already
<jarekin> so i think the simple 'stop' worked
<jarekin> without do
<phh> I meant in "adb shell" do "stop"
<jarekin> alright, i need to setup an adk and hook it up via usb
<jarekin> cause it kills the wireless which is how i'm connected to it right now ;)
<phh> haha
<jarekin> alright, ethernet is still cycle after adb shell sotp
<jarekin> *stop
<jarekin> so its either hardware or kernel or still running processes
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<LongChair> phh: do you know if RK3288 can output more than 4k@24p with gstreamer ?
<jarekin> hey guys, i killed all processes except init but the ethernet of my rockchip device keeps reconnecting:
<jarekin> this link:
<jarekin> has anybody an idea what else to try?
<jarekin> hm, why does /dev/block/mtd/by-name/misc only contain zeros? shouldn't there be some string containing to kernel boot parameters?
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<phh> jarekin: no, misc is only when in "special" mode
<phh> (recovery, factory, fastboot, ...)
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