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<topi`_> I saw some rk3328 support land in the mainline tree, so probably we could possibly now boot linux on those? Assuming that the spl/uboot works...
<topi`_> I'm going to order a ROCK64 if/when they come out of preorder
<topi`_> soon, possibly
<BenG83> hi topi`_
<BenG83> I have a pre-release Rock64 right now and would be interested in making an early mainline based image too
<topi`_> does it boot?
<BenG83> I havent tried yet, still working on the BSP kernel
<BenG83> but we have some images you can run already
<topi`_> rperier: are you talking about the Geekbox perhaps? I have geekbox, and the serial pins are almost useless because I get random garbage there
<BenG83> for RK generally you need a serial adapter that can handl 15000000 8N1
<BenG83> also not all terminal programs do that atm
<BenG83> minicom works
<topi`_> so, 1.4 ghz OP does not work after all?
<topi`_> but probably that won't matter, I'm trying to use the ROCK64 as a nas board
<BenG83> on the Android images 1.4 and 1.5Ghz OPP work
<BenG83> but those use 3.10.x kernels
<topi`_> with some cheap JMS567-based usb3 adapters
<BenG83> that works fine
<BenG83> we tweaked UAS on the 4.4.x kernel and it works well up to the limit now
<topi`_> are there pins for serial console on the ROCK64?
<topi`_> I have some cheap usb<>rs232 adapters that work on RPI3
<BenG83> yes
<topi`_> but the ROCK64 is so cheap that I won't cry if I never get the board to do its intended work ;)
<BenG83> with some tweaks the USB3 interface already reaches 400MB/s with UAS
<topi`_> shit, that rk3328 usb3 interface goes seriously fast
<topi`_> incredible for such a cheap chip :)
<BenG83> and since RK3328 has no 10GbE
<BenG83> 1GbE is easily saturated
<topi`_> since the RK3368 has a buying price of $15 in quantities, I bet the 3328 is even cheaper
<BenG83> probably
<topi`_> $8-$10
<topi`_> IDK how much a cortex-a53 license costs but they aren't free
<BenG83> I am working on booting RK3328 from SPI atm
<topi`_> I'd imagine 50 cents per core
<BenG83> it boots already, but I am waiting for RK to send me a SPI miniloader
<topi`_> does the ROCK64 have SPI flash?
<topi`_> the info about the board is a bit sparse, still...
<BenG83> yes
<BenG83> I added support for SPI flash booting
<BenG83> what info do you need?
<BenG83> there are schematics, datasheets, etc
<topi`_> ok
<topi`_> I just wonder what I need to get it to boot... serial pins, some sdcard, a suitable power supply with correct sized barrel
<rperier> topi`_: yeah I am talking about the geekbox
<rperier> I have no the extension board here, so I think testing uboot from sdcard might be complicated (without a usable uart)
<topi`_> does the old skoo upgrade_tool work with RK3328?
<topi`_> rperier: I have the Landingship as well, are there usable uarts there?
<topi`_> a third alternative is to manage to get some console on HDMI
<rperier> from uboot mainline ? :=D
<topi`_> it can't be too complicated to init the hdmi to some basic resolution
<topi`_> even the allwinner guys know how to do it :)
<BenG83> if anyone needs Rock64 samples for development ping me
<topi`_> I thought it was somewhat possible to cutpaste a device driver from the linux kernel to the uboot source?
<topi`_> BenG83: I'm probably not going to spend time on developing, I just want to get a NAS going :)
<rperier> yeah, but you need a working pinctrl driver, a working clk tree driver, a working hdmi driver for this (that's the same IP compared to the rk3288? no ?), the support in uboot mainline seems to be basic for now
<topi`_> I need to put out a preorder to get in the queue asap
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<topi`_> rperier: valid points
<BenG83> topi`_, ayufan worked with Armbian during the last couple days to get Open Media Vault images ready
<topi`_> but pinctrl has to work, otherwise nothing happens with sdcards etc
<topi`_> BenG83: I'll be just booting a stable Debian on it
<topi`_> I'm allergic to special purpose linux distros ;)
<BenG83> that works too, we build Debian rootfs too
<topi`_> OK gonna click on the pre-order now
<topi`_> I'm an easy sell :)
<BenG83> OMB runs on jessie atm
<topi`_> hmm, I suppose I need a power supply for testing,
<BenG83> I would order one with Rock64
<BenG83> unless you have a 5V/3A one with 1.35mm barrel plug
<topi`_> I'm trying to get a twin/quad power cable for the final construction, though
<topi`_> can the power all boards from one psu
<topi`_> like, 4 boards running with 4 SSDs
<topi`_> that's also very fault tolerant, if 1 board stops booting or fails, then there are still 3 working boards with 3 working SSDs ;)
<topi`_> I think you can easily assemble yourself a veritable NAS box instead of paying $200 for that Synology crap
<topi`_> Synology uses Marvell armada chips on the low end boxes, which have decent I/O perf but the memory and cores are lackluster
<topi`_> what's the deal with 512M ram? it'll become obsolete after the next software update...
<BenG83> I have a Clearfog Pro as a NAS
<BenG83> using Marvell SoC
<BenG83> but nowadays I would go for Helios for multiple disk NAS
<topi`_> I should get one, too, but as a Wifi/gigabit router :)
<BenG83> ECC DRAM !
<topi`_> yeah i've read about the Helios
<topi`_> very decent kit, but it is just slightly too expensive
<BenG83> for single disk NAS Rock64 is awesome atm
<topi`_> and I like to have cortex-a53 cores instead of those old cores, thanks
<topi`_> or even dual disk! Just use 2 boards :)
<BenG83> yeah
<topi`_> or a SATA multiplexer, but then it gets almost as expensive as having 2 boards
<topi`_> the latter being more fault tolerant. Depends on your software solution of course :)
<BenG83> generally I would not use more than one disk over USB3
<BenG83> UAS looses it's edge with more than one disk
<topi`_> exactly
<topi`_> I was thinking of using 2.5" HDD drives, to get 1TB capacities
<topi`_> so they won't hit the transfer speed ceiling anyways
<BenG83> I used a Samsung 850 Pro for testing
<topi`_> there are 5 GB 2.5" barracudas nowadays :)
<BenG83> my 830 Pro and 840 EVO were to slow
<topi`_> SSDs are getting cheaper, though...
<mmind00> just to interject ... I've included my rock64 in my boardfarm and it boots a mainline kernel just fine ... of course there is still some functionality missing ... and the rock64 dts is not in the kernel yet, ut I plan on having that in time for 4.14
<BenG83> moin moin mmind00
<BenG83> I would like to try mainline on my board, can you give me some hints wrt which u-boot and kernel config to use?
<BenG83> I removed the SDIO stuff from my Rock64 dts and addded eMMC HS-200 mode and the SPI flash
<mmind00> BenG83: the uboot I pieced together is at
<mmind00> BenG83: (once the Pine64 people are able to clarify the file's copyright)
<mmind00> BenG83: kernel config is just the regular "defconfig"
<topi`_> mmind00: how do you boot mainline if the rock64 DTS is not in the kernel yet?
<topi`_> or do you mean that you use some "generic" rk3328 dts?
<BenG83> see above
<BenG83> for some things, it seems mainline patchwork is ahead of BSP linux
<BenG83> for BSP linux I am still trying to work out iommu and RK805 support
<topi`_> things probably work fine without iommu? (outside of DRM graphics, of course)
<BenG83> I only used my Rock64 headless so far
<BenG83> working on USB3 and GbE performance to get the OMV support out of the door
<BenG83> USB3 needs some tweaks similar to XU4
<topi`_> how's the GbE perf?
<topi`_> any hacks needed to get it working, like with the Allwinner A20?
<BenG83> compared to A64 it just works
<topi`_> good :)
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<BenG83> mmind00, can I bother you with some question about the mainline status of RK3328
<mmind00> BenG83: sure go ahead, but I guess looking at rk3328.dtsi should give you similar answers
<mmind00> BenG83: aka I don't keep a feature sheet of what is supported on which soc :-)
<BenG83> I am trying to make a status matrix atm similar to linux-sunxi for Allwinner...
<BenG83> so people can see what needs working on
<BenG83> I was reading through the mailing list since january
<topi`_> btw, does anyone know of any coupon codes for the PINE64 webshop? :)
<BenG83> there are no discounts really
<BenG83> PB is more or less selling at cost
<topi`_> yes, probably. The price is really good
<BenG83> mostly because LPDDR3 prices exploded during the last 6 month
<topi`_> yeah, the memory prices are a roller coaster
<topi`_> there it went, my entire workday's salary
<topi`_> it sucks to be a lowly code jockey :(
<topi`_> I wonder how big a batch will they produce for jul 30th shipment
<topi`_> hopefully my shipment won't get delayed because I ordered 2 different variants, 2GB and 4gb :/
<BenG83> the first Rock64 batches were sold out almost immediately
<mmind00> BenG83: that is great to hear :-)
<topi`_> so i have to wait until aug/sept :(
<topi`_> well at least I have secured my place in the queue .9
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<PoueT> Hi, does anyone knows who is/was administrating ?
<PoueT> Has anyone a backup of wiki (wayback machine last image/mirror is old/incomplete) ?
<PoueT> Meantime, I just sent an email to the address linked to the domain.
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<Myy> Miaou
<Myy> What's the recommended xorg driver for RK3288 already ? I spent too much time fiddling with Wayland and KMS/DRM that I completely forgot that one.
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