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<tx0h> wzyy2: no, with the upgrade_tool
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<wzyy2> tx0h, the gpt image already contains all things, you can flash them by "upgrade_tool wl 0 gpt-image"
<wzyy2> I don't know what your firmware file means.
<tx0h> we are in sync now, cool
<wzyy2> It may be some vendor spefic formats. In Linux, we don't use those things.
<tx0h> i tried upgrade_tool uf.. ok, i will try wl
<wzyy2> We don't use that command.
<tx0h> which command? uf or upgrade_tool ?
<wzyy2> In Linux, we use "wl" to wirte raw image to a specific offset.
<tx0h> ok, i upload now..
<tx0h> done
<wzyy2> like if you want update bootloader, then you should "upgrade_tool(or rkdeveloptool) wl 0x40 bootloader
<wzyy2> if you want to update firmware, then "wl 0x00 gpt-image"
<tx0h> oh, it's not booting
<wzyy2> I think you are in Miniloader Rockusb mode
<wzyy2> The phisical addres of offset in wl command in miniloader rockusb mode is the offset plus 0x2000
<wzyy2> so you should enter maskrom mode first
<wzyy2> You can use command "upgrade_tool EF rk3288_loader_xxx.bin" to enter it
<tx0h> maskrom is, set the emmc clk to low?
<wzyy2> yep
<wzyy2> or you can erase firmware in emmc
<tx0h> i can't do that, there are no pins on the board
<wzyy2> "upgrade_tool EF rk3288_loader_xxx.bin"
<tx0h> ok, and afterwards wl 0x2000 core-gpt.img ?
<wzyy2> - -well, so be careful, it might brick your board.
<wzyy2> no, wl 0x00...
<tx0h> aah, wl already has the offset, ok
<wzyy2> no. we don't want that offset..
<wzyy2> in maskrom, 0x00 = 0x00, in miniloader mode, 0x00 = 0x2000(that's why you failed to boot)
<tx0h> yocto produced a loader.bin, is this what i take for EF ?
<tx0h> or the u-boot*.bin
<wzyy2> yeah, i think could use for EF
<wzyy2> loader.bin
<tx0h> u-boot is included in a gpt partition, right?
<tx0h> there is also a miniloader.bin
<wzyy2> yep, you can mount the gpt image in your pc
<tx0h> ok, i'm a bit confused, there is loader.bin and miniloader.bin, loader.bin is larger
<wzyy2> ignore them..
<wzyy2> - -They are just used to donwload.
<tx0h> yeah, but what do i use for EF?
<wzyy2> loader.bin
<tx0h> not miniloader.bin, ok, i will try
<tx0h> ./upgrade_tool EF loader.bin
<tx0h> Loading loader...
<tx0h> Download Boot Start
<tx0h> and hangs
<wzyy2> EF?
<tx0h> yes. ./upgrade_tool EF as you wrote here: "upgrade_tool EF rk3288_loader_xxx.bin"
<wzyy2> then i don't know, it work in my side..
<tx0h> i restart upgrade_tool interactive, a TD gives a fail now
<wzyy2> Could you try reboot your board?
<tx0h> TD still gives a fail
<wzyy2> If loader is erased, then it will boot into maskmode.
<tx0h> RID gives a fail too
<tx0h> i guess it's bricked.
<tx0h> and the clk pin isn't exposed
<tx0h> aaah, wait. EF works now
<wzyy2> hope those documents will help you : )
<tx0h> don
<tx0h> don't run away now, please :-)
<wzyy2> I recommand you use sdcard at first
<wzyy2> to avoid break
<wzyy2> dd if=gpt-image of=/dev/sdx
<tx0h> i can't, it's not booting from sd
<wzyy2> If you have erase loader in emmc
<wzyy2> it will boot from sd
<wzyy2> give it a try
<tx0h> TD still gives me test fail
<tx0h> oh, thats new, i try boot from SD
<tx0h> but how can i cure the emmc?
<tx0h> just by reset the clk?
<wzyy2> if command "EF" work, it will be cured.
<tx0h> i did EF loader.bin but TD still gives a test failed
<wzyy2> - -well, then i think it's brick..
<wzyy2> no serial log after EF and reboot?
<tx0h> there is no console pins
<wzyy2> I think you'd better find them.
<wzyy2> and emmc clk
<wzyy2> otherwise it can't be used to develop.
<tx0h> Rockusb>ef loader.bin
<tx0h> Loading loader...
<tx0h> Erase flash ok.
<tx0h> Rockusb>
<tx0h> Rockusb>WL 0 core-image-base-yundoo-rk3399-gpt.img
<tx0h> Write LBA failed!
<tx0h> Rockusb>
<wzyy2> ...
<wzyy2> You could open "" to see how it flash
<wzyy2> and Recommend again, "use sd-card"
<tx0h> flash_tool uses rkdeveloptool, right?
<wzyy2> go away :).
<wzyy2> rkdeveloptool are just opensource upgrade_tool.
<wzyy2> more funciton
<tx0h> yes. nit thats whats used inside the shell script
<tx0h> is uses it with DB
<tx0h> well, i guess it's bricked now anyways. and the device didn't boot from SD card
<tx0h> ok, i read the shell script in detail.. and you are right, it's another loader i need to use
<tx0h> test device is ok again
<tx0h> but is think the WL offset must be different
<tx0h> thanks anyways
<tx0h> (not bricked, but i'm)
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