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<dolamee-d5> hello, i have asked this some week ago already - i still have a problem getting two rk3229 based boxes to work with linux (dolamee-d5 and mxq-4k) - i'm using the 3.10 branch of the linux-rockchip tree and boot from sd-card based on the linuxium scripts with an ubuntu rootfs on usb - everything works: booting from sd-card, mounting the rootfs from usb, ubuntu boot until i get the login prompt on the serial console
<dolamee-d5> BUT: the system or kernel always hangs or freezes exactly 30 seconds after the kernel starts ("Starting kernel ..." moment) - it is the same for the original android kernel or a self built kernel with a linux root, it is the same with systemd or a simple /bin/sh as init process, it is the same with different initrd's, it is the same if i used the dtb from the box or the rk3229-box dtb from the tree and it is the same for t
<dolamee-d5> i have no real idea, what the reason for this is: is there any watchdog involved (i see watchdog/0..4 processes on android, but no /dev/watchdog) or is it maybe related to frequency scaling stopping the boxes at some point or some kind of suspend mechanism? i'm really out of ideas - so very close (as said everything works perfectly), but a system freezing after 30s is useless
<dolamee-d5> i'm very happy about any hint what the reason for this might be - i think i can't be the only one running into this issue and i think i have any possible causes i can think of ruled out (tried it on two different hardwares, with two different dtb's, two different kernels, different inits etc. in all the various combinations)
<dolamee-d5> a lot of thanks in advance for any help or suggestions
<phh> can't you connect a serial?
<dolamee-d5> both boxes work perfectly fine with their preinstalled android btw. - so hardware is ok
<dolamee-d5> i have serial connected and even the serial console freezes after 30 sec - if i'm fast ennough i can even login properly via serial console or even ssh - but 30s after the "Starting kernel ..." everything hangs
<dolamee-d5> i have serial on both boxes actually
<ayaka> dolamee-d5, the system freeze sounds like power save
<dolamee-d5> how may i turn it off? via sysctl maybe or any other idea? why nobody else seems to experience anything like this with rockchip boxes?
<dolamee-d5> maybe i'm missing something or doing something wrong
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<dolamee-d5> did actually anyone got any linux sucessfully running on a rk3229 box - like mxq-4k for instance? either 3.10, mainline or anything with patches?
<dolamee-d5> with running i mean including working usb
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<ayaka> dolamee-d5, just disable all the power saving opinions at kernel
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<dolamee-d5> i'll have a look at the power saving options and will give it a try, but i doubt a bit, that its really a power saving problem, as with android it works fine and does not have any power saving mode after 30s (which os quite short for something like this) and it should wakeup again then too on serial input for instance
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