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<eballetbo> rc1 out! Time for some tests ...
<eballetbo> maz: any clue on this It is triggered when I shutdown the machine.
<eballetbo> ups, is not here ... mmind00 ^
<mmind00> eballetbo: maz is on holiday if I remember #armlinux correctly ... does it change anything if you revert the 2 new iommu commits from 2 days ago?
<mmind00> eballetbo: I still need to run -rc1 through my boards today
<eballetbo> mmind00: yep, WARNING gone with the latest 2 new iommu commits
<mmind00> eballetbo: aaaah ... devm is falling on our toes
<mmind00> eballetbo: or not devm itself
<mmind00> eballetbo: but rk_iommu_shutdown does force_suspend and should possibly also disable the irq beforehand?
<mmind00> eballetbo: seems to have helped me on pinky
<eballetbo> nice, will test in a minute
<mmind00> I'm off to lunch meanwhile ... see you in a bit :-)
<eballetbo> mmind00: yeah, that seems to help
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<mmind00> eballetbo: great to see, so I guess I'll submit that as patch
<eballetbo> go ahead :)
<eballetbo> Thanks for the patch, now only one warning needs to be fixed :)
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<mmind00> eballetbo: you seem to be the bearer of bad news today :-P ... but that one I also saw during the merge window
<mmind00> eballetbo: interestingly that seems to be limited to kevin for me ... the aarch64 rock64 (rk3328) does not print this warning
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<eballetbo> interesting
<eballetbo> oh, not bad news, common and usual news after rc1 :P
<mmind00> but I do like -rc1's without them better :-D
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<mmind00> eballetbo: btw. thanks a lot for testing on newer kernels :-)
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<Esmil> Hmm.. I can't seem to get 4.19-rc1 booting on my kevin. I get a null pointer deref in dw_mci_request_end
<Esmil> eballetbo: do you have a kernel config I can look at and compare to mine?
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<Ke> Esmil: did you accidentally disable CROS_EC_SPI on oldconfig
<Ke> not sure, if that would break the boot, but somehow I had it off after oldconfig
<Ke> where would one get driver for simple-sound-card
<Ke> nvm sound/soc/generic/simple-card.c:
<Ke> my hacker script is broken
<Esmil> Ke: no, I noticed that change, but thanks
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<rasta234> hello beeble
<rasta234> you may remember me from yesterday... I am the guy of the Yundoo Y8
<rasta234> today I made some progress, got the HDMI on but later on, there is a problem with dwmmc_rockchip
<rasta234> and .. kernel panic
<rasta234> would you take a look to the boot log?
<rasta234> this is the log:
<rasta234> I accept anybody's help :-)
<rasta234> The thing is this: I have a Yundoo Y8 which doesn't have linux support. This TVBox seems to be very similar to firefly rk3399. latest build for the Y8 is an android 7.1 image. I extract its dtb and then the dts (for android) which looks almost exactly as Rockchip RK3399 Board rev2 (BOX) - rk3399-box-rev2-android-6.0.dts
<rasta234> but there is no linux version for this, so I made some changes using rk3399-firefly-linux.dts
<beeble> you could try disabling sdio0 (change status = "okay" to "disabled")
<rasta234> i'll try that one
<beeble> you will lose wifi if it's attached to sdio, but let's just start there and then move forward by checking if there are any reset pins etc you have to change. your decompiled dtb will help with that
<rasta234> this is the Y8 android dts:
<rasta234> this are my progress with the firefly linux dts:
<beeble> the wifi power enable pin is different as far as i can see. so you will have to change that
<beeble> you have to match the pin assignment to your hardware. that is a bit painful as you have to trace the numerical entries in the decompiled dts
<beeble> but without schematics there is no other way
<beeble> but let's see if you get any further with sdio disabled
<rasta234> I'm compiling now
<rasta234> what is the code for "wifi power enable pin", I am nor very familiar with all this... so I need a hint to locate it in the dts file :-)
<beeble> if i guess correctly your timezone is PDT, if so you are a bit unlucky as i'm 9 hours behind and have to go soon
<beeble> hmm, maybe i was wrong, could be that it's the same pin. wifi-enable-h points to the same pin in both dts
<beeble> bit hard to say on a phone display :)
<rasta234> i am utc+2
<rasta234> I'm going also soon to dream a little bit
<rasta234> If you are in mobile, it is better to give up for today
<rasta234> tomorrow I promise to come back :-)
<rasta234> I need this box running a decent operating system... android is a joke
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<rasta234> BTW, wifi was initialized ok with the firefly kernel dtb before the modifications
<rasta234> thats the log for the Y8 booting with the firefly 3399 ubuntu 16.04 original image
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