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<Myy> Miau
<Myy> I just compiled LongChair FFMPEG with MPP support. Everything went fine but now, I wonder what are the parameters to pass to ffmpeg to use and test MPP.
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<Myy> Alright, ffmpeg -threads 1 -v trace -vcodec h264_rkmpp -i /tmp/video.mp4 test.wmv is giving me "Operation not permitted" error, but I have no idea why. Strace doesn't seem to help that much.
<Myy> Might be my broken mp4 file though. I'll try to find a H264 file that is nicely encoded.
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<ayaka> Myy, I think it is only designed for decoding and for the player supports that hardware interface
<Myy> I see
<Myy> Well, I'll try to add and apply some of the kernels patches that wzyy2 apply to the mainline kernels. Then I'll try to get mpv working, I guess.
<Myy> I never tested mpv though. Can it use the DRM/KMS interface ? Or does it need X11/Wayland ?
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<ayaka> it only works on kms interface
<Myy> Great
<Myy> I'll give it a try then.
<BenG83> just booted Rock64 with 4.12-rc7 seems to work ok
<Myy> Nice
<Myy> rc7 ? Not the release one ?
<Myy> They didn't change much though.
<BenG83> I used one of mmind00's branches
<BenG83> got to try release next :)
<BenG83> USB2 works, GbE is complaining about PHY atm
<Myy> Alright then :3
<Myy> Now, while trying to apply wzyy2 patch, I stumbled on the RGA patch for the mainline kernel. Nice to see that it went through, in the end.
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<BenG83> mmh
<BenG83> dts looks ok to me
<BenG83> [ 3.586006] rk_gmac-dwmac ff540000.ethernet (unnamed net_device) (uninitialized): No PHY found
<BenG83> [ 3.586238] rk_gmac-dwmac ff540000.ethernet: stmmac_dvr_probe: MDIO bus (id: 0) registration failed
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<Myy> The unnamed_net_device uninitialized are a big issue, though
<BenG83> complete boot log
<BenG83> I guess since earliest point for official mainline suport will be 4.14.x
<BenG83> we still have a couple weeks for that
<BenG83> about 8-10 I guess :P
<BenG83> aaan wrong channel :)
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<Myy> Alright, I've reassembled the kernel patches that are more or less required to make the VPU work and I'll continue testing this tomorrow.
<Myy> See you everyone !
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