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<ayaka> nandrews, always try the windows tools first
<ayaka> the linux upgrade tools for android image won't work well usually
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<nandrews> Thanks for your help ayaka. Turns out the image I had built was corrupted or something
<nandrews> I got my hands on a stock image and that flashed fine
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<alyssa--> Has anyone managed to install anything but Arch on Kevin (Samsung Chromebook Plus)?
<alyssa--> (In particular, Debian; Arch is too blobby - not to mention unstable - for me.)
<Ke> alyssa--: isn't the userland irrelevant if you can get the kernel running?
<Ke> alyssa--: if you don't insist on using distro kernel anyway
<alyssa--> Ke: I would hope :P
<vagrantc> usually, sure
<alyssa--> (I've been banging my head against a wall for a while trying to get qemu-debootstrap to do the right thing. alarm *just works*, and that's very tempting...)
<vagrantc> what SoC is it?
<alyssa--> RK3399
<Ke> alyssa--: I did debootstrap with foreign arch and then booted with busybox initrd to run the --second-stage
<vagrantc> i have a number of buggy rk3399 systems barely running on debian... :)
<Ke> alyssa--: getting busybox initrd should cause difficulties for you
<alyssa--> OK
<alyssa--> (Perhaps I'll run Arch until Parabola gains aarch64 support, and migrate then.)
<Ke> you can at least do native debootstrap from arch
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<alyssa--> That would work, if there weren't such a shortage of USB ports, heh.
<alyssa--> [ USB Arch ] [ SD card debootstrap --foreign ] -> [ second stage to SD from USB ] -> [ SD only, free USB ]
<alyssa--> ^^ Theoretically that path should work, yes?
<alyssa--> (Theoretically, qemu-debootstrap should have worked :p)
<beeble> what failed?
* alyssa-- looks for the log
<Ke> well qemu-user is quite a hack and not working is not unusual
<beeble> also if you want you can try to do it by hand
<Ke> it needs to implement the whole kernel ABI
<beeble> works for me for stretch/buster on stretch
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<alyssa--> Ke: noted
<beeble> ignore the other chapters
<alyssa--> beeble: that sounds... awesome. and scary. and also awesome :p
<alyssa--> beeble: It looks like it kerplutzed "Setting up systemd..."
<vagrantc> i've used qemu-debootstrap thousands of times and only had it fail infrequently
<alyssa--> some unsupported qemu syscalls (278) logged
<beeble> thats ok
<alyssa--> "Failed to generate randomized: Input/output error"
<beeble> you can ignore that message :)
<alyssa--> well, no, debootstrap exited at that point and it's not done installing but wouldn't resume, so I guess I can't ignore it =P
<beeble> the syscall stuff
<beeble> not the i/o error
<alyssa--> ah
<beeble> vagrantc: shouldn't the debian installer just work?
<vagrantc> beeble: doubtful ... usually requires a lot of fiddling
<vagrantc> but you can try loading the kernel+initrd+dtb and see
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<alyssa--> Ke, vagrantc, beeble: in any case, thanks for all the help :) I'll poke at this more when I emotionally settle down from my previous battles with installation :p
<asciilifeform> alyssa--: i built an arm64 userland ( -- gentoo ) that seems to work on all arm8 machines. you would still need a kernel for your particular chip, though
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<alyssa--> asciilifeform: noted, okay, thanks :)
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<asciilifeform> ( granted, gentoo is not for everyone, but depending on your needs, it's a good minimal linux on which you can make whatever you want )
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<vagrantc> hanetzer: i'm guessing no progress on the veyron-speedy u-boot port?
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<alyssa--> asciilifeform: ( I'm definitely not the target audience for Gentoo. I share Torvalds' views, iirc)
<vagrantc> e.g. more interested in scuba diving?
<alyssa--> ?
<vagrantc> in the last couple talks i've seen by torvalds, pretty much gave the impression would rather be scuba diving than working on linux
<alyssa--> lol. yes, it's a familiar sentiment. (not scuba diving, but... I really hate computers. They're a tool, not the end in and of itself. I don't care for "customisation" or anything; I just need it to work for my use cases.)
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<alyssa--> a very useful tool, I may add, and one I depend upon across all aspects of my life. but a tool nonetheless -- and I cannot lose sight of that.
* vagrantc never really lost sight of it, but somehow is still quite lost
<asciilifeform> alyssa--: if all you need is, e.g., www browser, could try and use chromebook's factory os
<alyssa--> asciilifeform: *definitely* too blobby ;)
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<alyssa--> like I said -- I share Torvalds' view. I'm a technical person; I need to hack on a very specific part of the stack. The rest I'd like to setup and never see again, since it's out of my interest.
<asciilifeform> alyssa--: out of curiosity, what did you dislike about arch-linux ?
<vagrantc> alyssa--: there's always guixsd ... i've done a number of foreign-distro guix -> guixsd installs on arm64/armhf lately ... still pretty rough around the edges though
<vagrantc> alyssa--: what's the bootloader/boot firmware like on it?
<vagrantc> all headless so far...
<alyssa--> asciilifeform: arch in particular, it's blobby. anything in the arch family (including Parabola, etc), it loses sight of the computer-as-a-tool. I don't want to spend a minute longer configuring/debugging/customising/etc my system than I have to
<alyssa--> vagrantc: I didn't think GuixSD ran on arm?
<vagrantc> alyssa--: sure does ... but they have no ready-made installer yet
<alyssa--> okay, thanks *updates notes*
<vagrantc> alyssa--: the substitute servers are often very laggy for arm*, so you end up recompiling a lot
<asciilifeform> fwiw my setup reliably recompiles 'world' (i.e. whole set of installed code) overnight, on the rk3328 machines where it is deployed.
<alyssa--> okay..
<vagrantc> that's hard to imagine
<asciilifeform> vagrantc: no need to take my word for it: put the published image on a rk3328 and can try yourself
<asciilifeform> granted, it has a somewhat spartan set of programs (e.g. no xorg)
<vagrantc> and a trim kernel?
<asciilifeform> vagrantc: i used upstream kernel with rockchip's patches. builds in about 20min
* vagrantc is used to big modular debian kernels that take ... plenty of time
<asciilifeform> ( and yes i trimmed out as much as practically possible of modules for iron that isn't present on the box )
<asciilifeform> lately i've been making a similar item for rk3399 machine (cp101pa)
<asciilifeform> to try and achieve that holy grail, 'no blobs'+'machine just-works, now let me get on with particle physics or whatnot' item
<asciilifeform> ( recall when commercial unixes, sun's, apple's, etc promised this.. )
<beeble> crosscompile of a buildroot including toolchaib build and systemd, generating a ready sd card image takes about an hour for me
<asciilifeform> fwiw i have 6 people leasing rackmounted rk3328 boxen with that gentoo, since april; they seem pretty happy so far
<vagrantc> wow
<asciilifeform> now to be fair, these are headless, i did not even compile framebuffer support, or mice/keyboard etc
<asciilifeform> hence why it can run 'bloblessly'
<asciilifeform> once you start to need display, wifi card, etc. the job gets substantially harder.
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<asciilifeform> i was able to boot up the unmodified rk3328 userland image, on rk3399 (cheated, used arch's kernel) and it runs (quite uselessly, sans network card) ; still gotta make a trimmed rk3399 kernel, and a bootloader
<asciilifeform> after this, theoretically will have a 'just works' arm64 laptop.
<vagrantc> laptop with no video?
<asciilifeform> lol
<asciilifeform> hence why gotta make proper kernel for it
<vagrantc> :)
<asciilifeform> ( with arch's kernel, framebuffer works )
<beeble> vagrantc: as long as you don't ask for opengl compositing it works as plain framebuffer with hdmi and edp on rk3399 mainline. would have to check for dsi, not sure about that right bow
<beeble> now
<asciilifeform> will be nice, to have 900-gram linux lappy with day-long battery.
<vagrantc> beeble: been messing with rk3399 for about a year and never got around to plugging in any video devices :)
<beeble> vagrantc: with 4.17 on haikou you should be able to just plug in a hdmi monitor if you ever feel the need. but i fully understand that one tries to avoid it
<beeble> there is even u-boot support for hdmi :)
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<beeble> setenv stdout serial,vidconsole or something like that
<vagrantc> beeble: looks like i'll need to enable DRM_ROCKCHIP in the kernel for debian for that to work ... xypron pointed that out
<beeble> i should test your kernel more often...
<vagrantc> as well as ROCKCHIP_SARADC not sure if puma-rk3399 uses that
<beeble> no, buttons are all gpio based
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* alyssa-- doesn't understand how people can not play with video :p
<beeble> alyssa--: fortunately other people do that :)
<alyssa--> :p
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<mmind00> beeble: there is a DSI driver for Rockchip in mainline ... with the conversion to the share driver pending ... I just got a nice Scarlet last week, so I'm currently poking that issue, as well as dual-dsi support
<beeble> mmind00: as i do have a dsi display or even two if required i can help out (at least with testing)
<beeble> or i should better say jakob. as he has been digging around the dsi phys for the last few days
<mmind00> beeble: it's all running nicely now using the dual-dsi stuff, but we're still discussing how the dt should look for that
<mmind00> beeble: code that should work for single and dual dsi at
<beeble> great, will take a look. thanks
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<vagrantc> alyssa--: 115200 baud seems plenty ... i spend plenty of time behind 2400 baud. video? serious overkill.
<vagrantc> s,spend,spent,
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<alyssa--> vagrantc: how else do you get pretty es2gears
* vagrantc outsources es2gears to alyssa--
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<alyssa--> lol
<hanetzer> vagrantc: busy
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