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<harigs_> hi all, where can i find document about rk3399's ISP usage?
<harigs_> i can find ISP details of rk3288 but not rk3399
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<ShapeShifter499> Hi
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<kbingham> Looks like my issues are due to the extcon frameworks ... the fusb doesn't register with the extcon framework, but the phy-rockchip-typec usesextcon_get_edev_by_phandle() to get a reference to the fusb0 (but fails, because the fusb hasnt' registered in the appropriate extcon_dev_list)
<kbingham> mmind00, Yup
<kbingham> I definitely have taht patch in.
<mmind00> very strange, because then it shouldn't defer type type-c phy probe
<mmind00> the very goal of that patch is to make the type-c phy probe even if the extcon is missing ...
<kbingham> mmind00, Aha ... but I have provided an extcon ...
* kbingham removes to see what happens next :)
<kbingham> mmind00, Ok - so removing the extcon means that the fe800000.dwc3 has probed ... but if that's in host mode - I don't think it lets me run it as a gadget?
<kbingham> Or is that where you had suggested I can force it to run peripheral mode ?
<mmind00> kbingham: yep that was my idea
<kbingham> Ok - I'll give that a go ...
<mmind00> kbingham: in theory you might even just need to set dr_mode in the dwc3 dt node to device?
<kbingham> Presumably by adapting the return that's added in the patch you referenced
<mmind00> kbingham: yep
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<kbingham> mmind00, no probe failures, but no udc in /sys/class/udc :( so not useful ... I'll keep digging.
<kbingham> aha - setting dr_mode = "peripheral", has given me a udc at /sys/class/udc/fe800000.dwc3 :D
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<eballetbo> yeah, setting dr_mode = "peripheral" should work, I did some work this week trying to make usb work as gadget
<eballetbo> kbingham: ooi: has your platform the otg_id pin connected?
<kbingham> eballetbo, Not sure ... Not even sure how to find out currently :)
<kbingham> eballetbo, Were you successful in getting gadget working?
<kbingham> I've just tried configuring a mass storage gadget and it didn't enumerate on the host. I got host-usb errors though ... so 'something' happened .. but no the right thing yet :D
<eballetbo> yes, but my platform need some hacks to make it work properly (mainly due the otg_id pin is not hooked). Still investigating
<kbingham> eballetbo, I see no reference to otg_id in the vendor tree for this board, so I suspect it's similar.
<kbingham> I'd be interested in seeing your hacks to try out here :)
<kbingham> eballetbo, Which platform are you working on ?
<eballetbo> let me share my wip tree. I'm under kevin
<kbingham> eballetbo, thanks.
<kbingham> Ohhh - I've just found the board schematics - :D
<kbingham> eballetbo, Is otg_id related to vbus detect ?
<kbingham> TYPEC0_U3VBUSDET ..
<eballetbo> kbingham: Try if works applying the latest 3 patches from
<eballetbo> sorry I did not have time to cleanup/fixup the patches
<kbingham> eballetbo, don't worry :)
<kbingham> WIP is WIP :D
<eballetbo> That's the script I am using to test
<eballetbo> I am using a ethernet gadget instead but a mass storage should be similar
<kbingham> eballetbo, Thankyou - that is certainly useful too
<mmind00> That type-c stuff is confusing :-D ... I'm currently reading in a pending series adding support for things like the dp altmode to the general typec framework
<eballetbo> kbingham: fyi, pushed a new patch, so there are 4 wip patches that you need to apply
<kbingham> eballetbo, Your changes appear to be in he phy-rockchip-inno-usb2 ?
<eballetbo> yes
<kbingham> Are you using type C?
<eballetbo> Yes, not sure in your platform, but at least on kevin the usb is complex, we have the usb2-phy + usb3-phy + dwc3 controller + cros-ec-extcon as actors
<eballetbo> Just to be clear, what I have is a PC (USB-A) connected to the Kevin (Type C) and I configure a cdc ethernet gadget
<eballetbo> I suppose you have the same, but instead cros-ec-extcon you have a fusb chip?
<eballetbo> ooi, are your schematics public?
<kbingham> It's a cheap(ish) board I ordered online. My goal is to test UVC gadget video performance on DWC3 TypeC
<kbingham> I'm actually trying to work on a qualcomm platform, which uses the DWC3 - I had hoped to be able to test mainline drivers with the RK3399 - (qualcomm vendor tree is v4.9) - but alas I'm hitting sooo many troubles :(
<kbingham> Still ... now I have a new device for a media-centre role :D
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<kbingham> eballetbo, Thank you for your help! - I have managed to bring up the nanopc board with a USB ethernet bridge across the type-c :D
<kbingham> So ... it's workign :D
<eballetbo> \o/
<kbingham> Next step ... UVC video :)
<kbingham> (next week now though)
<eballetbo> I'll also work on these patches next week, to make it less hacky :)
<kbingham> eballetbo, Great - please CC me on any submissions you make :)
<kbingham> (
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<ShapeShifter499> hi
<ShapeShifter499> mmind00: The guys over at #archlinux-arm suggested I talk to you for help with rockchip and possibly rock64
<ShapeShifter499> ayufan: hey are you the same from Rock64?
<ShapeShifter499> I believe some of the fixes and patches for USB in the rockchip-linux sources needs to be incorporated into mainline
<ayufan> yeap
<ayufan> I checked, I didn't see any interesting commits
<mmind00> ShapeShifter499: the rk3328 has this nasty usb3 bug where the phy becomes unresponsive after unplugging a device
<ShapeShifter499> hmm
<ShapeShifter499> mmind00: I saw a crash with the USB plugged in at boot with the mainline
<ShapeShifter499> mmind00: ayufan wouldn't be related to any odd crashes?
<ShapeShifter499> Since my issue was solved with a USB hub that has more power. Maybe this might cause an issue?
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* amstan waves at ShapeShifter499
<amstan> ShapeShifter499: so are there any patches that need reviewing?
<ShapeShifter499> amstan: hi
<ShapeShifter499> amstan: I don't know yet, I just got to the realization that the kernel I found was working was compiled from the rockchip-linux source which has the USB patches
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