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<Tef61> Anyone around?
<beeble> probably best to just ask a question and then wait for an answer if anyone knows it :)
<Tef61> What kind of stuff do you do with Linux + Rockchip? :)
<Tef61> What chips do you work with? How big / active is the community?
<Tef61> Like RK3288 or what?
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<beeble> same thing as with any other soc running linux? :) i use the rk3399 and 3368 for industrial embedded projects. can't tell you how big the community is but there is definitly a active one
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<Tef61> What kind of industrial embedded projects?
<Tef61> Like raspberry pi type stuff? Why that vs Raspberry pi?
<Tef61> (not trolling, I love rockchip, just curious in your case)
<ayaka> I wonder what do you want
<Tef61> I'm working with a slightly more obscure rockchip part at work... I mentioned casually to peers that there's a big and awesome open source rockchip community and everyone was suprised and then I realized I knew nothing about it and that I should try lurking in the IRC channel :)
<beeble> Tef61: what ever the customer wants to do. i'm making modules
<Tef61> That's cool, like the Firefly board but smaller with more specific IOs or something?
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<Tef61> Hi cnxsoft, I love your news website!
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<beeble> similiar to the firefly. but following an industrial standard formfactor and pinout
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<Tef61> Do you use the RK3399 / RK3368 more because of price or more because of the open source?
<Tef61> I'm not entirely sure how the two main Rockchip ARM cores compare in terms of their documentation / open sourcenss vs the other larger communities out there.
<beeble> performance and interface mix. we wanted something for the higher end with a lot of video interfaces and pcie (rk3399)
<Tef61> Do you mostly do Schematic / Layout work or do you also do the firmware / SW side?
<Tef61> Have you ever used the PWM functionality of any of the Rockchip cores? (random unrelated question)
<Tef61> Ayaka: I'm curious to hear what you do also :)
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<beeble> i do mostly schematics and layout. i do my part during software enablement too. but mostly testing and integration. the hard stuff is done by the software guys
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<amstan> i work on chromebooks, so i did both rk3288 and now rk3399
<amstan> ayaka: i merged this in chromeos today:
<amstan> ayaka: rk3288 was broken on our 4.4 tree
<ayaka> amstan, thanks
<amstan> ayaka: no, thank you for noticing it earlier
<ayaka> well, the one reason I want to use the upstream kernel is writing a new media driver for rockchip, but to be shame I didn't make too much progress recently
<Tef61> What kind of media driver?
<ayaka> the video encoder and decoder
<Tef61> It's got a big decoder it looks like... Is it just for fun?
<Tef61> (making drivers)
<ayaka> just for fun
<Tef61> Is there sufficient documentation to write a driver for that kind of functionality or do you need to do some reverse engineering?
<ayaka> I am a staff of rockchip so it is not a problem
<ayaka> so I know that part of documents won't be public
<Tef61> Nice! It seems to me like a lot of people from Rockchip participate in the IRC / google groups / open source community directly.
<beeble> does anyone have more info on 0d418c6105921da7abe3ec3faea686acafbdb043? i'm wondering if this is a downgrade because of behaviour seen in new production lots. because i run 2ghz quite stable here (with cooling)
<beeble> hash without repo isn't that useful probably :) rockchip-linux/kernel
<mmind00> beeble: I think there is a difference between "runs stable here" and "the chip is specified for and can reach its full lifetime at"
<beeble> mmind00: definitely, thats why i ask if it's a downgrade :) seems to be throughout all devicetrees so probably it is and not a device specific change because of thermal design
<amstan> mmind00: i still wish we could have done that overclock on 3288
<amstan> not sure why... just overclocking sounds like fun
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<amstan> maybe i should try it, heatsink everything, including rk808
<mmind00> amstan: :-D ... people are free to do that ... and I think the one person that build this rk3288-based compile-farm does run his boards at higher frequency
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<amstan> lol
<amstan> is that a custom designed backplane?
<amstan> that's what leming needs, *hint* *hint*
<mmind00> amstan: I think that is "simply" a different type of board doing the managing ... and some styrofoam to hold the boards sitting on top or so
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<amstan> hmm, that's not a bad board
<amstan> if you want a ton of power, more than an rpi can offer, it looks like a good option
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<leming> i have some ideas of my own.. just lacking the motivation to pull it off
<leming> turns out it all works the same in a rats nest of wires and power strips :P
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<Tef61> Wow that's cool, is it really legit to use a ton of RK3288s over ethernet as a faster build server?
<Tef61> It wouldn't be totally infeasible to throw like 64 or 128 of those on a few fins if you make your own boards
<Tef61> though not sure what kind of ehternet requirements there would be
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<alexandrefvb> Hi, I want to replace the android of MXQ-4k device (rk3229) with a linux distro. Is it possible? Can someone give me some tips to achieve this goal?
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<netoman> Hello everyone! I'm looking for an RK3288-based SBC that can boot with u-boot + linux built from source, without binary blobs/drivers. Is there any? Of course graphcis acceleration is out of the question, but USB/SATA/ETHERNET/etc. should be supported without blobs out of the box.
<netoman> I'm a newbie so altough I found a lot of kernel and u-boot sources in github, can't really know wether they are fully FLOSS or not.
<phh> Mostly any rk3288 board i'd say
<phh> Though saya must be over usb, there is no sata on rk3288
<mmind00> I think the firefly and rock2 are the "most common" ones and have good support in both the linux kernel as well as mainline uboot
<netoman> Oh, I see, no SATA. No problem though. What SBC would you recommend or have experience with? Would like to build U-Boot & Linux myself, then maybe reuse some rootfs (LibreELEC?, what would you recommend?)
<mmind00> Also the Asus Tinkerboard also has uboot support and will be in linux 4.12
<netoman> Also I was wondering how hard would it be to "port" U-Boot/Linux to some of those Android TV boxes based on RK3288. Too much device-tree writing or should they be mostly supported in mainline?
<netoman> Note that I have no idea what I'm talking about U_U
<mmind00> netoman: most Rockchip boards follow a reference design, but it's the details and you won't get schematics for those tv boxes, which makes everything very unpleasant :-)
<mmind00> so it's best to stick to boards you can get schematics for
<netoman> mmind00: OK, that's not a task for a newbie either way, so no problem. I was investigating those TinkerBoard/FireFly/RadxaRock2 things but couldn't be confident that they have blob-free support. Any of those will do then? In your experience which has the best community support?
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<mmind00> netoman: if you ignore the on-chip rom, the boot process is blob free (including basic unaccelerated graphics) ... I guess Firefly-rk3288 or Rock2 will do
<netoman> I guess there are members of all those communities around here, so maybe that was not an appropriate question, didn't want to offend anyone nor start a flamewar, sorry.
<mmind00> netoman: I can't say anything about "communities" of either board though ... I'm just doing mainline kernel stuff
<Boudyka> will just chip in with the tinker is pretty cool. sadly no headers atm
<netoman> mmind00: OK, I'll go with one of those, maybe both! Are you maintaining any of those boards upstream? u-boot/linux? Any blog/mailing-list or something where we can read you or follow you?
<netoman> Boudyka: I also found TinkerBoard pretty young, maybe Asus and the community will overcome that with time, though.
<mmind00> netoman: I'm "just" the Rockchip Linux maintainer ... these days other people do a lot of the work on specific boards :-)
<Boudyka> I think its there used to a closed loop development so I think (i might be wrong) there is a little hesitancy to be open opensource, when they do....then tinker will fly I hope
<Boudyka> lots of potenial certainly :)
<sjoerd> If you care for attaching (a) sata disk, then at least he rock2 does have a sata connector hooked up via a usb->sata bridge
<netoman> mmind00: so you push code all day long to ?
<sjoerd> doesn't really help for performance though as it'll still be usb storage
<Boudyka> usb2 ? no usb3 someone poked me the other day...why do you want usb3....I said to have fun :)
<sjoerd> yes usb2
<netoman> sjoerd: now that you mention I remember having read that a few months ago! And that me brought to the question as how the RK3288-based Chromebooks out there attach SATA SSDs? Maybe they do the same? Do you know if that's the case?
<sjoerd> sata ssds?
<sjoerd> they have emmc not sata
<Boudyka> sjoerd:makes sense...
<netoman> sjoerd: now that was really stupid... I feel ashamed, sorry.
<sjoerd> heh np
<beeble> if you need ssd performance you could get a rk3399 and attach it via pcie
<mmind00> netoman: no ... that is Rockchip's own repository
<Boudyka> any rk3399 sbc around $60... :(
<netoman> mmind00: so you really push to mainstream kernel, upstream upstream, like Linus' upstream?
<beeble> don't think so
<mmind00> netoman: I'm part of the chain so to speak ... Rockchip changes land in the armsoc tree (together with other socs), which then makes its way into the mainline kernel
<netoman> beeble: are they supported without blobs? save for bootrom and gpu/vpu. If that's the case maybe I should have a look.
<netoman> mmind00: wow! Cool stuff! Sounds like a lot of work but worth it! Congrats! :)
<beeble> netoman: uboot is not yet merged but patches are submitted. kernel is blob free except gpu
<beeble> at least i boot it blob free :)
<netoman> beeble: the RK3399 is the heck of a lot of power! From what I duckduckgoed it is a big.LITTLE monster! What board(s) do you have?
<beeble> rk3399-q7
<netoman> beeble: u-boot patches are yours? Do you have some personal (public) repo?
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<beeble> netoman: a colleague submitted them. they are available on the mainline list, but repo will be available soon. just final rebase cleanup in the next days
<Boudyka> Price: $ 199.0 Promotion price:$179.0
<Boudyka> sorry was for the firefly
<Boudyka> pricey eek... :)
<netoman> beeble: the Q7 seems to need a carrier board or something right? Where did you put it? :D
<beeble> netoman: there is a evk board in mini-itx form factor. but any q7 carrier board will work
<netoman> mmind00: FF RK3399 looks amazing! Maybe I should reconsider my RK3288 fetich...
<libv> fwiw, firefly does not seem to be shipping mali binaries in their rk3399 ubuntu image
<beeble> keep in mind that it is more expensive. it's quite new and quite powerfull
<Boudyka> beebie: you're right...its all perspective .....that said there's on 040/ppc 240mhz board 10 feet from me, that nearly $1000 but its 25+years old :)
<beeble> of course. and time flies by. i remember the first embedded board i designed, and that has now less performance then the additional cortex i put on the rk3399 for slow peripherals offloading :)
<netoman> beeble: a quick ddgo for "RK3399-q7 carrier board" shows confusing results. Would this work?
<beeble> netoman: should work but i haven't tested it. for best result you could just use the evk board. the website still shows the old one without pcie and usb3
<netoman> libv: doesn't matter as I can add them later on top if need arise. BTW, did you wrote a lima driver for the RK3399's Mali T8XX GPU?
<beeble> but realy depends on what you are planning to do. the q7 is targeted for custom designs where you build your own baseboard for your application
<netoman> beeble: hhhmmm... all this seems so over my head... I'll try to start humble I guess. How did the FF work for you?
<beeble> so without wanting to send you to the competition it could be better for your purpose to get a firefly or wait for the orangepi (or whatever it will be called at the end)
<beeble> netoman: could you elaborate on FF. can't expand it in my head right now
<Tef61> Anyone here ever write a I2C driver for a Rockchip before?
<Boudyka> Food Fight / Flying f* / Fists of Fun ? (firefly :)
<netoman> beeble: FF = FireFly RK3399, sorry for the shorthand. But wait! Do you work for the company that makes the RK3399-Q7 SOM?
<libv> netoman: no, i have not written a driver for midgard
<libv> i only wrote a demo that i showed at fosdem in 2015
<beeble> netoman: i did the hardware design
<beeble> so no idea about the firefly as i don't own one
<libv> beeble: i just found the code to your companies A31 based board
<libv> beeble: is theobroma at all interested in working with the sunxi community?
<beeble> netoman: as a sbc preview just don't expect a good bsp from the vendor, that will have to be community driven
<libv> or are you guys differentiating yourself just by being at least gpl compliant
<libv> yourselves
<Boudyka> cnx-software is going to have kittens....not another orangepi board...1 a week at the mo :)
<beeble> libv: we try, a31 is pretty much mainline except you need android. for a64 we submitted quite some patches. for the a64 we submitted quite a few patches and andre based a lot of the spl work on our stuff (we did the the first boot0 replacement)
<libv> beeble: well, i made a beeline for the uboot display code, and that seems like quite something different from upstream
<netoman> beeble: WWWOOOOOWWW! AMAZING! :D I feel so retarded among so many smart people... sniff... As of the BSP support from vendor, from what I can see it's almost always the case that it is up to the community, I guess.
<beeble> libv: i think you have to check it against a older mainline tree. tbh the uboot in the public git tree is quite old. a31 isn't a main focus any more. not a lot of interest in the cpu anyway
<beeble> libv: a64 overtook it pretty much and except one all customers use it headless
<netoman> beeble: I was just looking at this. Is this also your work? Will it be support by u-boot?
<beeble> netoman: no need to feel stupid. everyone has his area of expertise
<phh> Tef61: well writing kernel i2c drivers doesn't depend on the type of SoC, but fwiw, yes I did write one, it (almost?) landed in mainline
<netoman> beeble: yes, my area of expertise is making stupid questions! U_U
<beeble> netoman: i did not the major work on that one. just mentoring and final cleanup
<beeble> but i took that picture if it counts :)
<Boudyka> Im just hanging out here too. not a soc expert...just a hobbyist...
<netoman> libv: saw your FOSDEM2015 demo again. That's amazing. I delved in your livejournal many times. I find your insider stories really interesting. Not taking sides though. Did you publish any code of that 2015 demo?
<beeble> netoman: and yes, u-boot support.
<Boudyka> getting late in the UK...night all. Might pop in again sometime :)
<netoman> beeble: Congrats! That's amazing work! It's wonderful finding people who works on amazing tech and open source. I find this so out of my reach...
<phh> mmind00: would you have any recommendation on what to do about ? (especially since has been applied)
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<netoman> beeble: could you recommend any carrier boards for the RK3399-Q7? Or is it "forbidden" as that would be taking sides among your customers/partners? Where can I find a selection of CB for the Q7?
<mmind00> phh: so Lee has applied the mfd part and Mark has Acked the regulator, expecting Lee to also apply it ... in that case just resend the regulator patch, stating that the core mfd support for the chip has been applied in v4.x
<phh> mmind00: thanks! (heck that was a fast and analysed answer)
<mmind00> phh: I know these people ;-)
<phh> fair enough :)
<beeble> netoman: i would recommend the devkit that comes with a carrierboard. will be soon on the website. have to write it first. you can see the old one if you follow the devkit link. will be the same formfactor but with pcie and without the atx powersuppöy option
<mmind00> phh: and most maintainers don't really like if you "ping" some months old patch asking what happened to it
<beeble> bit as i said. could be that the firefly is a better fit for you
<libv> beeble: ok, i am not following mainline that much, just saw yet another hw vendor with their own docs and their own trees
<libv> netoman: no, as i said in my april 2015 blog entry
<phh> mmind00: ok, 4.11 merge window happened in between, so it makes sense. thanks
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<libv> netoman: i have since not done any mali work
<libv> and it seems that apart from a lot of online whining, people really do not seem to care much either
<beeble> libv: having a own tree is required. most of our sunxi patches are still in the queue without any movement. so we can't rely on mainline alone, even if we try to get it there
<beeble> works better with rockchip
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<libv> because rockchip was forced to do mainline by google
<beeble> yes, but maintainer are also more responsive wirh patch submissions by us
<libv> did the a80 q7 board sell at all?
<libv> or was it like all other a80 devices?
<beeble> not well
<libv> right
<libv> both a31 and a80 are weird choices for embedded products
<libv> those were the two least successful allwinner products
<beeble> a31 does ok. a80 was eoled very soon after release. but it's hard to pick the right ones anyway
<beeble> they are shuffeling around their product lines and the competing businessunits
<netoman> libv: I understand. Sorry if I hit a nerve. Amazing work with lima/tamil though. Would like to see it through, but I understand that doing it all alone is hard. Hope you're doing well in everything else :)
<libv> netoman: i should actually be more open about the lima situation
<libv> every other arm gpu project has financial backing of some sort
<libv> this is true for freedreno, etnaviv and videocore
<libv> the ones open are grate (nvidia moved to a desktop gpu design and there are two guys from nvidia and the usual gang of nouveau people padding their resumes as students), powervr sgx and rgx (where i successfully kept people away), and of course mali (where i got shafted once again, like with via/modesetting, amd/ati before)
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<netoman> beeble: didn't see the devkit/devsys links because of javascript blocker, doh! Anyway bulk inquiries for me are out of the question as I'm a retard individual wanting to do some tinkering. Do you plan to sell on the retail market?
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<netoman> beeble, mmind00, phh, libv, sjoerd, Boudyka: Thank you very much four your time, patience and gentle answers to stupid questions! :)
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