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<amstan> micken: you mean dwc2?
<amstan> micken: while i think the stuff is kept pretty secret for reasons i'm sure there's some information you can find given that a lot of other boards use it (like even the raspberry pi)
<amstan> looks like risc os works on the rpi too
<micken> amstan: ok , if the dwc2 is on rpi I am lucky
<amstan> it is
<amstan> that being said, there's probably still work to be done to get it working
<amstan> like the phys, hooking it up to the rest of the soc, clocks, etc
<micken> yea
<micken> the physaddresses is in the TRM I guess
<amstan> it's also in the linux kernel
<micken> the rest is up to guessing
<micken> linux kernel is a problem because of gpl
<amstan> it's all in the linux kernel, in theory all you need to do is just copy what it does
<amstan> not really sure what counts as gpl if all you're looking at is memory addresses and what to put into them to get it working
<micken> yea could work
<amstan> anyway, ianal
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<micken> amstan: thanks for your help
<micken> amstan: one more thing
<micken> amstan: do you know which UART is exposed on the UART pins on the tinker board?
<Tef61> micken: How's your experience so far with the Ticker board? What are you using it for?
<micken> Tef61: getting it tomorrow
<micken> Tef61: porting risc os to it
<stdint> micken, same pin as rpi
<micken> So I am basicly doing a board bringup this night
<micken> stdint: sorry but does that mean UART0?
<stdint> micken, yes
<micken> stdint: great , then I have it right
<stdint> the default u-boot shipped with asus would use that pin
<micken> ok
<micken> I am actually relying on it being setup by u-boot
<micken> 3:31am
<micken> sigh
<micken> got to get some sleep
<stdint> go night
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<wzyy2> Have try weston with atomic modesetting and gstreamer 1.12 today. ;)
<wzyy2> It's really cool to see we can get such a thing like android HWC in GNU/Linux.
<naobsd> meta-rockchip?
<wzyy2> No need to worry about the playback speed, compositor-drm in weston can use drm overlay plane to draw dmabuf.
<wzyy2> yep, i try it in meta-rockchip, by change weston to this.
<wzyy2> git://;branch=wip/2017-04/atomic-v11-WIP
<wzyy2> Wonder if it's possible to take use of rga in compositor-drm.
<naobsd> yocto with rk3288 is very interesting
<wzyy2> Yeah, i like yocto, it's customizable and make it easy for me to do experimenters.
<naobsd> I want to try to run linux on my rk3288 VR too
<naobsd> I need to make some patch to support unknown 2K mipi lcd ;)
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<wzyy2> \o/ Finally we can get rid of horrible x11.
<wzyy2> Weston work so well ---- When something was moved on top of drm plane, it will back to GPU composition.
<Tef61> naobsd: You do anything with VR?
<Myy> So the only thing remaining with wayland is to be able to run others compositors, I guess ? :)
<naobsd> wzyy2: congrats :)
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<naobsd> Tef61: I just bought VR device with rk3288
<wzyy2> compositors-drm with atomic support are good enough to use , just wait it be merged in main weston branch and i could based on it to do a little modfied for rockchip platfrom.
<Myy> Interesting ! If I understand correctly, this should lead to less platform specific DRM code ?
<wzyy2> yeah, i think all platforms which use atomic drm driver could run well with atomic drm-backend.
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<wadim_> what is the difference between rk3288 and rk3288w?
<wadim_> is there a chip errata?
<phh> afaik, it's an updated mali gpu (updated in rev, not in model)
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<stdint> wadim_, fixup for usb, vcodec
<stdint> wadim_, you have got the rk3288w produces?
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<micken> is the asus u-boot on tinkerboard using uart1?
<micken> I don't get anything from the pin
<micken> eh w8
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<micken> uart2
<micken> gah
<micken> I need to change my source
<micken> :D
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<wzyy2> rk3288w have some differences : USB HOST : add ohci, fix ehci bug GPU : update rev
<wzyy2> VOP, video codec, rga : some bug fix
<wzyy2> hdmi : HDCP2.2
<micken> oh why did a choose loadx, now I have to wait 34min before I can testboot the image
<micken> 45min even
<wzyy2> If you use upstream kernel or 4.4 kernel, nothing need change
<naobsd> ehci bug?
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<ayaka> that bug I have posted a patch to fix it
<ayaka> a serial of patches actually
<naobsd> hmm
<naobsd> hmm, I want dual-eye 360 camera :)
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<ayaka> naobsd, I don't know you could read Chinese
<ayaka> anyway, I have hear that the upgrade android of the px3
<ayaka> but if you want to use the px3se, I would be happy
<ayaka> since it is linux system
<naobsd> ayaka: I cannot read Chinese ;)
<naobsd> linux system? that page says it's Android 7.1...
<ayaka> px3 and px3 are different chip
<ayaka> px3se
<naobsd> px3 is similar to rk3188. what's px3se? rk3036?
<ayaka> rk3128
<naobsd> ah
<ayaka> it supports hevc decoder
<ayaka> but the cpu is more wake
<naobsd> px3 is for higher performance?
<naobsd> I surprised that Cortex-A9 based SoC is still maintained ;)
<ayaka> I don't touch the android products, I can't give you an answer
<ayaka> the kernel would be still 3.10, won't be 4.4
<naobsd> 3.0?
<ayaka> 3.10
<ayaka> oh, I forget there is kernel 3.0, ok those kernel are dropped
<naobsd> oh, it's great evolution ;)
<naobsd> my previous work was rk3168 with 3.0 kernel... ;)
<naobsd> (I left that project, happily)
<naobsd> ah
<naobsd> I still need to do something for rk3066/3.0 for chirimen... but it's not the job, just hobby
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<Myy> miaou
<ayaka> Myy, I am suffering from the power problem as well
<ayaka> it seems that I don't have a proper way to offer the power to vpu power domain
<Myy> I'll try to investigate this today. Meanwhile, I'm trying to finish the first version of my Graphical Assembler ( ) so I didn't progress that much, besides locating the problem
<Myy> That said, I see that the power on code use atomic_read calls
<Myy> There might some issues related with the new refcount code. Some atomic_read were also replaced by another call in the 4.11 series
<ayaka> the problem I meet is not the atomic read
<ayaka> just pm_runtime related
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<Myy> I've added some debugging printk and when reading power_on_cnt, the systems receives : 3408904758
<Myy> I guess that the variable isn't set to 0 at first ?
<Myy> I'll paste what I got on dmesg with my debugging messagse added
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<Myy> Turns out that using the wrong printk format borks out the whole message
<Myy> So, power_on_cnt is really set to 0 on powerup
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<cwd> i am trying to run arch on a rockchip chromebook, is this channel more focused on embedded systems?
<cwd> anyway it works besides video acceleration, when i install the veyron-libgl driver wlc segfaults
<phh> this chan does quite equally both
<phh> and apart from that, you have working gles?
<phh> (like with glmark2-gles or at least eglinfo)
<Myy> Also, which kernel do you use ?
<cwd> it's a 3.14 kernel
<cwd> phh: sorry i'm not sure
<cwd> i don't know much about graphics
<cwd> i am trying to run wayland
<cwd> it works without the -libgl driver but is pretty choppy
<cwd> i was pretty impressed that it worked at all
<micken> lo
<Myy> Which rockchip chipset is it ?
<Myy> 3288 ?
<Myy> lo
<cwd> Myy: yes
<micken> trying to wrote to 0xff690000 directly after u-boot (3288) results in instant DATA ABORT and reset loop ? :)
<micken> address is UART2
<Myy> Hmm, if I know the DTS file used by chromebokos, you might be able to test 4.11 kernels with Mali support
<cwd> is Mali the graphics driver?
<Myy> Yes. It's split into two parts.
<Myy> The open source kernel part
<Myy> And the binary blob user space part
<cwd> gotcha
<cwd> i got libreboot working so it'll be only 2 blobs
<cwd> aw man debian candidate
<cwd> maybe i'll just install debian
<Myy> ARMbian provides 4.11 kernels with appropriate patches for rockchip rk3288 boards
<cwd> wow nice
<cwd> why did google not find this for me
<cwd> jessie based? even with that new of a kernel?
<Myy> Let me check...
<fischerm> arch runs fine on my Hisense C11
<fischerm> using 4.10 something
<Myy> Oh, nice !
<cwd> fischerm: mainline kernel?
<Myy> Anyway, armbian only provide Ubuntu images for RK3288 systems
<Myy> Meanwhile, I guess I'll just add all the RK3288 DTB files to my patched mainline kernel repo
<micken> test program , not so skilled in GAS, I use ARM syntax normaly. I just took for granted that u-boot on RK3288 doesn't destroy uart config when launching a binary with "go address" ..
<micken> that is the normal behavior
<micken> I don't get why it crash when I write a byte to UART2
<Myy> What's the generated code though ? (objdump -d)
<micken> can I paste?
<Myy> If that's not too long, yeah. Else
<Myy> Hmm... Beside trying to replace the ldr by mov + movt, I don't see what's wrong with the code itself so...
<micken> linux does somthing like serialout
<micken> it does the samething
<micken> also u-boot itself
<Myy> Searching for the address value, I got that :
<micken> yea thats looks like my code
<micken> I mean it is similar
<Myy> I guess you'll have to ping some rockchip guys in this channel to understand what's going on (・ω・ )
<micken> ping *rockchip*
<micken> :)
<Myy> ping: unknown host *rockchip* :3
<Myy> That said, you can also try on the #u-boot channel, see if someone also has a clue
<micken> found the error
<micken> UART register didn't take bytewrite (strb) word access worked
<micken> odd
<micken> I am going to walk thru my real code now
<micken> will be interesting
<Myy> Weird but alright. Maybe strbt or strexb would have worked ? I don't know
<Myy> Anyway, have fun :)
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<naobsd> micken: yeah, word access for UART on rk3288