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<moneymaker> Hello guys, does anybody knows, how to flash uboot through twrp or adb?
<beeble> just asking the same question again and again without reading responses will not get you anywhere
<moneymaker> ha! :D yeah but nobody responses, so i thought nobody read it
<moneymaker> ah yeah, i see your answer
<moneymaker> i have root shell with adb, but i dont know how to flash correctly, if i dump the uboot partition, nothing changes after DD - maybe i'm using DD wrong
<beeble> additional info like what cpu and which bootloader you are using would help also (have to go now, so will probably not answer right away)
<moneymaker> RK3288 - Bootloader 2.17.02 - which is faulty, i want to flash back to 2.30.10
<moneymaker> because 2.17.02 has no usbplug integrated, i cant boot with rockusb
<phh> moneymaker: well then go into maskrom?
<moneymaker> i wont open up my tablet..bevause everything is glued...
<moneymaker> and the risk of damaging the LCD is very high
<phh> well then dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/block/mmcblk0boot0
<moneymaker> yeah, thats the pint i dont have the "mmclk0boot0"
<moneymaker> point*
<moneymaker> i have mmcblk0 to mmcblkop1 -> p15
<moneymaker> mmcblk0p1*
<moneymaker> and p1 claims to be parameter partition and p2 claims to be uboot partition
<phh> mmm, you're booting from an sdcard?
<phh> no mmcblk*boot0?
<moneymaker> atm booting from sdcard, but didnt work either, only recovery....
<moneymaker> no boot device, neither in sdmmc nor in emmc
<phh> well then that's not really an emmc if it doesn't have a boot0 partition...
<moneymaker> SD has mmcblk1 -> p1 and MMC has mmcblk0 -> p15
<phh> can you paste your full dmesg? like on pastebin
<moneymaker> mom
<phh> that's not really dmesg
<moneymaker> yeah i know, i searching for it momement
<phh> ok
<moneymaker> STOCK ROM dmesg:
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<moneymaker> dwmmc_rockchip ff0f0000.rksdmmc:
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<phh> hum, so that's an eMMC without a boot partition, which is confirmed by the fact that uboot partition starts at 4MB, instead of standard 2MB
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<phh> well confirmed.. idk
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<moneymaker> so no luck? in nothing?
<moneymaker> what if i zero mmcblk0 ?
<moneymaker> i know, that i flash the Ubootloader.bin at 0x0000000000
<moneymaker> but cant get the tab in flashmode anymore, only TWRP /adb
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<moneymaker> 1 more idea: how can i make an RKImage Update package, which is detected in standard recovery to update with SDCardUpdate?
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<moneymaker> anyone has more ideas?
<phh> you really should get a maskrom...
<phh> you'll brick your device at some point anyway
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<moneymaker> but its relly bad to open device to shortcut it....can i just erase the mmcblk0 and get maskrom this way? like dd=if/dev/zero of=/dev/block/mmcblk0
<phh> perhaps
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<rk3229FQ> Boot linux distro from sdcard wit system on hd usb , its possible on rk 3229 tv boxes?
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<moneymaker> Alright i got it back on live guys!
<moneymaker> Booted SD Recovery, dd=if/dev/zero of=/dev/block/mmcblk0 via ADB -> restarted, still SD Boot possible, remove SD -> MASKROM Mode, flash u-boot that works -> LowerFormat, reflash system -> profit
<moneymaker> i zeroed about 2GB of mmcblk0
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<phh> yeah well 1MB should be enough
<moneymaker> yes, i wanted to be sure :)
<moneymaker> because i messed up so much with partition layout
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<fiparrot> Hello guys. Are you aware if it is possible to buy this module somehow? I'm quite not sure what does "Lifecycle: sampling" means.
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<beeble> fiparrot: yes
<beeble> fiparrot: you are interested in a single board or are you looking for something in a project (depending on that my question will have to be different :))
<fiparrot> beeble: atm, I'm interested in dev kit like that one: :)
<fiparrot> but I guess it is not yet available, so I'm asking just for this cpu module
<fiparrot> or am I wrong?
<beeble> it's available but limited stock
<beeble> should be available soon again via amazon for hasslefree ordering
<beeble> but if you want it faster just drop an email at the address on the website
<fiparrot> Does the "soon" means in this month?:)
<beeble> hope so
<beeble> but i can keep you updated if you like
<fiparrot> So just write to
<fiparrot> beeble: and is the approximate price known already?
<beeble> i really want to say it, but i can't find it right now
<fiparrot> (for this whole q7 devkit with module)
<beeble> and the sales guy is already gone
<beeble> so i can tell you tomorrow
<fiparrot> Ok, so I'll be here tomorrow:)
<fiparrot> One more question: do you work for obroma systems?
<fiparrot> Because I"m not sure whether I can ask another question:)
<beeble> yes i do work for them
<fiparrot> All right. I wanted to ask about another board which I found on the amazon, but then it is not appropriate to ask you:)
<fiparrot> so thanks for help and see you tomorrow
<beeble> i try to be unbiased. but thats not always possible :)
<fiparrot> That's fully understandable :)
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