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<sjoerd> fun with 4.10, i'm being spammed with kernel: mmc_host mmc1: Bus speed (slot 0) = 50000000Hz (slot req 52000000Hz, actual 50000000HZ div = 0) on my rock2 board
* sjoerd wonders if that's already being fixed
<sjoerd> (dear lazyirc)
<phh> sjoerd: that's known at least
<sjoerd> great
<sjoerd> Then i won't bother trying to track it down ;)
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<FUZxxl> Hello!
<FUZxxl> Anybody in here knowledgable about U-Boot on Rockchip devices?
<beeble> you will probably have more success with a more specific question
<FUZxxl> beeble: I am trying to compile an U-Boot for the Tinkerboard. I am compiling the rockchip vendor tree (
<FUZxxl> My problem is outlined here:
<beeble> i'm not a fan of the seek=64 because that assumes that the blocksize is 512. maybe try a bs=1k seek=32 (even if i think that the blocksize will be 512 on freebsd too)
<beeble> ah sorry
<beeble> i should have read the complete text
<FUZxxl> beeble: default blocksize is 512 according to POSIX and I'm sure that's not the problem.
<beeble> yeah, i haven't read that far and didn't see that uboot starts and just don't have output
<beeble> the dts defines uart2 as serial port. i couldn't locate the tinkerboard schematics right away
<beeble> are you connected to uart2?
<FUZxxl> beeble: UART2 should be correct according to what someone told me
<FUZxxl> let me look at the schematics
<FUZxxl> beeble: nope, looks like it's UART1 according to the schematics
<FUZxxl> very weird
<FUZxxl> though, the Linux that boots afterwards prints kernel output and a console to the UART I am connected to
<FUZxxl> beeble: I have the dtb file Linux uses. How can I find out what UART Linux outputs to?
<beeble> you could also look at /proc/cmdline in linux that should tell you the console
<FUZxxl> ok
<beeble> ah do you see kernel output or just a login?
<FUZxxl> beeble: both
<FUZxxl> give me a second, I'm rebooting the chip
<beeble> ok then its the console bootarg
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<FUZxxl> earlyprintk console=ttyS1,115200n8 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rw init=/sbin/init
<FUZxxl> ^ /proc/cmdline
<FUZxxl> beeble: ok; where do I change the UART U-Boot uses?
<beeble> yeah, then uboot is outputing on a different uart
<beeble> arch/arm/dts/rk3288-tinker.dts
<beeble> there is the chosen
<beeble> with the stdout-path
<beeble> change that to uart1
<FUZxxl> ok, let's see...
<FUZxxl> compiling...
<beeble> as far as i see uart1 is already enabled in the dtsi (status="okay")
<beeble> so changing that should be sufficient
<FUZxxl> hm... just changing stdout-path to &uart1 doesn't work, perhaps I also need to edit the uart2 part below...
<FUZxxl> what is reg-shift in uart1?
<FUZxxl> what is reg-shift in uart2?
<FUZxxl> beeble: interesting; the dts file counts UARTs from zero, whereas Linux counts from one
<FUZxxl> ah okay now it works. Nice!
<beeble> ah didn't se that preloc stuff. that seems important too. i'm quite new to rockchip uboot too. so sorry for not knowing all the things yet
<FUZxxl> no problem
<FUZxxl> Now, let's see if I can get a build with CONFIG_API to work.
<phh> FUZxxl: any reason not to use mainline u-boot?
<phh> mmm perhaps mainline doesn't have miniarm yet
<FUZxxl> phh: mainline U-Boot doesn't work at all
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