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<LongChair> wzyy2: hello. is there any known issue with MPP & MPEG4 ? i can't seem to get it to work properly on that format
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<LongChair> can anyone tell me what that type of kernel log means : , is that vpu_service crashing ?
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<mmind00> out of curiosity, is someone going to Fosdem in Bruessels this weekend? I already found fischerm and his ec-talk but would be interested to know if I can say to hello to other people as well :-)
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<rperier> that weird, but in uboot for rk3188 it seems that udelay are not working (even rockchip_udelay)
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<mmind00> rperier: in the spl, after spl_init (or timer_init) it did for me
<mmind00> rperier: but really early, even printascii did hang for me as well
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<rperier> mmind00: no, I am talking about second level bootloader, just uboot. I am launching uboot after the rockchip spl (FlashDataSpl)
<rperier> I think that i2c will work as-is (without big changes) but it's not working because of this blocking udelay
<rperier> same for mmc (at least mmc info)
<rperier> typically I get timebase_l and timebase_h equal to 0 here :/
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<rperier> rockchip_init_timer was missing
<mmind00> rperier: I'd guess you're missing some init ... i.e. clocks, timers and such are normally done in the spl (see rk3188-board-spl.c) and when using the binary loader it might miss that init
<mmind00> rperier: ah, just read further till your last line :-)
<rperier> yeah this is also what I think... I am reading rk3188-board-spl..c :)
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<rperier> w00t, udelay is working
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<beeno> Hi. Where can I find the mali T628 libs for fbdev. My os seems to have libmali-rk-midgard-r13p0-r0p0 but it won't initialize so I guess it's X or Wayland version
<phh> beeno: rockchip website
<phh> sorry
<phh> I meant arm mali develoepr
<phh> oh, arm's driver webpage changed
<phh> funny, they dropped the vulkan section
<beeno> phh: the only ones I could see there was for firefly and they were r12
<phh> afaik it is compatible
<phh> but which device do you have to get a t628?
<beeno> ugoos, ut3s
<beeno> not 628
<phh> you asked t628 -_-'
<beeno> sorry, I ment 764
<beeno> does it sound right if I just replace the with the one from them?
<phh> yup
<beeno> ok thanks that does seem to get further. would be nice to get the machine version though. I see the rockchip site has them but not clear if any are fbdev versions
<phh> well, the current status is that there is only X11, they plan to do wayland, but not done yet, and that's all
<LongWork> beeno : i suppose that the firefly rk3288 fbdev is what you're looking for ?
<phh> well that's r6, there is r12 now
<phh> beeno: if r12 on r13 kernel doesn't work, there is r12 kernel somewhere in rockchip kernel git
<rperier> mhhhh... hw_init seems ok this time, sdio is running but I still get cmd timeouts
<rperier> the driver should work almost "as-is" for rk3188...
<rperier> (I did not find big differences between rk3288 and rk3188 for this driver in the kernel)
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<mrjay> rperier: did you try adding "fifo-mode;" to mmc dts node?
<mrjay> rperier: i also observing cmd timeouts on rk3066 uboot
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