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<lkcl> paulk-aldrin, stdint: gives me the info i need in order to set the MR1, MR2 and other stuff @ the 50 ohms (ish) impedance instead of the 100 (ish) for the RK3288-firefly and the RK3288 Reference Design
<paulk-aldrin> cool :)
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<dolamee-d5> hello, maybe here someone can help me: i'm trying to get this rockchip 3229 based tv box running linux (my own ubuntu rootfs which works perfectly fine with other arm systems like amlogic, raspberry-pi etc.) and the kernel freezes neraly exactly 30 seconds after it has started booting in the middle of the systemd startup of ubuntu
<dolamee-d5> everything looks very good, but this freeze happens - serial console no longer responds and the bootup logo on hdmi disappears (black screen) - i get the same with the original android kernel and a self compile from the rockchip-linux tree (fresh from today
<beeble_> just a wild guess. have you CONFIG_FHANDLE active?
<dolamee-d5> (3.10.104) - that same android kernel, which freezes with my rootfs startup works fine on android
<dolamee-d5> let me check ...
<dolamee-d5> no its off - rebuilding the kernel with it on now - lets see ...
<beeble_> could be the right option. systemd depends on it
<dolamee-d5> but why those exact 30s since kernel boot? i was first guessing some watchdog stuff, but the android kernel did not even have a /dev/watchdog and the watchdogd part of init was disabled, which roled that out somehow
<dolamee-d5> do i see it right, that the release-3.10 kernel is basically an android kernel and not a vanilla linux one, i.e. the options are more targeted towards android usage?
<beeble_> that i can't answer. maybe somebody else knows more about 3299 trees
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<dolamee-d5> my ubuntu startup still freezes after exactly 30s after it booted even with CONFIG_FHANDLE - but the bootup is faster now with this option and i get to the login prompt, can login and at the point 30s after the boot of the kernel it freezes ... anyone any idea? must be something watchdog like due to this fixed 30s time
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