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<ayaka> Myy, both Gstreamer and mpv in libELEC would work
<Myy> Okay
<Myy> Well, is there the package "alone" ? I guess I could try to find a librElec distro and put a mainline kernel in it, but that might just generate more issues than anything
<Myy> Also, I guess that RKMPP became MPP ?
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<alyssa---> My solution to not-having-VPU-accel is "learn to love reading instead". Am I doing it right? :^)
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<Ke> alyssa---: you absolutely do not need vpu, 99% of the cpu time is doing rescale in some silly way
<Ke> rk3288 is more powerful than t7200 or whatever and it has no problem in decoding video
<Ke> if someone gets xvideo working, it should be done
<alyssa---> Ke: yeah, that too
<alyssa---> $ mpv --vo x11 --sws-scaler=fast-bilinear
<Ke> ah, thanks, need to try --sws-scaler=fast-bilinear
<alyssa---> ^^ fastest I'm able to get with pure software although it ought to be possible to get much better perf with VOP overlays and such
<Ke> x11 I knew already
<alyssa---> I tried reporting that as a bug on the mpv issue tracker... they did not appreciate the help apparenly
<Ke> right now I don't have sound either, so getting video output seems less interesting
<alyssa---> oh?
<Ke> I mean on rk3399
<Ke> there is probably some race in initializing the codecs and the sound card
<alyssa---> I have sound working on kevin but it was a pain
<alyssa---> I can send my configs in a bit
<alyssa---> (although I'm on CrOS kernel so maybe that's related)
<Ke> I had sound working on 4.18-rc3 or rc-2
<Ke> after that I have improved the config quite a bit, but sound stopped working
<Ke> if I get smooth video with that --sws-scaler=fast-bilinear, perhaps getting sound beck would be worthwhile
<alyssa---> Ke: how is mainline on 3399 anyway?
<Ke> very good
<alyssa---> huh, ok
<phh> alyssa---: Ke hum you should be able to use drm video output i think, which would do hardware scaling
<Ke> [vo/drm] VT_GETMODE failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device
<Ke> [vo/drm] Cannot retrieve DRM resources: Invalid argument
<Ke> --sws-scaler=fast-bilinear does not seem to make much difference
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<alyssa---> phh: --vo drm does not implement hardware scaling (at least, it didn't when I checked)
<alyssa---> gles with drm out would, but I only started working on GLES drivers for this thing like a week ago so..
<phh> hum there is no way to plug to the lcdc?
<alyssa---> lcdc?
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<phh> lcd controller, an enhanced blitter
<alyssa---> for rk3399 I assumed you'd want to do scaling via VOP (which I guess is that?)
<alyssa---> and that's exposed over DRM
<alyssa---> mpv just doesn't implement hw overlay support on --vo drm
<alyssa---> I tried to implement it a few weeks back but kept hitting walls and I watch so little video that I couldn't justify the time spent :p
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<phh> yup it's vop
<phh> well then there is rockchip's gstreamer plugin which does the drm overlay afaik
<alyssa---> the less vendor code I touch the more sanity I'll retain ;P
<phh> fair enough
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