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<maz> eballetbo: [off-topic] any chance you could give the hybrid probing series a spin on your MTK HW?
<eballetbo> @maz: yes, I can do it.
<eballetbo> will try to do today
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<maz> eballetbo: brilliant, thanks!
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<eballetbo> I saw you discussing regarding PCIE issues, might be a related issue?
<maz> eballetbo: the hinges on my keving have broken, and I have stopped using it. I'm still using a rk3399 with a NVME device attached to it, so PCIe does work to some extent.
<maz> it's just very dodgy (single device only, SError otherwise)
<mps> eballetbo: what is this boot log above? mainline kernel or chromeso?
<mps> chromeos*
<eballetbo> mainline
<mps> on my gru-kevin 5.9-rc5 boot without that error shown on url above
<mps> I still have to patch sbs-battery driver though
<maz> eballetbo: there was a discussion about the kernel exploding on scarlet, maybe related:
<eballetbo> seems to be intermittent, i also boot my kevin and didn't see that error, but happend on several boots in kernelCI
<mps> btw, what about sbs-battery fixes for gru-kevin, do someone works on that
<eballetbo> I didn't work on that yet, need to finish some non-rockchip stuff firt :-(
<eballetbo> s/firt/first/
<mps> eballetbo: do you use gru-kevin daily? I have problem with display freeze at random time, (I reported that issue few months ago)
<eballetbo> not daily, I know that there is some display issues right now, specially after resume
<mps> for me suspend/resume is what recover display from freeze
<mps> when it freezes I suspend it to ram and resume restores it working again (for some random time)
<mps> but resume crashes emmc driver, because that I use it on external mmc or ssd disk over usb
<mps> computers are complicated things, aren't they :)
<mps> in which kernel file I can change/remap keyboard keys? want to make left alt/ctrl to be pgup/pgdown
<mps> s/left/right/
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<maz> mps: hardly a kernel thing. assuming you are running X, xmodmap is one way to do it.
<mps> maz: I did it with xmodmap, right-ctrl works fine as pgdown, but right-alt works in some (most) applications but not in all, firefox for example
<maz> looks like firefox manages to get the raw event.
<maz> one thing I did on kevin was to map the search key as a modifier and combine it with the arrows.
<maz> ending up with pgup, pgdown, home and end, which worked fine.
<maz> (and it gave the search key a purpose instead of just taking valuable real estate).
<mps> I use search as Ctrl
<mps> left-ctrl as META and use it as meta key for awesomeWM
<mps> and same config on mediatek acer chromebook, and samsung peach pi chromebook
<mps> actually I 'copied' this things from x86 laptops when I switched to chromebooks
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<topi`> I have a "new" rk3288 board here on my desk. It seems the VCC arrangements are a bit different from e.g. radxa-rock2. if I try to boot a U-boot prepared for rock2, it cannot set the eMMC voltage.
<topi`> I guess I need to tweak the dts file.
<topi`> any hints? obviously I'd need the schematics for this board to see which GPIO would activate the VCC for the mmc subsystems
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