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<hunderteins> Hello
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<eballetbo> Esmil: basically I am using the default defconfig + this fragment (
<Ke> fwiw I am using config similar to Esmil and got the crash too
<mmind00> Esmil Ke: I guess with an sd-card inserted, right?
<Ke> yes
<Ke> I have sd rootfs
<Ke> I got that around the time when it was supposed to be mounted
<mmind00> I guess you don't have access to a serial console, to poste the crash dump somewhere?
<Ke> I am checking the asm soonish
<Ke> I don't atm
<mmind00> "interestingly" there don't even seem to be any big changes to dw_mmc in 4.19-rc1
<Ke> Dump of assembler code for function dw_mci_request_end:
<Ke> 0xffffff800867a530 <+0>:Cannot access memory at address 0xffffff800867a530
<Ke> heh
<Ke> which file am I supposed to gdb
<Ke> crash is null pointer deref at 0x0
<mmind00> Ke: ... the part "Using GDB to find the location where your kernel panicked or oopsed."
<Ke> +0x7c says here, though would not align
<mmind00> Ke: needs a kernel with debug information compiled in
<Ke> yes, it's there
<Ke> wait are these decimal numbers
<Ke> yes they are
<mmind00> that gdb list thingy is pretty nifty, as it should print the failing line in the source code
<Ke> 0x00000000005ed384 <+124>: ldr x2, [x0]
<eballetbo> Ke: I also have sd rootfs, can you share your defconfig? Curious what's the difference
<Ke> vmlinux does not work at all, with vmlinux.o I don't have the symbol file
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<Ke> let's verify, I have the symbols
<Ke> yeah, was not on
<Ke> actually
<Esmil> mmind00: sdhc also complains so I'm guessing it's a higher level change
<Esmil> *sdhci, that is the internal mmc
<Esmil> I'll try to build a bigger initramfs with ssh, so I can get at the kernel log before it crashes
<Ke> do crashkernels work nowadays on aarch64
<Ke> are they even relocatable?
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<Esmil> eballetbo: thanks
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<Ke> no elevator means noop iosched?
<Ke> $ cat /sys/block/mmcblk0/queue/scheduler
<Ke> [none]
<eballetbo> $ cat /sys/block/mmcblk0/queue/scheduler
<eballetbo> [mq-deadline] kyber none
<eballetbo> we have some differences
<Ke> my config actually says that deadline is the default
<Ke> that paste is from 4.18.2 with similar config
<Esmil> Ke: but there are two block device queuing systems in the kernel. The old single quee and the new mq (multi queue). I think mmc switched to using mq now, but the deadline scheduler is for the old system
<Esmil> Ke: That's why eballtbo's scheduler says mq-deadline
<Ke> hmm that's plausible cause
<Esmil> So you need to enable mq-deadline by default
<Ke> hmm, for some reason mq ioscheds are not allowed to be defaults
<eballetbo> # CONFIG_DEFAULT_DEADLINE is not set
<eballetbo> whereas you have
<eballetbo> # CONFIG_MQ_IOSCHED_DEADLINE is not set
<eballetbo> anyway, if that allows you to boot, we should work on the proper fix
<Ke> that linked patch is not a proper fix?
<eballetbo> looks like it is, I didn't test :)
<eballetbo> so not completely sure
<Ke> I guess I can try it out
<Ke> first I'll try with iosched
<Ke> confirmed, boots with iosched set
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<Ke> also I get no events from Left and Right keys
<Ke> no reaction on xev
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<Esmil> mmind00: the mmc patch you found was exactly the cause of all my boot problems, thank you very much
<Esmil> still a few warnings left, but everything seems to be working. even the cros-ec-rtc without any patches :)
<Ke> Esmil: I guess Left and Right keys work for you?
<Esmil> Ke: hah! no. That's odd :)
<Ke> quite
<Ke> thought I had gone crazy and I don't even own an axe
<Ke> no xev event or anything
<Ke> should probably check at lower level
<Ke> one would think Left and Right are keys just like the others
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<mmind00> Esmil: great to hear that ... that patch should probably make its way into 4.19-rc2 or -rc3 automatically
<adjtm> mmind00, is someone testing new kernels on Bob?
<mmind00> adjtm: not that I know of ... I do have a Kevin in my boardfarm, so regularly test on this one
<adjtm> ok, thanks
<mmind00> adjtm: out of curiosity, did you see some sort of issue or was that just a general question?
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<adjtm> mmind00, I ordered a c101pa and I wanted to know if the recently mainlined Bob support was regularly tested
<adjtm> it was merged in 4.18, right?
<mmind00> hmm, I'm more thinking 4.19 ... but then I sometimes mess up kernel releases ;-)
<adjtm> ok, don't worry, 4.19 is enough :)
<amstan> adjtm: are you interested in helping with kernel stuff on bob?
<amstan> you might find useful, it'll get you uart from the kernel
<hanetzer> hey, for some reason my c201 (rk3288 chrombook) doesn't see my usb ports.
<hanetzer> plugging in a usb stick shows nothing in dmesg or lsusb
<adjtm> amstan, I'm currently changing all my devices that doesn't have a mainline/sane kernel to devices that do
<adjtm> so I will use mainline kernel but I don't know yet if I will contribute much
<amstan> adjtm: well, it might at least let you debug your curent build easier, in case graphics doesn't come up
<adjtm> the cable seems handy, but it's just a uart over the usb-c connector
<amstan> it's not uart really
<amstan> it's usb on 2 other pins on type c
<amstan> adjtm: yeah, that one :)
<amstan> here's some official instructions if you're interested:
<amstan> hanetzer: upstream kernel?
<amstan> hanetzer: i would check if you have vbus on the port (usb fan might be enough, or maybe leds on various usb devices)
<amstan> hanetzer: and other than that... dwc2 problems? maybe it thinks you're in device mode?
<adjtm> amstan, thanks for your instructions link
<amstan> hanetzer: are you using the right dts file?
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<hanetzer> amstan: archlinux kernel, I'm usign veyron-speedy.dtb
<hanetzer> want the .config they use?
<hanetzer> << if ya do
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