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<raphari> hi all, can anyone point out what the purpose of utils??
<raphari> i understand it is for wifi bt related, but what additional purpose they server? especially those related to wifi?
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<phh> raphari: what do you want to know? basically those drivers don't implement standard linux wireless api, so there are custom tools to configure it (like connect to a wifi, make a hotspot, power it down, stuff like that)
<phh> (but really you shuoldn't use broadcom drivers, just use bcm43xx mainline driver)
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<raphari> phh: thanks, i would like to bring the wifi as access point and currently using hostapd for the purpose. When i configure the AP to perform autochannel selection by setting the channel to 0, the AP fails to show up. I am trying to find solution and was checking if rkwifi could help?
<phh> perhaps, but honestly that sounds very cumbersome
<phh> it would be easier to just make a script on top of iwlist scan for that -_-'
<raphari> phh: i see, thanks
<raphari> phh:what is the difference softAP and AP mode which the hostapd bringsup??
<raphari> are they same?
<phh> to the best of my knowledge, yes that's the same thing
<raphari> ok
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<Ke> Esmil: OK for me, can someone confirms it fixes the issue ??
* Ke puppy eyes Esmil
<Ke> I needed quotes on the previous commit
<Ke> quote
<Ke> whatever
<Ke> Esmil: also, yes I get the reserve memblock warning
<Ke> sphalerite: also you can confirm
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<sphalerite> Ke: currently quite busy moving to another country, but I might find some time over the weekend or next week
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<Ke> =o)
<Esmil> Ke: it fixes the problem for me
<Ke> can you comment on the mailing list
<Esmil> i just worry that it tapers over some underlying problem. it seems like cros_ec_cmd_xfer really ought to return the number of bytes received
<Esmil> is it just the -1 that's the problem or is it way off?
<Ke> should is not documented
<Esmil> it'd be nice if some chrome dev could look at it
<Esmil> Ke: also you need a Signed-off-by ;)
<Ke> I sort of left it out, since I did not know whether version 1 is also truncated as mentioned in the second message
<Ke> but nevertheless I am fine with masking underlying problem
<Ke> so long as the behaviour is undocumented, only designer can know what is supposed to be
<Ke> it is definitely not always bytes transferred
<Ke> oh wait
<Ke> like on 99% of time the return value is not used
<Ke> Esmil: based on cros_ec_cmd_xfer_spi we could just use ret at quick glance
<Ke> I guess this is inspectable without newer firmware
<Ke> Esmil: if I inspect the xfers, will you accept ret as memcpy param instead of ret-1?
<Ke> seems to be only i2c and spi, so 50% done
<Ke> the code is identical cros_ec_cmd_xfer_i2c in
<Esmil> Ke: well, i'm not really in any position to accept or reject anything. i'm just suggesting ways to maybe improve your patch
<Ke> well
<Ke> ok, I'll port memcpy with ret along with my 5min audit results
<Ke> post
<Ke> Esmil: you can confirm it works for you, so I am not just some crazy person
<Ke> what was funny, I tried perf probe to check cros_ec_cmd_xfer retval and I got 0
<Ke> probably I used the tool somehow incorrectly
<Ke> it definitely seems it should return len, also the code would not even work at all with 0
<Ke> got to learn this perf stuff, systemtap is always broken on new kernels
<Ke> how do I refer to code in commit message, do people kill me, if I post elixir links?
<maz> Ke: add a 'Fixes: 57e94c8b974d ("mfd: cros-ec: Increase maximum mkbp event size")' tag to that patch.
<Ke> what does tag mean?
<Ke> just a line in commit message?
<maz> Yes, just above to your Signed-off-by: line.
<Ke> can I edit the patch in place?
<Ke> I guess it's just text
<maz> "git commit --amend" is the best way. otherwise, just edit the generated patch.
<Ke> added now
<Ke> can someone explain, why my in reply to failed
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<Ke> can someone advise, how is that alsa supposed to work on kevit
<Ke> Kevin
<sphalerite> Ke: the UCM thing makes it work at least on bob