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<Guest49922> Is it possible to open Linux use RK2926?
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<amstan> stdint: hey
<stdint> pong
<amstan> stdint: do you know anything about usb gadget mode?
<stdint> amstan, nothing specially
<stdint> I have tried serial gadget and network for rk3288
<amstan> it might be the same, did you have to force it to be a device in the dts?
<stdint> amstan, no need, my board supports both host and device mode
<stdint> with the necessary pin to detect it
<amstan> yeah, i was hoping this was the case for me too, but i guess it's not fully piped up in the drivers
<amstan> are you on firefly?
<stdint> amstan, yes it is
<stdint> amstan, anyway I will have a try tonight
<amstan> stdint: the other problem is that i'm on type C
<stdint> amstan, remember to ping ayaka later
<amstan> ayaka? i don't know him
<stdint> ok, I would apply a type C adapter later
<stdint> it is just me at home
<amstan> ah, ok
<amstan> i'm going to bed soon though, i'll be back in about 10 hours
<stdint> remind me at 8:00 PM UTC+8
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<amstan> ok
<stdint> amstan, could you tell me what is the problem with the type C ?
<amstan> well, nothing happens, at least on kevin
<amstan> modprobe says invalid device? or something like that
<amstan> "modprobe g_ether"
<stdint> not sure what do you mean
<stdint> you are using the otg port connected to a type C port host?
<amstan> no, a type C port on the rk3399, with a C to A cable to a host
<stdint> ok, I have not have tried on rk3399
<stdint> since it has a terrible bootloader
<amstan> heh, you need to switch to chromebooks, those have nicer bootloaders
<stdint> the coreboot
<stdint> I don't get one even here
<stdint> I only have the evb board
<amstan> you could ask Eddie perhaps?
<stdint> he is my supervisor
<stdint> amstan, anyway I will arrange to have a try on rk3399
<stdint> even on the evb board
<amstan> stdint: cool, thanks
<beeble> does anyone know the units of gmac_clk_[tx|rx]_dl_cfg in GRF_SOC_CON6 on rk3399? i bruteforced it for now but calculating the correct values would be nice anyways
<amstan> beeble: generally it's either some ratio of the parent clock
<amstan> beeble: or in some weird cases, like the mmc clock phase on 3288 units that could go between 20-40 ns
<amstan> nvm i guess i totally forgot: 40ps-80ps
<beeble> would have gussed something up to 2ns to fit into the rgmii spec. maybe i can rematch my results to the layout
<beeble> thanks
<beeble> have no scope to hand atm that is capable to measure rgmii signals. otherwise it would be easy
<amstan> heh, unfortunatelly my 3399 devices do not have ethernet, otherwise i would offer to help
<beeble> no worries
<beeble> i have now settings that are stable enough for now
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<fullstop> hi all. Is it possible to flash rockchip based devices with a SD card?
<phh> no, but you can boot on sdcard
<phh> though if you have an emmc, emmc will most likely boot first
<phh> so you have to shortcut the eMMC clock pin
<wadim_> A few weeks ago someone asked here about availability of rockchip SoCs. I have a letter of guarantee from rockchip for 5 years availability for the RK3288
<phh> wow that's nice
<phh> wadim_: starting from now?
<phh> (as in, not starting 2 years ago?)
<wadim_> till 2022
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<ayaka> amstan, yes, it doesn't work now
<ayaka> I would check and report it
<amstan> ayaka: aww
<amstan> ayaka: what do you mean by "now" though? did it use to work?
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<jernej> Hi! Is there any effort to add MiQi board support to U-Boot or should I just send my patches?
<mmind00> jernej: not that I know of, so just send your patches
<jernej> ok, great, will do
* amstan waves toward mmind00
* mmind00 waves back to amstan
<amstan> mmind00: have you done any usb gadget stuff?
<mmind00> amstan: not really, except inserting g_* modules into kernels :-)
<amstan> trying to see what it would take to get it in kevin
<amstan> looks like we're missing a bunch of stuff(EXTCON_USB) in dwc3-rockchip.c
<mmind00> amstan: likely ... when I tried it with the dwc2 on some random rockchip board it was somewhat painless witch switching between host and device mode
<amstan> painless? didn't you have to change the dtc every time you wanted it to go the other way?
<mmind00> amstan: nope ... not with dr_mode = "otg" on the real otg controllers
<amstan> ah, i see
<mmind00> amstan: there at least the dwc2 was able to detect it
<amstan> if the id pin was connected :)
<mmind00> amstan: on dwc3 I'm currently still at odds, as there is still some type-c groundwork ongoing, so on my Kevin I'm somewhat happy, that with norris (also still pending it seems) dma patch I get at least basic usb2 functionality (and thus usb-net for my rootfs)
<amstan> mmind00: hmm, you don't seem to have dwc3-rockchip on any of the branches i looked at:
<amstan> of-simple, hmm, how is that one different?
<mmind00> amstan: I guess right now the Rockchip dwc3 is common enough to share init code with other platforms, as listed there
<jernej> Does anybody know why I can't build mainline U-Boot with gcc 6.3.0? Something about "Not enough room for program headers, try linking with -N"
<jernej> I would say that problem is Rockchip specific, because I can build Allwinner target without issues.
<mmind00> jernej: that came up on the uboot list a short while ago ... rockchip wasn't the only one affected though
<jernej> mmind00: Ok, I will take a look at mailing list then. Do you know if there is any solution?
<mmind00> jernej: ... although I remember some other platform also being mentioned at some earlier point ... but my memory may deceive me
<jernej> mmind00: thanks!
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<norris> mmind00: amstan: the USB patches were merged to gregkh's usb-next recently!!
<mmind00> norris: that is really great news
<amstan> but there's no support for EXTCON_USB in of-simple as far as i see
<amstan> or extcon in general
<mmind00> amstan: Guenter was helping along ... and I just saw that Greg also applied these patches, which probably will be the base for the cros-ec power-delivery in mainline
<mmind00> these patches being at v18 definitly sounds scary :-)
<amstan> heh
<amstan> it also scares me that our kernel is so different than what will happen upstream
<mmind00> amstan: not sure if it will be so different ... looking at the docs "The class is designed to provide nothing else except the user space interface implementation" sounds like there internal hook ups might stay the same
<mmind00> amstan: but who knows and I haven't looked at that stuff to deeply yet
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